Sunday, October 24, 2021


Good morning Happy Sunday! Sad it is already Sunday, too bad it isn't a three day weekend. Last night we had Panda Express for dinner.  Scott made some brownies so I had that for dessert and one for breakfast. Sigh. I just ordered some stuff on Instacart so we'll have a few things to eat in the house.  We have a ton of hummus he got from a guy at work but we have nothing to scoop it up with haha.

Look at my little cutie patootie! Stole this picture from Jess.

I sewed all day yesterday and watched Maid. It was really good. Now to find something else good to watch. I started watching the new season of You but I'm not feeling it.

Masks I finished up. I'm going to do a craft show at my friend's school in December and a lot of the staff there buys my masks. Figured I'd work on my character fabrics in my fabric drawer.

Trevor picked out the Ren & Stimpy for himself. Not sure if anyone else would buy those haha

I need more boy kid sized for sure

Now I'm going to work on some bags made out of the same fabrics.

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Chris H said...

Have you kept count of how many masks you have made? It must be hundreds!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Was Maid Depressing? I've toyed with watching it. I know you're being hammered with a bomb cyclone, and I hope everyone is well.

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