Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Hello happy Juneteenth! 
Today is also my baby brother's birthday. He is 41! Not such a baby anymore with 4 kids of his own haha. 

Today we are going swimming at my friend Carolyn's house. I'm up and excited to work on my pinwheel project until it's time to go. Yes that's probably a sign of old age haha. I am going to go a little early and get some snacks to contribute at the store but we aren't swimming until 2 so I have some time.

I had such a pile last night. The song "into the thick of it" kept playing in my head haha. I finished another 10 borders just have to trim them. I also pretty much finished off a whole scrap roll that I'm using for the borders.

I took a break to take Simon for a walk because she is so insistent on walking. As soon as we went outside it was so refreshing and I was like thanks for dragging me along dog! It was too dark to go along the back of stump lake (some sketchy stuff goes on over there sometimes) so the walk was a little shorter. I have about 15 miles left to finish my 30 off for the month. 

Off to sew! 


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