Friday, October 22, 2021



Good morning happy FRI-YEAH!

Although I don't really mind working, yes I'm weird. Especially working from home since there isn't all the crazy people coming in and out of the office, just my own people haha.

Trevor is finally back on the schedule at work and he has to be there at 7am. No more staying up all night for him! Between him and Scott getting ready this morning my house was noisy and then quiet by 6:45.

Yesterday I went into work and got all the contract packets & folders done and then moved onto doing application folders I never got done before. Everything is "online" but we have to have a hard copy in the office. I got about 3/4 of the way through my list. It was too late to stay and do any more.

Today I'm at home working on more deferral letters for all the people that didn't get funded. We have a letter but I have to go in and change who it is to. For like 200 letters. Fun! Got a bit to go on those. 

My boss is going on a detail to help someone else in the agency so we are going to have an "acting" boss for like THREE MONTHS. Just a tad bit nervous about that. Our office is super busy, one of the biggest anywhere. 

Last night when I got home this cute Siamese yard cat was laying on one of my chair cushions that I need to tie back on the chair (washed them off then the wind came and blew them around). Surprisingly it did not move when I went in the door and was still there when I took the dogs out and sat there the whole time. The dogs didn't even see it haha. It has it's ear clipped so it is not Princess' daddy (foster kitten I had).

After I took the dogs out I went over to watch the baby but he slept almost the entire time. I only played with him for a few minutes before his parents left and then Jess put him to bed. So I did their dishes and folded some laundry and played with their cat Sheba.

Tonight we have darts! I'm not really looking forward to it because there is a girl on the other team that I don't really like. I call her "drunk Wendy" because she gets really drunk, she's really loud and can be a real bitch. Hopefully she won't be too annoying.

No weekend plans here. We've been having a little bit of rain off and on so if it isn't raining maybe I'll finish off that dirt pile. I want to take out the news paper box we have and the little area around it next. Then we'll have more of a parking area in front of the house. It would be nice to have it all along the front even where the side lot is too.

I might just end up sewing though, I haven't sewn in a couple weeks now!

Well back to letters! 

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