Sunday, October 10, 2021


Hello happy Sunday night from Wendover Utah! My son and I are on a road trip to Wyoming. We just stopped for the night. I drove all day today (we left around 11, then made a few small stops and were really on the road around 11:45). I brought my lap top to blog but forgot the stupid charger so we'll see how long that lasts lol. I wonder if I can just buy a charger somewhere. Probably not right?

I didn't take any pictures until we stopped for dinner and to get gas. The first time we ate somewhere but the car. We stopped at this place called Teriyaki Madness.  It was pretty good and what's funny is they had wall with a Bob Ross quote and it was playing on the TV.

Here's my only picture of the trip so far since I was driving all day. Driving through Nevada on 80E is so incredibly boring. It is just all scrub brush forEVER. Trevor says he will drive tomorrow so maybe I'll take more pictures haha. Today he played DJ with his Spotify. The boy has some really strange taste in music. Not really bad but strange for an 18 year old lol. After 5 Frank Sinatra songs in a row I was like they all start sounding the same... haha. Later we had some 70's and 80's music mixed in.

Onto pictures from yesterday! The baby's birthday party was a lot of fun. My friends Dee & Carolyn & Allen came and we sat out on the patio for the whole party. It was really nice. Someone took a picture of us but it looks like a wide lens of my me so no one needs to see that. Good God.

Getting his shoes fixed, he loves to run around in the walker.

He loves my brother Joe, I'm pretty sure it is the beard. My niece Stella actually let me hold her for about 10 minutes before crying. I think that's a record!

This face cracks me up. I'm pretty sure I have some pictures of Jess making the same face.

This is the tricycle I bought

All the kids putting it together lol

and we took him for a little walk in it, love this picture!

Came back and not too long after this he fell asleep on me and was done for the night!

After the birthday party we went home for a little bit and then went over to the Tiki Party. I danced a little but my neck was really hurting me. I think I'm going ot have to go to a Chiropractor or something. So annoying.  I have like a big knot on the left side of my neck into my shoulder.

After dancing my friend Cassi and I sat at a picnic table and talked for awhile and then eventually Scott came over too and my friend Traci and Sheryl the Tiki Party owner lol. They have a Tiki party every year and so many people come. Our resident DJ George does music and everyone dances. People bring food to share (we didn't this year since we didn't eat either and it was later when we went). I do think this is the first year I didn't see a fight break out. Lots of people drinking leads to people being dumb for sure. This was my first mostly sober year. That wasn't quite as much fun lol.

Last night I had HORRIBLE leg cramps for the 2nd night in a row. I'm positive it's from the blood pressure meds I started taking again. There is a water pill part of it and I was reading that can cause the leg cramps due to depleting potassium in your body. I have some potassium supplements but I'm wonder if I need more than one? I'm scared to take the BP pill since it hurt so bad. I bought a couple bananas today too. Think I'll skip today and see how tonight goes. Probably take a day to get it out of my system. Can't win with anything I swear!

Ok that's all I've got, going to read a couple blogs and eat a banana lol.


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