Sunday, October 31, 2021


Good morning Happy Halloween!

I was either a loser or responsible and skipped the Halloween Party at the bar last night. Could go either way on my thinking haha. Just stayed home and sewed all day.  Today the kids are going to come over to do their pumpkins and have dinner. I'm going to get some of the pumpkin pizzas from Papa Murphy's. I am already showered just waiting a bit and then I am going to go to the store and to pick those up.

I am back to Onderland again today. Hopefully it will stick this time but not sweating it. The weekends are harder with everyone home and of course pizza for dinner.

Yesterday's breakfast, oatmeal with too much water in it, and coffee of course. Just as I finished my oatmeal Scott came in and asked if I wanted waffles or pancakes. I was like uh just finished this old person food..

Trevor is currently making the potatoes for breakfast burritos.
Scott and his girlfriend yesterday morning. She looveeess him 

Smoothie/protein shake for lunch (I drink 2 of these glasses since I can't ever get the blender to work without more liquid)

Dinner was a while chicken I cooked in the crock pot. Not the tastiest but easy. For snacks I had hummus and celery, an apple with some peanut butter and a hot chocolate (through out the day)

Onto my sewing! I finished up all the zip bags (finally). Trying to make up the characters fabrics I have.

Looney Tunes

Lizards (not sure why I pulled this one out since the rest are characters lol)

Disney Cats, this fabric is so fun


These are my favorite, My Little Pony

More Carebears! They went over well at my last two shows and I'm trying to use these fabrics up so there are quite a few.

After I got done with the bags I cleaned my machine a little bit. So gross.

Next up I made these reversible coasters/mug rugs for someone on Etsy that asks for custom orders now and then. I don't know why I didn't think to do the mug rugs two sided before.  Definitely will do that when I make some more.


I still had all the masks I finished before on my desk so got those cleaned up and put into bags for my next sale.

and then I took what was left and started making keychains. I may have got side tracked on cleaning up some other scraps and organizing so it took a bit longer. Next step for these is to put the interfacing on the backs. Not sure if I'll work on them at all today or not.

Tomorrow I am going to go into the office to finish up those letters (hopefully).  I signed up to donate blood on Tuesday, we'll see if I change my mind before that haha. Can you believe it's Holiday time already? This year just flew by. 

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Saturday, October 30, 2021


Good morning! Happy slept in Saturday!
I can't believe how long I slept in, it's kind of disgusting. BUT I was wide awake still at 1am so there's that. Pretty sure it's from the one Diet Mountain Dew I had at darts at 7pm.  I just had water after that. So crazy. I'm so old. Can't drink, can't have caffeine after noon haha.

So yesterday Tubz kept coming into the office/sewing room. She doesn't usually hang out with me anymore in there. There were pipe cleaners all over so she found the stash. Pipe cleaners are her favorite toys. So funny. She came back in last night and was climbing all over stuff again. I told Scott "call your girlfriend" and she came running. So funny. She loves him. 

I'm going to be annoying and kind of keep a food diary since I'm trying to be a little better. I don't really feel like doing calorie counting at this point. Kind of just easing myself into it.

Breakfast (packet of oatmeal)

I was going to have this salad for lunch, added a few tomatoes that I had in the fridge and some salad topping. Improved it 100% lol. I was like I could totally just make up a bunch of little salad kits at the beginning of the week. It was just lettuce, a tiny bit of cheese and some chopped ham, and then of course the dressing. Goal for this week maybe. If I made up several the boys could take them for lunch too.

Scott had to go to town and brought back Subway so I had a mid afternoon 2nd lunch lol

and then after that I was still hungry. So weird. So I ate some carrots and hummus.

The guy at work finally got all the letters signed so I was working on uploading those all day. I'm going to go into work on Monday and print out what is left and get them mailed. I'll be glad when this little job is over.  

In my Facebook memories for today it said 6 years ago my last day working part time. So that means I've been a "real employee: for 6 years on the 1st. I think that means I get a little raise this year. It was the same for years 3-5 (on the schedule) so this should be the more money year. Insurance will probably just take it all though.

We had darts last night and got the dinner they had. Forgot to take a picture of it since it was a little chaotic. It was smaller portions so that was good. I don't usually like white sauce stuff but it was really good.

And then it was someone's birthday so I had cake. And just like that back out of onederland this morning haha. Just barely so if I can behave myself it should go back down.

We actually won our darts game last night! It's a miracle. Last week we got slaughtered. We stayed after and played 2 games of cricket darts with Cassi. My friend Traci was hanging out so we got her to play a game too. Cassi's shoulders were hurting her so we called it quits after that. I was ok with leaving since this guy who "knows everything" and "does everything better" was hanging out.  He's a pro at darts but doesn't want to play! Go figure haha.

When I got home I worked on finishing up this stage of these zip bags. Feels like I've been working on them for months. The 2 piles on the right are done just need to be ironed and the ones on the left need colored thread to sew up the turning hole. Then they will all be done. That is first on my list for today.

Trying to decide if I want to go to the Halloween party at the bar tonight or not. Leaning towards not. Just asked Scott and he's like I'm ok with whatever you want to do. Thinking we will skip it. It's just not as much fun when you aren't partaking in the drinks. Plus I saw everyone last night! 

They are doing the trunk or treat tonight too. Jess has to work and Daniel's sister is babysitting so I won't have the baby to take so I don't think I'm going to go. Sad it was my idea to have truck or treat in the beginning BUT I wanted to do it in the big parking lot ON HALLOWEEN. It's weird having it the day before. No one really comes to our house. I think we got like 2 or 3 kids last year. I should probably buy some candy just in case!

My kids are going to come over for dinner tomorrow and to carve pumpkins I think! I am going to get some Papa Murphy's pizza and maybe make some cupcakes or something. Nothing too fancy! 

Maybe next year I'll have my shit together and actually decorate for the holiday!


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Friday, October 29, 2021


 Good morning happy FriYeah!

Yesterday I went into the office and was so busy working on my letters & files that by the time I was ready to eat it was lunch time so I just had my salad I brought. I got a few of these so I wouldn't have an excuse to go out to eat while I was at the office. Next time I need to bring a 2nd item because it didn't do much. 

I was the last one in the office again and I still have a ton of letters to get done. Still waiting on someone to sign a bunch of them.  I take my own stuff to drop off at the post office on the way home since I don't trust anyone else to get them mailed.

This is what I see when I get home (along with dried mud chunks all over the floor). I swear no one knows how to finish anything off at my house. It's no wonder I'm crazy. Scott must have heard me mumble about the mud since he got the broom out and cleaned it up. 5 points for that!

When I got home I was starving (talked myself out of going to the drive thru). Cut up a chicken and put it in the oven, ate a bowl of cereal and some carrots and an hour later dinner!

I got zero sewing done last night since it was almost nine by the time we were done with dinner and my back was hurting. Maybe I'll get them done today! Oh wait we have darts so probably not unless I do it when we get home. Scott is "working from home" again on that piece of shit car that's been in our yard for like 10 years. If it leaves my yard in the next year you can knock me over with a feather. Although he came home with a big box of parts so maybe it will actually happen.

Scale made it to the onederland this morning. It briefly got done there last week but then went back up. Hoping I can keep it going down again. This whole being a fat person sucks and I need pants that fit. Now that we go more places I need more than one pair of jeans. Last year was nice since I could just wear my sweats all the time ;) I just hate trying on pants since I'm so oddly shaped. I can't just go in and buy them without trying them on. Most jeans are made for girls with junk in the trunk and my trunk is empty but the gas station is full.

Ok off to figure out what I'm working on from home today!

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Thursday, October 28, 2021


 Good morning, happy Thursday!

I made it into the office today to print, mail and organize files, go me! 

I felt like I was so productive yesterday. Made some breakfast

I was working on uploading files to this site for work and it was SO Slow that I'd get up while it was loading and something here and there.  I got my free table out again. I went through the glasses/cups cabinet and pulled out two boxes worth of cups and mugs. Then I went through another cabinet that had these really large goblet type glasses that my mom got from somewhere for me but we only used them once. So those went out on the table too. I have an entire empty shelf in a cabinet now, that is exciting since I don't have much cabinet space. I need to go through my big cabinet again and get rid of some more stuff out of there.

Lunch, this time with dark cherries instead of blueberries (no bathroom issues)

Later this cutie came over to hang out while his parents were working. Trevor went and got us chicken strips and fries from the corner store. Daniel though they were great!

He took a little nap, I thought it was funny he matched the pillows (one of these days I'm making covers for those, so not my style)

Looking cute talking to Uncle Trevor.

While he was there I cleaned the ceiling fans. They were so disgusting. Usually they are on all the time so I don't really notice. But I had turned them off when it cooled off for a couple days and OMG so gross. I need to make myself a calendar with things like clean the fan and put it down for next month so I remember to do it. I used to get the Martha Stewart magazine and she had a calendar with things like that, it's a good idea.

After the baby left I forced myself to stay up and do something. First I hemmed that skirt for my Uncle's girlfriend and then I worked on pinning the sides together on the zip bags. I got most of them sewn around the edges but decided I should stop since I was tired. Should get them finished up tonight I think!

Ok off to do some printing. Yeah fun! Have a good day!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Good morning happy Hump Day! I woke up with a head ache, hoping it goes away after coffee. Trying not to take too much ibuprofen lately. Also some day I'll be able to spell that without looking it up. Maybe.

Yesterday Jess went to see her Grandma Ann and sent me this picture. So cute!

I made myself a smoothie and it was like an enema (too much info I know). Holy cow. So weird since I make them all the time. Maybe it was the blueberries I used this time.

I got that couch full of laundry put away yesterday. Then the baby came over so we vacuumed haha. I really should vacuum every day with all these wild animals. He is coming over after work today too.  He wasn't here long yesterday and he was rather grumpy. I think he is getting more teeth.

For dinner we had grilled cheese and chicken and rice soup! I got side tracked and never texted Scott to get stuff from the store so I'll have to do Instacart (on the last can of cat food) for a few things.

This dog wants to go out already. He pooped three times yesterday before noon. WTF dog. OK that is done. 

Now that I've been up for a little bit I think it's my neck and shoulder making my head hurt. Maybe some biofreeze will help. I'm pretty sure I'm crooked or something. Should probably look into seeing a chiropractor.

My Uncle's girlfriend talked me into hemming her Halloween dress for her. Bleh. She was nice to me when we all had Covid though so I guess I can be nice back ;)

I didn't do any sewing last night, just went and laid in bed at 7:30 because it's all dark and depressing. I need to stop doing that. We'll see how long the little guy is here today. 

Goal for today is to change my sheets on my bed and finish putting away the laundry basket of my clothes in my room. If I write it here I might actually do it haha.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Good morning! Happy Tuesday! We survived the rain of October haha. Well all but the tree. Scott chopped it apart last night (it was in the way to get to the garage) but it is all just sitting there in the yard. I wonder how long that will be like that.

It is ALMOST cold enough to use the heater this morning. I'm going to have to put some socks and a sweatshirt on. 

Working from home again today. Today's goal on my breaks is to get this pile of clothes off my couch. They are almost all Trevor's and I think he is the one that put them there. I think I made the mistake of putting some clothes on the couch last week and then it just keeps growing. And yes, I've asked for him to put them away several times but I'm tired of looking at them.

I'm feeling super annoyed that they took my boss for another project and left our office with no person in charge. We have "acting" employees but they are mostly useless. FOR THREE MONTHS. I can't help but feel our office is going to get f&cked up.  Hey but what do I know. Last time she was on leave in the winter months "I" ended up doing a lot of the slack on expiring contracts and I know that is probably going to happen again. Lovely. 

Yesterday I spent the day figuring out folders that hardly ever get touched. I left piles all over in the office for the next time I go in. Hopefully no one else wants to use that office. I'll probably go in again at least one more time this week. I don't have a ton of stuff to do at home but lots to do in the office.

When I got home I made dinner and washed the dishes, go me! We are out of meat so probably won't cook anything exciting tonight. I need to have Scott pick some up when he goes shopping for his mom tonight.

After that I just went to bed at like 8 and watched Tik Tok videos forever til I finally fell asleep. Exciting life here haha. Maybe tonight I will finish up the bags I started.

That's about all the exciting I have here. I can't believe Halloween is on Sunday already. They are doing a Trunk or Treat and part at the bar on Saturday but I'm not really feeling it. Not sure if the kids want to do anything or not. Guess I should find out ;)

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Monday, October 25, 2021


Good morning, it's Monday again already bleh.
It rained off and on all day yesterday and is still raining the same today.  I probably should have ordered more gravel for the driveway but the change in weather snuck up on me. This is the area that "Isn't ours" that I did not put gravel on last year. It's a big muddy pond.

The mimosa tree I planted when I was pregnant with Jessica just gave up too. Weird. Well I had kind of been wanting to take it out anyways so now it will be. Our yards desperately need to be worked on (and everything outside painted). Totally been slacking on the yards the last few years. Doesn't help that no one gives a crap but me.

I sewed all day yesterday. Made up some scrappy bags and some just all one print too.

I am almost done with them, The My Little Pony ones are my favorite with their bright colors. I just have to sew the two sides together and they'll be done.

Made it in to work super late, currently printing off letters to mail and file. The back up printer made a sound like a strangled goose a minute ago so hopefully it doesn't die soon.

Ok off to file and fold letters!

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Sunday, October 24, 2021


Good morning Happy Sunday! Sad it is already Sunday, too bad it isn't a three day weekend. Last night we had Panda Express for dinner.  Scott made some brownies so I had that for dessert and one for breakfast. Sigh. I just ordered some stuff on Instacart so we'll have a few things to eat in the house.  We have a ton of hummus he got from a guy at work but we have nothing to scoop it up with haha.

Look at my little cutie patootie! Stole this picture from Jess.

I sewed all day yesterday and watched Maid. It was really good. Now to find something else good to watch. I started watching the new season of You but I'm not feeling it.

Masks I finished up. I'm going to do a craft show at my friend's school in December and a lot of the staff there buys my masks. Figured I'd work on my character fabrics in my fabric drawer.

Trevor picked out the Ren & Stimpy for himself. Not sure if anyone else would buy those haha

I need more boy kid sized for sure

Now I'm going to work on some bags made out of the same fabrics.

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