Monday, April 24, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

I didn't babysit yesterday so I spent all day working on patterns. I unloaded my car and shlept all my stuff to the shed/house while my men sat inside with the windows open. Every time I walked by I got more pissed off lol. Not like Scott can help with anything being broken but sheesh. 

I mostly unloaded my car to run to McD's for dinner at 8pm since no one responded earlier when I asked what's for dinner? Going to have to go to the grocery store when I run to the post office. I sold a bunch of the cut patterns cheap yesterday and was able to clear out 2 more boxes I think. I've been working on these boxes. 

Currently I'm working on putting lots of uncut patterns up on eBay. This was my big sale of the weekend.  $26 for this plus shipping! I got this one off of Whatnot I think. This guy was in a storage unit and went live and was making little lots of Vogue patterns for like $3-$5. Score! I got several out of that. 

Tina was mad that Lucy took her box so she climbed into a pattern box (empty) and took a nap. She's such a PITA but she cracks me up.

On my 2nd staff meeting for today where no one really gives a fk about me since I don't really belong anywhere. It's a really sucky place I'm in. Going to go into the office tomorrow I think to mail out some letters. Probably won't stay all day though since there really isn't much to work on. Fun. It will be nice to get out out of the house though.

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