Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Good morning! Happy Tuesday!
I didn't quite do what I had set out to do yesterday since I ended up hanging out with this little guy!  His parents are getting ready for his birthday party on Saturday and went out to do some shopping. 

He is SO CLOSE to walking. I think he took a step here and there. He likes the front of this walking toy but doesn't hold onto the handle on the other side and push it at all. Oh well at least he plays with it still.

We tried out the new booster seat! Works great!

He has a headful of curls. I was thinking about when my brother Louie was a baby and he had curls. My mom waited a long time to cut his hair and everyone thought he was a little girl (he was probably closer to two). Once they got cut off it was never long enough to have curls again lol.

He took a pretty long nap on the couch, glad I can set him down now once he falls asleep. Although I don't dare go to far away, I'm scared he'll roll off.

Cruising around the furniture

Tubz climbed into that tub of clean towels on the chair there. She's so cute.

After the baby left I worked on figuring out what masks I had left so I could send my friend Dee a text. Her coworkers in the school office want some more. She's going to show them all today. After that I will offer them up on my Facebook page and the neighborhood group.

Speaking of Facebook yesterday was so weird with out it. Made me think of the days before we used it. I always did message boards before that with a bunch of mom groups. I was like man we'd have to find some way to connect again without FB. Also that would probably bring blogging back to popularity if it was gone. Although there is Tik Tok and You Tube. 

I also worked on putting some more keychains on my Etsy site. I'm trying some Mickey & Minnie's on there so far. Hopefully my account won't get flagged for having "copyright" stuff on there. There is like a million Mickey & Minnie things on there so hopefully it will be ok. I've just been hesitant to put anything with characters on their site. I still have a bunch more keychains to finish putting up but got too tired last night. It takes a long time to list things on there. 

Trevor made a stew last night with some pork. It was a bit on the spicy side but it was really good. He didn't use a recipe or anything just made it up. Pretty sure he's destined to be a cook some day. What 18 year old boy makes his own recipes lol.

I think today he is going to go into work and try to talk to someone about getting put back on the schedule. He can't seem to connect with anyone over the phone. Hopefully he can get back on there. If not everywhere else is hiring. My friend works at Bass Pro and she said they need people too so he could try there next if the old job doesn't come back through. Boy needs to do something other than play PlayStation all day that's for sure.

Other plan for today is for him to get a new phone. The microphone doesn't work on his which is a pita now that he's an adult and actually needs to be able to talk on the phone for some important stuff. Set that up so he could go do it himself but I think he wants me to go with him.

Tomorrow they are supposed to come pick up the oxygen stuff. I called yesterday and it had me waiting on hold and then it kept switching me to trying to enter my phone number and then it would say my phone number wasn't valid (WTF). I got pissed off the 2nd time and just started putting in a bunch of 0's. I was in the middle of cussing it out when someone picked up haha. Guess that was the key!

I have to go into the office at some point this week. Just told my boss I'll probably go Thursday or Friday. Blah. Friday would be better for the flea market lunch ;)

Oh and Melissa's boyfriend is sick. Hoping this doesn't mess up his fire academy that he's been going to. He went and got tested for Covid but I don't think they had the results back yet. Melissa got her 2nd vaccine on Friday so let's hope she doesn't get it if it is. I need to check in with them in a little bit.

Ok off to do some work! Hope you all have a great day!

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