Thursday, October 7, 2021


 Good morning, happy Thursday! Currently waiting for the kid to get out of the bathroom so I can get ready to go into work. 

Yesterday I spent all day working on my Etsy listings. I have everything but my character cozies, make up bags and masks on there now. Oh and the big bags. Kind of sick of working on it so we'll see if I do some more lol.

I was using my phone to load the pictures on there and it was taking forever so I finally moved them onto the computer and it was like lightening speed to get it done. Wish I would have done that from the beginning.

My friend Cassi asked me if I wanted to go for a ride to pick up Chinese from New China with her so I got some for Trevor and I for linner last night. That place definitely is not as good as the place we've been going to in Tracy. 

Playing around with the idea of going on a road trip with Trevor next week. They still haven't scheduled him for work and my work is kind of slow other than things I need to do in the office that aren't that time sensitive. It could be fun! It could also not be fun but let's not think that way haha. That's my I'm getting old brain kicking in ;)

Well the kid is out of the bathroom so I can get ready now. Have a good day!

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