Monday, April 17, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! Not so happy since I have a dentist appointment in an hour. Anxiously awaiting Trevor leaving the bathroom so I can take a super fast shower. 

I have been in pattern land all week! I didn't have anything exciting to share. I sorted through 44 of these pattern boxes and finally finished yesterday morning. That was the first sort. 

Sell Cheap
Save for Ebay

I sold 317 patterns on the Facebook group for a total of $500. Not too shabby for the first round!
I am going to delete what is left on there I think and then maybe later this week make some lots of what is left to try to sell them a bit cheaper. Mostly I just want to get the ones that aren't very valuable out the door and out of my space. 

Last night I started listing some of the uncut Vogues on eBay. Hopefully the fancy ones sell fast and for good money!

I watched the kids yesterday. Little Daniel played great.

Here is the stages of Rosie lol

YEAHHH Happy clap clap clap

Crying so lets try some snacks. Yummm good

Resting on Grandma watching a movie



haha Ok have to come back and finish this in a bit he's finally out of the bathroom.

I could have sworn I finished this post but there is nothing there. 

I went to the dentist and they wanted me to get a $900 cleaning (AFTER INSURANCE). They are out of their freaking minds. I cancelled it after I got home. Time to find a new dentist. We've been talking about going somewhere else for awhile but that's the sign. 


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