Sunday, June 16, 2024


Hello! Happy Father's Day Sunday! We had a busy day yesterday! We watched the kids for a few hours before the party. My friend Dee gave the kids these bristle blocks her boys were done with. 

Scott was making cars with them. Daniel was happy they had little animal pictures. 


Little man is too big for the bassinet now so I guess I can pack that up again!

Don't worry I lowered the jumper after I noticed his feet weren't on the floor lol. He was jumping like crazy!

Rosie was like wait we're having a party? YEAH!! She kept saying YEAHHH and clapping her hands. So cute.

My mom brought my brother Joe's kids so they all had fun playing. The little play thing I bought was a hit!

My niece Brooklyn

Moose :)

Melissa brought her bubble gun

My kids :)

Mom :)

The kids played in the pools for most of the party

So today we're going to go back over there later for leftovers for dinner and maybe some more meat thrown on a bbq. I think I'll sew for awhile! Need to finish this step on the pinwheels so I can move onto the next part.

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