Sunday, April 23, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday!

I may not be babysitting today. Jess went to work at 8 and is working until 3 so Daniel is going to watch the kids.  Hopefully they slept in this morning to give him a head start ;)

I got up this morning, took a shower and vacuumed the whole house since it is covered in Simon fur. She is shedding so bad. Probably going to have to take her to the groomers. It's like feathers and sticks to you in clumps.

Yesterday was the car show. I got up early and got down there at about 7:15. They tried a different set up this time. It worked a little better for me. It was windy of course but TG not as bad as last year. By the end of the day it calmed down and was just hot. 

They put all the booths in the parking lot. 

I ran home and got some baskets so my stuff would stay on the table better. I think I only had to pick up one or two zip bags so it worked! I think I will use them for the Lodi Street Fair in 2 weeks too.

Clothes pins work to keep the coasters on the spinner rack lol

This is about all I saw of the car show. 
Scott came for a few minutes but didn't bring a chair? He's all hunched over holding his chest (broken ribs). I ran to the bathroom and the bar to get a drink while he was there and then he pretty much left when I got back.

Big Daniel brought the little one down since his dad and grandma came to check out the car show. He only wanted to sit with me and wasn't too happy about leaving me. At least I know he likes me :)

Cheeky little thing

They had an ice cream vendor, funnel cakes and fish & chips right by me. I didn't get an ice cream since they were $6 and I needed to clean up my booth anyways by the time I went to check it out.

I got the combo for lunch $20 ouch but it was pretty good.

I sold 4 of my cross body bags so that was nice! I donated one of the patchwork tote bags to the raffle. Someone told me it got a lot of tickets so that was nice.

I was pretty exhausted after I got everything packed up. I just parked my car and went in the bar to chill for a bit. Ended up sitting out on the porch chatting for awhile. I came home and tried to take a nap but only dozed off for a bit. Long enough that I was wide awake at midnight though!

Not sure what I'm working on today. Patterns in some sort. I put some lots of uncut patterns together and sold a few the other day on the FB group. I think I might work on putting those on eBay. I sold one lot I had put on there yesterday. Always busy with something ;) 


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