Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

I almost finished my pinwheel quilt top yesterday! Put it on my bed and decided I need to take 2 rows off the side and add them to the top/bottom. UGH. So there will be some seam ripping/picking today. So mad at myself for not laying it out before I sewed on the last bit.  I also had just ran a stitch all around the outside edges so I'll probably have to take that out on one side also. 

And this is how people end up with unfinished projects lol. BUT I will do it! And not just shove it in the cabinet like I kind of wanted to do after I realized my mistake haha.

I was so focused on finishing that up last night that it was 9pm before I knew it. I have to go for a walk tonight or I'm not going to be able to meet my goal. It's only supposed to be 100 today. Blech. Yesterday it actually rained at Scott's work and by my mom's house for a bit. So crazy. Hot and raining that never happens.

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Monday, June 24, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! 

Yesterday I stayed out of my sewing room all day and man that was hard haha. I did get the kitchen all cleaned up and a bunch of misc things put away so that feels good. Every time I walk in there I feel like I'm washing dishes trying to keep it all clean. 

Daniel spotted the little box of Potato Head guys my friend gave us when he first came in. He played with them on and off the whole time he was here. They may have went in a swim in the dog water too.

This is him at the end of the night lol. No clothes, took my couch apart. Looks like a seal haha

He spent some time hanging out with Trevor in his room watching Dragon Ball too. That's a first. Nice to see them hanging out.

Little Nate is trying really hard to talk I think. Super cute! I got a few giggles!

He played in the bouncer a bit. I brought the little crib into the living room since my bedroom was so hot. He took a little nap in there. I need to get some boxes for the bassinet again. Time to put that away.

Rosie came with a full pony tail! So cute. Her hair is getting so long. She took a big nap while she was here. Probably stayed up all night for her mom. 

Chaos!! Probably time to go through and weed out some toys again.

All cleaned up!

It's another hot day today. Last day in the 100's until next week (if that 98 day doesn't get hotter)

The kids are going camping next weekend so no babysitting next Sunday.

Today's plan? I think I will clean up my sewing desk a bit and then work on sewing these squares together. Pretty sure I'm just going to make it bigger than just the top so it will drape over the sides of the bed too. Might as well since I have the squares made already.

Need to go for a walk tonight too. Only 6 days left to walk 11 miles!


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Sunday, June 23, 2024


Hello happy hot Sunday! Almost 80 at 9am.

I finished sewing the borders on all my blocks last night. I was like I'm almost done just keeeppp goinggg. I have 2x this amount of blocks but I think I will make it so it can drape over the sides of the bed too. Shocker might keep this for myself haha. I debated on making it rag style but decided against it. I think I'll have someone quilt it up on a long arm for me after it's done. 

I used up all the 1.5" scraps I already had cut and had to pull out my "mini scraps" that I had on cards to cut some more. Cleaned out quite a bit of those too. This definitely was a great scrap buster for me!

Today the kids are coming over around 2:30. I've told myself no sewing today since my feet got so swollen from sitting there all day yesterday. The heat plus sewing just does my legs in. I should have put the compression socks on but waited too long. Also didn't go for a walk because it was so hot still at like 9pm and then it was dark (and I was on a roll). 

Scott is making breakfast and he actually washed some dishes. It's a miracle. 

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Saturday, June 22, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! It's going to be a hot one today! 
Originally it said 106 so we'll see how hot it gets. 

I actually made it to the grocery store yesterday. Finally! $415 we have enough groceries for a few days ;)  Already thought of one thing I forgot.

I went to darts last night. I won one game and got a low ton. Our team lost 6 out of 7 games with our main guy gone on vacation. Hopefully he comes back next week!

After darts I grabbed Simon and we went for our walk. The moon was amazing. I wish my phone could capture it better.

I was so hot last night and Scott was watching TV forever with the freaking light in my face. I should go order myself a face mask while I'm thinking about it. I ended up getting up and shutting the door then of course Tina was like "I don't like the door shut". Scott opened the door and let her in. I woke up this morning to her licking my hand and staring at me. She's not usually a sleep with me cat lol.

Today's plan, not be a bitch. 

Might have already let that one fly a little when I told Scott I don't ever want to hear about him needing a big bed since he keeps sleeping on the couch. I think he's given up on the recliner so that can go out the door finally woot woot. He's probably going to wear out the couch quick now sleeping on it all the time. 

Only about 60 quilt squares left to put the borders on. Do I have too many? I did some math and I don't think so if I want to make the quilt for my bed. It's a lot of squares lol. I pulled out all the strips I had cut in my scrap box and it seemed like a lot but we'll see how far they take us!

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Friday, June 21, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah!!
I took a shower this morning so that's off my list for today haha. 
I never went to the store yesterday so I HAVE to go today. Almost out of coffee creamer. I will be out after my next cup this morning haha.

What have I been doing? Working on these scrappy squares. I've almost used up all my 1.5" scrap rolls. I need to double check I don't have any stored in one other place but I'm pretty sure I've got them all. The only ones I haven't used are the more brown & red colors since I don't have those in this quilt.  Once I finish this one off I'll have to go into my box of recent scrap pieces. I might pull those out to mix in with these now anyways. 

Trevor made us some breakfast burritos for breakfast yesterday. We're out of eggs now so that's out for today. I went and got us Wendy's for lunch. $30 for 2 meals so crazy.  Cooked up a pack of chicken thighs for dinner. 

Simon ready for a walk at 7pm. I'm like gotta wait an hour so it's a bit cooler. It is supposed to be back up to 106 on Saturday.

The moon was so bright

and then the sky was all orange on the home stretch.

13 miles left to finish off my 30 mile goal for the month. 9 days left better walk a bit farther when I walk ;) Probably won't walk tonight since I have darts unless we get done early and I don't hang out. 

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Thursday, June 20, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!
I'm exhausted. Gotta drink some more coffee before I become productive. 

Definitely going to have to go to the grocery store today. Yesterday Trevor made us fried rice for breakfast lol.

I worked on my pinwheel blocks in the morning and then went to my friend Carolyn's to go swimming. Jess brought the kids and they swam all day until they got pulled out. Daniel cried all the way to the car. He's such a little fish. It was fun seeing the kids all play together in the pool/hot tub. 

Jess was like that used to be where we played. Missing her friends from growing up.

Today's plan is work, sew, groceries!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Hello happy Juneteenth! 
Today is also my baby brother's birthday. He is 41! Not such a baby anymore with 4 kids of his own haha. 

Today we are going swimming at my friend Carolyn's house. I'm up and excited to work on my pinwheel project until it's time to go. Yes that's probably a sign of old age haha. I am going to go a little early and get some snacks to contribute at the store but we aren't swimming until 2 so I have some time.

I had such a pile last night. The song "into the thick of it" kept playing in my head haha. I finished another 10 borders just have to trim them. I also pretty much finished off a whole scrap roll that I'm using for the borders.

I took a break to take Simon for a walk because she is so insistent on walking. As soon as we went outside it was so refreshing and I was like thanks for dragging me along dog! It was too dark to go along the back of stump lake (some sketchy stuff goes on over there sometimes) so the walk was a little shorter. I have about 15 miles left to finish my 30 off for the month. 

Off to sew! 


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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! 
Tomorrow is a day off for Juneteenth woohoo. We are having a swim day at my friends house.

I got 10 blocks done with borders yesterday. Going to take me awhile but I like them. I think this will use up all my scrap rolls of the colors I'm using and might have to make some more. I have some scraps from making the pinwheels still that I can use too.

Cut up a chicken last night, it turned out pretty good. Just some tomato sauce, tiny bit of breadcrumbs and lots of spices. 

Simon and I finally went for a walk again. I still have 17 more miles to do for my 30 mile June walking so I need to get busy lol. There have been a lot of grass fires around us so the sky is all funky.

Smoky clouds I think? Windy too. 

In the office today listening to a stupid meeting. They spent over 5 minute telling people to breathe to avoid burn out and explaining how to do it. Really? Stop wasting people's time. 

Ok off to do letters. Blah. Keep hoping they'll let us off 2 hours early today like they usually do for holidays. We'll see if it happens. 


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Monday, June 17, 2024


Hello happy Monday! Today I have a "staff meeting" with my boss and coworkers. After I have my quarterly review which is dumb but now they make us do them. Like anything is going to change much in 3 months. 

Yesterday I worked on my pinwheel squares more and finally got them all put together. 

I decided to add my scrappy 1.5" pieces to the sides for borders. 

So far I've got 10 done-one one side. Hopefully they turn out ok. We shall see!

We went over to Jessica's around 6. The boys bbq'd some tri tips, burgers and hot links. I had some tri tip, nachos and potato salad.

Rosie was sleepy most of the time we were there but she came out to eat and play a little bit.

Since Eric was there I asked him to put the picnic table my friends bought for Rosie's birthday together. 

And they got it done!

Ran home for some bug spray. The sun was so red and bright while it was setting. There is a grass fire somewhere so it was a bit smoky in the sky helping for the sunset.

Came back to smores! Daniel was saying want a taste or something like that with his jumbo marshmallow it was so cute.

The wind started kicking up so we had to put the fire out and then we went home.

In bed around 10! So that was a good fun day :)


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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Hello! Happy Father's Day Sunday! We had a busy day yesterday! We watched the kids for a few hours before the party. My friend Dee gave the kids these bristle blocks her boys were done with. 

Scott was making cars with them. Daniel was happy they had little animal pictures. 


Little man is too big for the bassinet now so I guess I can pack that up again!

Don't worry I lowered the jumper after I noticed his feet weren't on the floor lol. He was jumping like crazy!

Rosie was like wait we're having a party? YEAH!! She kept saying YEAHHH and clapping her hands. So cute.

My mom brought my brother Joe's kids so they all had fun playing. The little play thing I bought was a hit!

My niece Brooklyn

Moose :)

Melissa brought her bubble gun

My kids :)

Mom :)

The kids played in the pools for most of the party

So today we're going to go back over there later for leftovers for dinner and maybe some more meat thrown on a bbq. I think I'll sew for awhile! Need to finish this step on the pinwheels so I can move onto the next part.

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