Thursday, October 28, 2021


 Good morning, happy Thursday!

I made it into the office today to print, mail and organize files, go me! 

I felt like I was so productive yesterday. Made some breakfast

I was working on uploading files to this site for work and it was SO Slow that I'd get up while it was loading and something here and there.  I got my free table out again. I went through the glasses/cups cabinet and pulled out two boxes worth of cups and mugs. Then I went through another cabinet that had these really large goblet type glasses that my mom got from somewhere for me but we only used them once. So those went out on the table too. I have an entire empty shelf in a cabinet now, that is exciting since I don't have much cabinet space. I need to go through my big cabinet again and get rid of some more stuff out of there.

Lunch, this time with dark cherries instead of blueberries (no bathroom issues)

Later this cutie came over to hang out while his parents were working. Trevor went and got us chicken strips and fries from the corner store. Daniel though they were great!

He took a little nap, I thought it was funny he matched the pillows (one of these days I'm making covers for those, so not my style)

Looking cute talking to Uncle Trevor.

While he was there I cleaned the ceiling fans. They were so disgusting. Usually they are on all the time so I don't really notice. But I had turned them off when it cooled off for a couple days and OMG so gross. I need to make myself a calendar with things like clean the fan and put it down for next month so I remember to do it. I used to get the Martha Stewart magazine and she had a calendar with things like that, it's a good idea.

After the baby left I forced myself to stay up and do something. First I hemmed that skirt for my Uncle's girlfriend and then I worked on pinning the sides together on the zip bags. I got most of them sewn around the edges but decided I should stop since I was tired. Should get them finished up tonight I think!

Ok off to do some printing. Yeah fun! Have a good day!

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