Saturday, October 30, 2021


Good morning! Happy slept in Saturday!
I can't believe how long I slept in, it's kind of disgusting. BUT I was wide awake still at 1am so there's that. Pretty sure it's from the one Diet Mountain Dew I had at darts at 7pm.  I just had water after that. So crazy. I'm so old. Can't drink, can't have caffeine after noon haha.

So yesterday Tubz kept coming into the office/sewing room. She doesn't usually hang out with me anymore in there. There were pipe cleaners all over so she found the stash. Pipe cleaners are her favorite toys. So funny. She came back in last night and was climbing all over stuff again. I told Scott "call your girlfriend" and she came running. So funny. She loves him. 

I'm going to be annoying and kind of keep a food diary since I'm trying to be a little better. I don't really feel like doing calorie counting at this point. Kind of just easing myself into it.

Breakfast (packet of oatmeal)

I was going to have this salad for lunch, added a few tomatoes that I had in the fridge and some salad topping. Improved it 100% lol. I was like I could totally just make up a bunch of little salad kits at the beginning of the week. It was just lettuce, a tiny bit of cheese and some chopped ham, and then of course the dressing. Goal for this week maybe. If I made up several the boys could take them for lunch too.

Scott had to go to town and brought back Subway so I had a mid afternoon 2nd lunch lol

and then after that I was still hungry. So weird. So I ate some carrots and hummus.

The guy at work finally got all the letters signed so I was working on uploading those all day. I'm going to go into work on Monday and print out what is left and get them mailed. I'll be glad when this little job is over.  

In my Facebook memories for today it said 6 years ago my last day working part time. So that means I've been a "real employee: for 6 years on the 1st. I think that means I get a little raise this year. It was the same for years 3-5 (on the schedule) so this should be the more money year. Insurance will probably just take it all though.

We had darts last night and got the dinner they had. Forgot to take a picture of it since it was a little chaotic. It was smaller portions so that was good. I don't usually like white sauce stuff but it was really good.

And then it was someone's birthday so I had cake. And just like that back out of onederland this morning haha. Just barely so if I can behave myself it should go back down.

We actually won our darts game last night! It's a miracle. Last week we got slaughtered. We stayed after and played 2 games of cricket darts with Cassi. My friend Traci was hanging out so we got her to play a game too. Cassi's shoulders were hurting her so we called it quits after that. I was ok with leaving since this guy who "knows everything" and "does everything better" was hanging out.  He's a pro at darts but doesn't want to play! Go figure haha.

When I got home I worked on finishing up this stage of these zip bags. Feels like I've been working on them for months. The 2 piles on the right are done just need to be ironed and the ones on the left need colored thread to sew up the turning hole. Then they will all be done. That is first on my list for today.

Trying to decide if I want to go to the Halloween party at the bar tonight or not. Leaning towards not. Just asked Scott and he's like I'm ok with whatever you want to do. Thinking we will skip it. It's just not as much fun when you aren't partaking in the drinks. Plus I saw everyone last night! 

They are doing the trunk or treat tonight too. Jess has to work and Daniel's sister is babysitting so I won't have the baby to take so I don't think I'm going to go. Sad it was my idea to have truck or treat in the beginning BUT I wanted to do it in the big parking lot ON HALLOWEEN. It's weird having it the day before. No one really comes to our house. I think we got like 2 or 3 kids last year. I should probably buy some candy just in case!

My kids are going to come over for dinner tomorrow and to carve pumpkins I think! I am going to get some Papa Murphy's pizza and maybe make some cupcakes or something. Nothing too fancy! 

Maybe next year I'll have my shit together and actually decorate for the holiday!


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Chris H said...

We personally do absolutely nothing about Halloween. I don't expect any kids at my door tongiht due to us being in Lockdown. *sigh* Friggin Lockdown. I've been trying to work out exactly where you live... I know it's not in Tracy. It's out of town somewhere .... You could say I'm stalking you! lol Nah, not really. Just thought about sending you something for Christmas and don't have ya home address.

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