Saturday, June 29, 2024


Hello happy no plans Saturday!!! That hardly ever happens!

Yesterday I worked on cutting this box of fabric scraps into squares and strips. Almost done! I had used a bunch of the pinwheel quilt and was thinking I should just finish the box off.  Still looking at ideas of what to play with next. I still have 3 rag quilts to make for an order but I have til Christmas to make those so no hurry. Nice to work on something else.

After work yesterday I went and met up with my friend Eric and then we went to play "Glow Bingo". It was fun even though we didn't win. I was one number away from winning $500 so that was exciting for a minute. 

We passed the new casino this place is building (Indian casino)

I was like remember Ross and his teeth (Friends)

They had a DJ playing music so it was a little loud to hear the numbers being called (not sure why they didn't just turn it down a little bit) but they would put the numbers on the big screen so that worked.

They had a 20 minute intermission with some dancing. Eric danced I watched lol

He got picked to play a sock sorting game. Didn't win but they gave him $5 play for the casino. 

Eric's sad face we didn't win lol

I got a players card for the casino and they gave me $10 free play. I came home with $20 more than I went in the casino with so worked for me haha. I didn't get home until about midnight. I definitely don't like driving that late at night. Next time I'll drink some coffee!!

Tubz says it's ok, we can keep the baby bassinet out even though Nate is too big lol. She's so funny she loves all the baby accessories. Need to get some boxes to put it in next time I go out. I used 2 big Wal Mart boxes last time. A big plastic one would be better but spendy.

Update to our heat coming. They took off the 119 whew lol. Not that it matters much once it gets over 100. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

That picture reminded me of Ross as soon as I saw it!!
Looked like fun though.
We used to have midnight bowling with that kind of lightening. It was so much fun!

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