Saturday, April 1, 2023


Hello super late post for today! I will just post what I would have posted in the morning so I'm caught up until tomorrow ;)

Here is my dinner from Friday night, it was pretty good. The first of the crock pot dinners. Super easy too. The bad thing about the crock pot when you are home is when you can smell it cooking and it starts making you hungry lol.

Rusty says MOM MOM MOM I really gotta PEEEEE. I swear sometime I just want to go somewhere for the day for a dog break. Love them to death but sheesh.

I saw this on a FB post and I would love to do this with my sink. The cabinet is getting pretty rusty and this would be a way to work it in with new cabinets some day when we make our kitchen nicer.  Except my sink is a double so way it is way better in my opinion lol

I got all the threads in separate baggies for whatever their number is. I think I am going to make lots of 10 spools and sell them that way. 10 different colors. Probably could have just grabbed 10 out of a bin and made them a lot but my brain won't allow that  haha.

I went to bed early and Scott came home before I went to bed. He was probably hoping for a bar visit but I was tired. I had put the stuff from the shed for my craft show in the car but that was it. I got all the boxes stacked up ready to go by the back door.  Scott laid on the bed and we chatted and then he fell asleep. I kept waking up because he was there and snoring (which I know I snore too but now I'm used to him not being here). I woke up at like 4 and my phone had fallen under the bed and he helped fish it out. Alarm went off at 6, 6:15, 6:30 then I turned it off and got up at like 6:45. Showered and was getting ready to go and he made coffee, took the dogs out and loaded my car for the craft show so that was nice! He left when I did to go back and feed his mom. 

I'll save my craft show day on Saturday for tomorrow morning!


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