Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Good morning happy grumpy Tuesday! 

We just had a staff meeting and one of the bigger wigs got on and was doing the whole it's all great even though you hate it bullshit. Like wtf. Why even bother wasting yours and our time. So annoyed.

In other news I went to the grocery store yesterday! I know! So exciting haha. I didn't take a list or plan any meals and just threw shit in my cart. I did not get these though. Have you ever eaten chicken feet? Their little nail beds...

Before I went to the grocery store I went to the post office. I saw my aunt Corine from behind and was like hmm is that my aunt? Sure enough! Haven't seen her in years but knew her from the back. Crazy. She told me that my (bio) dad has been in a rehab place since his bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. Last I heard was when he was done with surgery and was going to go home in a couple days so that was surprising. I sent him a text last night and he said he should be going home today. I guess if he keeled over someone might let me know. I should have called him too though so that's on me.

I was just like "what's that noise?" oh just Simon tearing up my rug. GD it. I gave her a chew bone instead to keep her busy grr.

When I got home from the store Scott was here. It was like 6. I was like uh did you go to work today? he did for like 6 hours. So he drove 3-4 hours and worked 6. Seems like a great idea when you could just be getting disability and not have to go anywhere. I wonder if he'll get any kind of paycheck for last week when he didn't work at all. Sick time? Vacation time? We shall see. I guess it's nice to be so important at your job that you can't stay home and heal.

Anyhow. Still grumpy haha. On the plus side I have darts tonight! Our newest team mate apparently broke her foot or something so who knows if she will even play anymore this season. At least the girl who is subbing for her does pretty good ;)

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