Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Grandma Time

Good morning! It's Wednesday already. The week is going by fast.  Scott and Trevor are off to work. I was up early to feed the kittens, cats, got the laundry going and the last load folded. I'm about out of hangers. Funny how that happens when you get all the clothes washed. Time to purge more stuff out of the closet ;) I have a pile going to do another free table outside. I think I will do it on Saturday.

This little cutie came over for a little bit while his mom went to the store to get some new shoes for WORK! She got a job as a server at a little restaurant/bar down the road.

He is just about the cutest I think haha.

and we had a little snuggle nap which is the best

I moved the kittens into the bathroom so they have more room to run around and hopefully get the cat box figured out soon.

I was laying on the floor playing with them and they all ended up here. They must like me or something. Milk Lady!

Still haven't done any sewing. I went and laid down on my bed at like 8 last night and I don't think I lasted long. Getting up a bit earlier is exhausting haha. BUT I do really wish I was a morning person, it would make life so much easier.

Still working on my laundry monster. Only a few more loads and I'll be all caught up. Then I need to wash my bedding again lol. Never ends.

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