Wednesday, April 5, 2023


Good morning! Happy Wednesday Interview Day! woohooo! It's not until 2 but TG it's not later because that is long enough to wait and have anticipation for.

My dad made it to the heart hospital last night and will talk to a surgeon today. My step mom said he'll probably not have surgery today. He's not in any pain so that is good!

I listed a bunch of 5 spool lots of thread on the FB group yesterday and sold a bunch. I had one flaker so far that didn't pay but I have sold 170 rolls of thread (not counting the flaker). Not too bad! 

I started making these cute paper clips with yoyos I saw on Pinterest. It is working good to use up some of the small yoyos I had made. I think I will make packs of 3 to add to my booth. 

So far I just "almost" burned myself with the glue gun haha.

That's all the excitement around here for this morning. Took care of the 2 emails of stuff to do for work already. We'll see if I get anymore today.


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