Tuesday, June 4, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday!

Yesterday's breakfast on a small plate. Too many calories to start the day with but it was good lol. Forgot to take a picture of my tuna on crackers for lunch :)

Bunco dinner. All carbs. I guess we'll diet on Friday ;)

I actually won the most "wins" at Bunco. I'm pretty sure that is the first time for that! I won $25 (cost me $5 to play) so I have that money to roll into Bingo tonight haha.

This is what I did yesterday. Played with my 3.5" square scraps. I've been cutting my small pieces from my projects into whatever size squares  and saw this idea.  Surprisingly most of my seams line up well haha

I sewed up the rest of my squares but got too tired to finish doing the first cut last night. I did a couple and they were a bit off so decided to save the rest for today. 

Summer is here! But it's windy. It was windy yesterday too. We'll see if that keeps it cooled down a bit. My sewing room/office was 81 when I got in here this morning. TG for fans. Maybe some day I'll get central heat and air. 

Bingo at Jess' work tonight. I think we'll have a table full so that should be fun. Friends from different places that don't know each other. 


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