Sunday, April 30, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! Can you believe it's the last day of April already? We are done with birthday month and now move into "car registration month".  We have 3 cars with May registration. Scott already got the one that needed to be smogged done so I just have to pay them all my money now.

Yesterday I got one bag sewn. I LOVE this fabric. I bought it super cheap off someone on Whatnot. 

I have enough left to make some more or something else if I want. 

I had the lining fabric in my stash. Not sure where I got that lol. It would make a cute sundress for Rosie. After the street fair next Sunday I want to make her a few things. I have one more bag cut out to finish then we'll see what else I make up before next Sunday!

Yesterday day Jessica turned 29 on the 29th! You know you're getting old when your kids are getting older haha. Next year she'll be 30 and I'll be 50 how crazy is that. 

He was so cute, you'd think everyone was signing to him haha

We had steak for dinner that Scott BBQed, macaroni salad, mashed potatoes and gravy and Caesar salad. 

Daniel had chips with Auntie Melissa ;)

Jess took today off so I have all day to do whatever. That should probably include some laundry. I had a few eBay sales so I need to pack those up. I should make myself list a few more patterns too. I am mostly down to the crap of the crap or the really good stuff that is cut so need to either count all the pieces or sell it as is. I'm thinking of maybe doing some auctions with some of those.

It's quite a bit cooler this morning so hoping it stays that way for next Sunday. One can hope!

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Saturday, April 29, 2023


Good morning happy Jessica's 29th Birthday Saturday! Apparently I never finished posting yesterday so you get a 2 for 1 haha!

I've been working on making some more cross body bags for the street fair next Sunday. Most of these I had the main part cut out already and they sew up pretty fast. I have 2 more ready to sew up. 


Tina's good morning mess yesterday morning.  I called my bio dad yesterday and he's recovering from his triple bypass. Sounds like he didn't do all that great after his surgery but is on the mend now.

Yesterday was my step dad's 75th birthday. I went over to my brother Joe's house for dinner. Trevor came with me. The only picture I took lol. My mom took a bunch I'll have to steal them when she comes over tonight.

When I went to work the other day this is our pos postage machine. They don't have it hooked up to the internet right. I asked Lisa if we could just take it out and office space it and she came back and got it hooked up to her hot spot on her phone. Ridiculous. 

This morning I got up and made mac salad, a cake and deviled eggs. Scott is going to the store for me to get the rest of the stuff we need for Jessica's birthday dinner tonight.

I just need to clean up a little and we'll be good! 
Look at the knuckle on my finger. This is my mouse finger. So weird. Jess said maybe it's a wart but I'm not sure if its' coming from the inside or the outside if that makes sense. So weird. 

I'm being naughty and shopping on Whatnot this morning. People are just giving fabric away lol. I know I don't need any new fabric but I don't buy anything else so it's ok ;)

Can someone come take Rusty out he's being a whiner 

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Thursday, April 27, 2023


 Good morning happy Thursday! 

I watched the kids for a couple hours yesterday, Rosie is crawling all over. It won't be long til she is standing up and cruising around the furniture. She had put her foot under her for a second and I thought she was going to do it but then she changed her mind.

She crawled into my room and looked at herself in the mirror

Took a spin in her bouncer. Might be the last time, she was getting mad she couldn't move around in it.

I think Tubz will be sad when I put it away haha. She thinks it is hers and jumped in after they left. She sat in there for hours. So funny!

I might go into work for a little bit. I have a bunch of letters to mail out and can't get my work computer to print to my printer. Might be a little nice to get out of the house too.

Today was the first morning I didn't wake up to eBay pattern sales. I'm down to the cut patterns to list. I'm doing lots of the ones I had offered up on the Facebook group on my eBay now, just putting they are sold unchecked and as is. We'll see if any sell. Eventually I will either go through them or donate them if they don't. It just takes way too long to go through and check all the pieces. I feel like I have to iron them and make them pretty while I do it so that takes extra long ;)
I have 12 boxes of the more valuable mostly very vintage patterns I haven't offered up anywhere to go through again but I'm going to wait until after the Lodi Street Fair to get into those. Once I get done with my stack I'm working on now I want to whip up a few more things for my booth. 

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! 
Our dart team won last night thanks to the guys on our team. I did a bit better but didn't win any games.  I hung out after and talked with one of my friends.

Before darts I watched this cutie by herself for a couple hours. 

She mostly just wanted to snuggle so that was nice. We watched Go Dog Go which she loves.

A little cat nap and then her mom came to pick her up.

No plans for today other than wait for an email of work to do and work on my patterns. Once I get done with my current section I'm working on I think I might take a break and do a little sewing.  Maybe. 

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Good morning happy grumpy Tuesday! 

We just had a staff meeting and one of the bigger wigs got on and was doing the whole it's all great even though you hate it bullshit. Like wtf. Why even bother wasting yours and our time. So annoyed.

In other news I went to the grocery store yesterday! I know! So exciting haha. I didn't take a list or plan any meals and just threw shit in my cart. I did not get these though. Have you ever eaten chicken feet? Their little nail beds...

Before I went to the grocery store I went to the post office. I saw my aunt Corine from behind and was like hmm is that my aunt? Sure enough! Haven't seen her in years but knew her from the back. Crazy. She told me that my (bio) dad has been in a rehab place since his bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. Last I heard was when he was done with surgery and was going to go home in a couple days so that was surprising. I sent him a text last night and he said he should be going home today. I guess if he keeled over someone might let me know. I should have called him too though so that's on me.

I was just like "what's that noise?" oh just Simon tearing up my rug. GD it. I gave her a chew bone instead to keep her busy grr.

When I got home from the store Scott was here. It was like 6. I was like uh did you go to work today? he did for like 6 hours. So he drove 3-4 hours and worked 6. Seems like a great idea when you could just be getting disability and not have to go anywhere. I wonder if he'll get any kind of paycheck for last week when he didn't work at all. Sick time? Vacation time? We shall see. I guess it's nice to be so important at your job that you can't stay home and heal.

Anyhow. Still grumpy haha. On the plus side I have darts tonight! Our newest team mate apparently broke her foot or something so who knows if she will even play anymore this season. At least the girl who is subbing for her does pretty good ;)

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Monday, April 24, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

I didn't babysit yesterday so I spent all day working on patterns. I unloaded my car and shlept all my stuff to the shed/house while my men sat inside with the windows open. Every time I walked by I got more pissed off lol. Not like Scott can help with anything being broken but sheesh. 

I mostly unloaded my car to run to McD's for dinner at 8pm since no one responded earlier when I asked what's for dinner? Going to have to go to the grocery store when I run to the post office. I sold a bunch of the cut patterns cheap yesterday and was able to clear out 2 more boxes I think. I've been working on these boxes. 

Currently I'm working on putting lots of uncut patterns up on eBay. This was my big sale of the weekend.  $26 for this plus shipping! I got this one off of Whatnot I think. This guy was in a storage unit and went live and was making little lots of Vogue patterns for like $3-$5. Score! I got several out of that. 

Tina was mad that Lucy took her box so she climbed into a pattern box (empty) and took a nap. She's such a PITA but she cracks me up.

On my 2nd staff meeting for today where no one really gives a fk about me since I don't really belong anywhere. It's a really sucky place I'm in. Going to go into the office tomorrow I think to mail out some letters. Probably won't stay all day though since there really isn't much to work on. Fun. It will be nice to get out out of the house though.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday!

I may not be babysitting today. Jess went to work at 8 and is working until 3 so Daniel is going to watch the kids.  Hopefully they slept in this morning to give him a head start ;)

I got up this morning, took a shower and vacuumed the whole house since it is covered in Simon fur. She is shedding so bad. Probably going to have to take her to the groomers. It's like feathers and sticks to you in clumps.

Yesterday was the car show. I got up early and got down there at about 7:15. They tried a different set up this time. It worked a little better for me. It was windy of course but TG not as bad as last year. By the end of the day it calmed down and was just hot. 

They put all the booths in the parking lot. 

I ran home and got some baskets so my stuff would stay on the table better. I think I only had to pick up one or two zip bags so it worked! I think I will use them for the Lodi Street Fair in 2 weeks too.

Clothes pins work to keep the coasters on the spinner rack lol

This is about all I saw of the car show. 
Scott came for a few minutes but didn't bring a chair? He's all hunched over holding his chest (broken ribs). I ran to the bathroom and the bar to get a drink while he was there and then he pretty much left when I got back.

Big Daniel brought the little one down since his dad and grandma came to check out the car show. He only wanted to sit with me and wasn't too happy about leaving me. At least I know he likes me :)

Cheeky little thing

They had an ice cream vendor, funnel cakes and fish & chips right by me. I didn't get an ice cream since they were $6 and I needed to clean up my booth anyways by the time I went to check it out.

I got the combo for lunch $20 ouch but it was pretty good.

I sold 4 of my cross body bags so that was nice! I donated one of the patchwork tote bags to the raffle. Someone told me it got a lot of tickets so that was nice.

I was pretty exhausted after I got everything packed up. I just parked my car and went in the bar to chill for a bit. Ended up sitting out on the porch chatting for awhile. I came home and tried to take a nap but only dozed off for a bit. Long enough that I was wide awake at midnight though!

Not sure what I'm working on today. Patterns in some sort. I put some lots of uncut patterns together and sold a few the other day on the FB group. I think I might work on putting those on eBay. I sold one lot I had put on there yesterday. Always busy with something ;) 


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Thursday, April 20, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! I can't believe the week is almost over. 

I spent all day yesterday working on patterns and listing them on eBay. I woke up to a few sales so that was nice!

I sold these for $12 for both

$24 for this one!

$20 for this one (probably could have got a bit more if I had waited but I took an offer, I'm more than happy with $20 and to move it out)

and every so often I still sell some sewing machine needles. These went for $3. I still have a shoe box full of them so I pretty much take any offer on them.

Today I will probably just keep going since I don't have anything else to work on but laundry and dishes. I need to do a grocery order or go to the store (leaning towards order) since we are out of tp lol.


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