Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday Swim Day! I'm getting off work at noon to go to my friend's house to go swimming. I will probably be taking Daniel & Rosie with me for a bit too. We'll see that is still in the works.

I was trying to eat a bit lighter yesterday so that I could eat something good at Bingo. I had a protein shake/smoothy for brunch. Tried not to have lunch but I couldn't make it and had some tuna with crackers. 

I should have got a salad but I caved and got a burger and fries. We only live once and all that right? Haha. Next time I'll get a sandwich so it's not so messy.

Our bingo table! The two gals on the far end are club neighbors that ended up sitting with us. Then on the right my friend Carol who also lives in the club and pays darts and in the front right my buddy Carolyn. Then on the left my friend Eric. We had fun but none of us won a damn thing. After working the night Jess told her boss she doesn't want to work the bingo nights anymore. Too much stress for not enough tips. 

When I got home it wasn't completely dark yet so I took Simon for a walk. 

The full picture with the agave bloom things on the right. Those things have been like that for years. I thought the mother plant was supposed to die off after they bloom but they are still there. 

84 at 9:30 at night. I came home and sat in the cold tub.

Scott again turned the AC off because he's sleeping on the couch under it. If he does that tonight I might bop him. I was dying it was so hot. I think I only slept a little. I opened the windows, had the fan on me, a towel. 

Today is supposed to be our hottest day of the year so far. 

I finished up my little 3.5" scraps project. Now I have to dig through my other scrap boxes and find some more matching pieces to make some more. I had done some mostly black ones.

These were all train theme

and most of the rest. I only had a few I didn't use that the colors didn't vibe.

Hopefully I can find some more of the cream fabric that is a close match for the background parts. If not I might have to just use a different color and then mix them in. I should have just used white.

So that is my next project, going through other bigger squares to find the matching pieces and cutting them down. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh my. window air conditioners? I'd say move the thing he is sleeping in then. Not turn off the air. I hate when the lows are higher than I like the highs. We too are living that right now. Fun, fun, fun. But no 100s yet. And we are fortunate and have central air. I still have a fan on me to sleep. I like to sleep cold.I'm that weirdo.
Bingo looks like fun Julie!

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