Saturday, April 8, 2023


Good morning happy MELISSA'S 24th BIRTHDAY Saturday!

My babies are getting so old, how can that be? Oh yeah I'm old too haha.

Yesterday I was cruising FB Marketplace and came across this add for sewing patterns.

Ahh yes please! So I went and got them. There is some REALLY OLD patterns in there. 

A lot are cut so I'll probably be picking out the uncut ones to start with. I just cruised through like 4 boxes last night looking to see what was maybe good. 

I'm going to have to get busy because I need to move the ones by the door by a week from Sunday lol. The boxes are a little dusty too so going to have to crack the window.

I just need to sell $10 worth out of each of the boxes to double my money, which is totally doable and probably will get a lot more than that. Especially for the really old ones. 

Today's plan is make some cupcakes and potato salad, take a shower, probably go down to the campground for the Easter egg hunt, go to dinner for Melissa's birthday and maybe dye some eggs with the kids but not sure if that is happening.

Just ordered some gravel for Jessica's driveway, they have so much mud over there since they are next to the levee and the water was seeping up from the ground a bit. So shoveling gravel might be in the picture too. 

I listed another round of thread on the FB group this morning. Hopefully I'll get some bites. Might have to start lowering the price a little to get the rest moving. I have 4ish shoe boxes left. 

Ok I've used up all my play time this morning, time to get some stuff done. 

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