Sunday, April 9, 2023


Good Morning Happy Easter! 
Such a busy weekend!

Yesterday we ended up not going to the egg hunt, spreading 2 yards of gravel in Jessica's driveway (needs like 3 more yards), cleaning the house real quick, going to dinner, dying eggs and staying up late!

We went to Texas Roadhouse for Melissa's birthday dinner.  I can't believe she is 24 already, time sure flies by! I had Scott take pictures of our side of the table with my phone and somehow he turned on the live photo setting. Only took me 1/2 the night to notice that. 

My dinner along with a salad and rolls. ROLL me out the door! I didn't eat all the potato though it wasn't that great lol.

Originally I was going to take cupcakes to the restaurant but then the whole when are we doing to dye eggs thing happened so I just kept them at home.

Today is Eric's birthday. Fun to always have a birthday partner, great for planning parties and trips haha.

Daniel liked the Happy Birthday singing. His hair was wild since he's curls got brushed out haha. He's in the I don't want to wear clothes stage. Luckily he kept his pants on.

My mom and dad stopped by to bring the kids Easter presents and Melissa's birthday present.

Little man could have cared less about the eggs. Melissa brought him some new animals and he was more into those.

It was mostly us girls doing the eggs lol

Big Daniel did some too 

Jessica's hair is so long! So pretty!

Rosie wanted to eat the eggs and bang them together

Simon is always eager to help

So pretty!

I ended up staying up late after everyone left kind of decompressing I guess. I went through the rest of the thread and put them in lots. I had been making a list of how many I had total while I did it and the final count was 598! I've sold 335 so far so not too shabby. I put up the last of them on the FB group this morning and sold 35 this morning.

Ok I've got the potatoes for the potato salad cooling so I need to go put that together. I have stuff to make a veggie tray and then the salami/cream cheese/peppers to do. 

Hope everyone has a nice Easter! We should have taken Monday off of work so we didn't have to think about it ;)


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