Monday, October 11, 2021


Hello happy Indigenous Day from Wyoming!

We woke up this morning and then went down and got some free breakfast (in Utah). I was super excited about the waffle but it was just blah and the coffee was DISGUSTING. If I had been less lazy I would have walked into the lounge to get a few more creamers to add to it but I didn't. I also tried some hard boiled eggs but they tasted funny. Might have just been my post covid tongue messing with me but maybe it wasn't. 

After breakfast we checkout and Trevor drove almost all day. This is what 3/4 of Utah we drove through looked like. They have all these road construction cones to close the lanes. You'll have two lanes for awhile then the left side will be closed. Go a bit then oh now it's the right side. I swear they do it to make it more interesting of a drive.

Here's part of that 1/4th nice of Utah

Don't mind my disgusting cracked window. I kept telling the kid to use the wiper fluid but I guess he didn't want to.

Here's my "Welcome To Wyoming" picture since I missed the sign.

Most of Wyoming is also boring and just scrub brush although there is a little bit of change here and there (this is all from I80)

This part was cool

I dozed off for like 2 seconds and I think Trevor also dozed off WHILE HE WAS DRIVING because we went into the bumpy things on the left side of the road. Thank God for those. No more napping for me while he's driving sheesh.

We stopped at Little America mostly for my friend who kept telling us to go there for the .75 ice cream. We ended up getting lunch there too (I'd recommend just getting the ice cream and hitting something better for the food).  They had this old picture by the bathroom, kind of fun to see it from the 60's.

and I took this to be a shit and sent it to my friend. She has pictures of her kids with the buffalo and all of them eating ice cream. Her daughters live in Nebraska so she's always traveling this way. She loved it haha.

We switched who was driving in Laramie, so I drove the last part to Cheyenne. I think we might stay here two days since it's cute and a bigger city and there is a storm coming but hitting here last. Kind of hoping it just all blows over but probably not with my luck.

We went downtown to eat a light dinner and ended up at 2 Doors Down since the place we were going to go to across the street was closed due to staff shortages. My southwest salad wasn't overly exciting but it was a cute place and great staff working there. Downtown is super cute, I'd like to walk around in the day when all the stores are open. 

Trevor downloaded Tinder while we were driving (Apple told on him) . I told him no leaving to hook up while he's on vacation with his mom!

ok off to read some blogs! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Wyoming I used to think had mountains but boy it's flat and not so pretty. I am not a huge fan of desert type landscape so it just could be me. I still can't get over how big Trevor is. Damn I've been around a long time Jule

Julie H said...

@Peg, just just like short rolling hills with brush mostly. no thanks! Trevor likes it though lol.

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