Monday, November 23, 2020

Almost time to Gobble!

Here we are again, another Monday!

I made a lot of masks over the weekend. I have the rest of the orders I was working on 3/4 of the way done. 

I took a break for some snuggles on Saturday night

Sunday Jess and I went shopping for Thanksgiving food. I was worried they would be out of the staples but the only thing they were out of was salami. Odd lol. I'll have Scott try to get some when he goes shopping for his mom. We make these little salami/cream cheese/pepper roll up things for an appetizer for all the parties.

We got two carts and split our orders so we could get 2 free turkeys. I hardly ever actually go to the grocery store so I stocked up on animal stuff and some meat. They had TP and paper towels (we went to Costco and they were out there) so we got that for both our houses too. I'm good for a couple months on the TP now lol

I sent Scott into the shed to find the Thanksgiving boxes. He couldn't find them. I was out there "helping" and ended up bringing in a bunch of boxes of misc stuff. Some sewing/craft stuff. Some stuff that I had bought to sell but never did etc. I'm going to start putting some stuff out for free for the neighbors I think and see what is left later lol. I've had a big box to take to the thrift store to donate but keep forgetting when I actually go to town. Some of the plastic boxes have actually disintegrated and I had an afghan that got too much sunlight and it got faded. Sad panda since my Grandma made it. I'm hoping it didn't ruin the yarn too. All because of one dumb window in the shed. Anyhow, we never did find the boxes we were looking for. I haven't decorated for Thanksgiving in years. I know there has to be at least one, there is no way I got rid of everything. I don't think. haha

I just have to today and tomorrow to work then I'll be off for the rest of the week. Nice little vacation! Even though I will be cooking a lot.

This is the first year I'm not doing the Black Friday craft show weekend by the movie theaters. I did it for 3 years in a row. Last year really sucked since it was raining most of the time. I don't imagine it will be too spectacular with the movie theater even showing movies in the time that it is going on. That was most of the foot traffic. I really miss doing craft shows. Maybe some day life will go back to normal.

Oh I almost forgot I found season 1 of Survivor on Prime. I never saw the beginning of it and I of course knew who won but it was fun to watch. In the beginning people really struggled with making alliances thinking it wasn't fair. Which is funny because that is the first thing people do in the later ones. Also most of the girls wore bigger swim suits ;) More tankini's instead of small bikinis. 

I was looking up Richard Hatch since I know he ended up having to go to jail for tax evasion. He went to jail for 4 1/2 YEARS. Isn't that crazy? Way worse than being on an island I'd think.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Fa la la la la Friday

Here's what I did all day yesterday. 

I found Survivor on Netflix so I'm having fun watching old episodes. I watched a whole season yesterday (28). 

I only watched the first few in real time. 

Now I'm watching season 20 which is Villains and Heros which is returning players. I wonder if any of them bulk up a bit before the show so they don't get so skinny? Doesn't seem like any of the girls use that strategy. 

Every time I post the finished masks I get a few more orders

Christmas money for me!

I still have a full tub of fabric. One way to use up what I had stashed!

I'm glad it's Friday! Only thing I have on the radar for the weekend is sewing and go shopping for Thanksgiving food at some point.

Have a good one!


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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Back To It


Hello happy Friday Eve! Yesterday I got my brown strip squares finished up. I didn't join these all together since there aren't that many of them. Into the bag they go with the others lol.

My poor Buster kitty is not doing to well. I think he's on life 9.99. Poor guy. 

I finally gave in and offered up the Christmas fabrics I have for masks last night. I now have about 60 masks to make. These are each "order". I need to cut 2 more out that got added since I cut them last night.

Scott cracks me up. I used to have a whole folder of Scott sleeping in weird positions and places. Last night he had this chair pulled up to the end of the recliner. That's how you know you are tall. Too tall for the recliner. Yes I do have patio furniture in my living room and unpainted walls. Someday we'll finish that project up and buy some furniture.

His back was feeling a bit better last night, of course after I had to call the insurance for him and find out if we have Chiropractic care (we do!) and looked up the doctors for him. Oh thanks but he doesn't need that now...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I put in for Wednesday and Friday off so I'll only have 2 days of work next week. Woohoo. I need to go to the store and get all the stuff.

Yesterday I got gravel delivered! Trevor and I spread out "2 yards" of rock/dirt. There was a lot of dirt in there. No wonder it was so cheap. So I have a thin layer of rock down now, we'll see how it weathers after it rains a few times and gets driven on. I'm sure we'll need another layer. 

Ok off to do something productive! Have a good day everyone!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Coffee Please!

Good morning! I don't have anything exciting to do today for work so it will be another long day. I thought I was going to die of boredom yesterday and I even took a time out to go get Trevor's truck registered. FINALLY! It is legal and moves. Only took a year. Now we need to go get new tires for it.

Scott was still dying trying to walk around the house this morning. No idea how he makes it through work all day. He took my car today since he's going to Gilroy all week and I don't need to go anywhere.

He cracks me up there are these "stray" cats that aren't really strays since everyone feeds at this shop he's working at. We had some wet food we bought that 3 out of 4 of my cats deemed disgusting so he took some and this morning sent me a picture of "Gordo" enjoying his breakfast.

My friend Traci brought me over this big tub of fabric yesterday and asked me to make a few masks for her too (and still wants to pay me for the masks!) Very nice of her! 

I noticed the other day that huge amount of berries/seeds growing on my trees this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many.

We'll probably end up with a bunch of little trees coming up in the smoothed out field. I'll have to pull them out though, no trees growing over my expensive septic system thank you very much.

That reminds me that I still didn't get any gravel for my drive way and it rained last night. I really wanted to get that done. I should call today. It is going to be a muddy mess. I hate mud. 

I was trying to insert a You Tube video like the old days and it wasn't working but just found the button that says "You Tube" in the editing bar. Well there you go! I don't like mending but this is a neat idea.

Every day I'm struggling to not fall sleep after work. It's so dark! Yesterday I gave in and took a nap. I made myself get up later and do the dishes. Trevor and I decided we weren't hungry enough to make dinner so I just worked on some sewing. I think I'm going to have an afternoon coffee today to see if that helps lol.

My body is getting all screwed up with this napping/staying up late/waking up early.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Locking Up

 Anyone else go to be at 7:30 last night? Oh just me? When I'm not in the mood to sew I'm just like maybe I'll just go to bed lol. I don't necessarily go to sleep when I go in there but it's nice and snuggly :)

All I have is boring stuff to do for work today. Blah. My boss is on vacation and she usually is the one that feeds me stuff to do.

California is going back to stricter lock down again which doesn't really mean anything to me since I don't do anything anyways. Apparently there is a run on TP again. Hopefully we can find some before I'm out lol. I have several large rolls left and it's just me and the two boys.

Since I'm bored I just put my Etsy shop that is mostly patterns and books on 70% sale for the day. Someone come buy it all lol. I went from over 700 items in my store to a little over 300 since the lock down. That's what not sourcing new products does I guess. I sold a lot of stuff when everyone was first at home but it is pretty slow now.

Over the weekend I worked on my little strip squares I've been making. I finished up all the green. It is not big enough on it's own to be a lap blanket so I will have to add borders or just set it aside until I have more squares. 

Here is Tina helping


I made some yellow and orange ones too, only ended up with 3 sets of 4.  I like the way the two colors turned out.

Now I'm working on some browns. 

When they are done I'm just putting them aside for now until I figure out what I want to do with them lol. I like the piecing and sewing together part.

I got some baby snuggles yesterday. I thought it was funny he matched the bedspread.

Scott could barely walk this morning when he left for work. His back is hurting. Hopefully it doesn't seize up entirely on him so he can't get home. Men are stupid. I was like why don't you take a day off? Nope can't do that. Going to hurt myself more so I end up with two weeks of being off..

Just put in my Instacart order. I've been getting repeat delivery people now so that is good since they can find my house lol. Well off to do something productive. Maybe. 

Have a good day!
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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Old People Are Fun

 Good morning! Happy Saturday! For some reason I'm wide awake this morning. I have been awake since 4 am. Well not just "some reason", a combo of I keep going to bed early (because I can't sleep the night before), cramps, indigestion (remind me to tell Trevor no next time he wants Panda Express for dinner), the dog being a weirdo and Scott snoring. OH lay!

So after work yesterday I went over to my mother in laws. I had to knock  on the door since they had to change one of the locks and I don't have a key for that yet. His sister was not impressed to see me lol. She warmed up after I had been there a bit though. So what was his mom calling him over and over about?

Yes, a flyer in the mail for a new phone. Old people are fun lol. She had a cell phone but rarely gets out of bed. Makes sense. She also has a house phone. A big clunky cordless phone that sits on its answering machine base that apparently she can't just sit next to her and answer because it won't work right but when Scott tried to get her a new phone that didn't work either.  I'm going with user error but hey what do I know.

When I got there his mom was watching TV all wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon. She had several throw blankets around here and when she sat up she had this huge puffer jacket on. She is just skin and bones and was always cold even when she had 30 more pounds on her so it is no surprise she's cold. She just lays on top of the bed though, not like in a made bed with blankets that will keep her so much warmer. I wonder if the bed was made up if she'd hate it. 

Anyhow, while I was there I showed her pictures of the baby and then I probably made her mad because I was telling her she should just get her heat and air units replaced if she thinks they aren't any good (Scott swears they are fine) she is like "I can't afford that". I told her yes you can I've seen your bank accounts lol. She didn't like that at all. 

I just wonder why do old people feel the need to live in squalor so that they can leave money to people who don't even deserve it and are just going to blow it all. So sad.  She has a bunch of money saved for her funeral. Like how about you live comfortably and not worry about that. 

Sorry kids I'm not going to go without so you can go on vacation when I die.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Ready for 4pm!

 Well that's annoying. 

Yesterday I got the automated call from the school saying my son missed first period. Uh no, he was logged on the whole time? So I called the school and apparently it's the students responsibility to correct the mistake.  Kind of like guilty until proven innocent I guess eh? Stupid.  

By the time I got done writing this he sent the teacher a text and he said he'd fix it. 

I went into work yesterday and finally got all the 2020 applications rolled over to 2021. Everyone has their pretty blue sticker and a letter mailed to them. Whew. Now to go through all the files and make sure everyone has what they need to be eligible this year. In between doing payments and modifications. Woohoo. Nice and busy now that I'm the only one doing my job and my eye is only twitching a little bit. Working from home most of the time is definitely challenging with some of this stuff. 

--whew I started this this morning and now it is almost 3pm, finally got a chance to finish! My boss is going on vacation next week and we are in "modagetton" as I call it with expiring contracts on 12/31. Whoever picked that date to make things expire was an asshole. Everyone that has to approve things and sign things is on vacation.

I also just put in for the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. We'll see anyone freaks out since there is a deadline on the 30th of November too. For some reason deadlines and the days I want to take off always align.

I'm going to go over to my mother in law's after work. She's 90 and she got a text on her flip phone and called my husband every 15 minutes for awhile freaking out about it lol. Probably just some spam. Haven't seen her in forever so won't hurt to go over there. 

Wednesday night I worked on my bag of green scraps. Got them all sewing together to make some blocks out of. I have A LOT of green scraps. That should take me awhile. I'll probably be sick of making these after that. Still have a huge bag of pink, some yellows and a little bit of brown to go I think.

Funny story, I always tell Jessica that if she is lost I'll just follow the trail of socks to find her. I swear I am always finding one of her socks. Yesterday I was looking through my purse and I found one of her socks in there. WTH? I was thinking maybe the cat put it in there or something. So random lol.

Well have a great weekend! Hopefully Scott can get Trevor's truck smogged. He tried last weekend but it failed because some monitor something something but he thinks it is fixed now. Some day that kids truck will be registered.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Scrappy Red Quilt Squares

 Good morning! Its a bit cold here this morning! Glad I have this little portable heater in my office/sewing room. Snookie is sure enjoying it. Maybe before I die I'll get central heat and air in my house.

I was busy with work all day yesterday and then I just flipped my chair around and played with my scrap project. 

I ended up with 4 squares out of the red strips

and then worked on a bag of blue strips. In the bag I had A LOT of keychain strips already made up. I made a few more with the cute prints I had 

and the rest of the pieces went into this big strip roll I made. I am going to make some more 6" blocks with these after work.

Nothing too exciting here but I kind of like my world not being filled with drama ;)

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Weekend full of sewing

 Brrr our weather went from hot to a little chilly over the last week. I am going to go online and order some sweat pants for my work from home outfits haha. During the summer I cut the legs off some of the ones I had to have more shorts lol. 

So nice we finally know who our president is going to be and it is not someone who enjoys acting like an idiot. 

I spent all weekend just playing around in the sewing room. I couldn't decide what I wanted to work on. I was cleaning up and a couple of the bags of colors scraps I have were getting full so I worked on making some stuff with them. 

I made some crumb blocks

I made a few mug rugs, ended up totally wonky somehow so that one I will use lol. Not sure how that happened. 

I ended up pulling out the  1 1/2" strips I have cut for possible keyrings and made some 6" blocks with the pieces not needed for keychains. I should have laid these out on the kitchen table to see how they looked all together.

and I put together some strips for keychains.

    and then I sewed all the left over reds together to make more 6" blocks.

My new goal for the week is to clean out my 1 1/2" strips bags/box. Super exciting isn't it haha.

My mom is always like "what are you going to do with it" when I make stuff. I'm like idk give it away? Sometimes it is just nice to play around with things and keep your brain busy. 

I watched a couple movies while I was sewing. Did you see The Impossible? It's top rated on Netflix right now so I watched it. I cried through most of it. So sad and a true story. Nature is an amazing scary thing sometimes. 

Ok off to get another cup of coffee and to figure out what I'm working on today.
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Friday, November 6, 2020

Fun Times

 I can't believe we still don't know who our new president is, although I think it is fantastic that so many people went out and voted. Just goes to show the US if effed up and everyone wants change. Well except those racist assholes.

Anyhow, I went to work yesterday so I'd be there a bit early for the copier guy. This guy was not very friendly. Probably because we started off our relationship with him sending me an email that he'd been leaving me voicemails and to call him back. I replied that I wasn't sure who he was leaving voice mails with since I hadn't received any from him and I didn't have his phone number to call him back. I put my phone number in the email and then he called me. 

So he was going to come at 11 and at 11 he calls to tell me he's in the middle of another job so he'll be late. I'm like ok. When he gets done he calls and says he's on his way from Lodi which is like an hour away. He finally arrived at almost 2. I had asked him to text my cell when he got there since I'm sitting in this back room and can't see the front door and everything is all locked up. He texted me that he was in the parking lot and I swear it took him like 1/2 an hour to actually get to the door. I had even sent him a text back asking if he found the building (he didn't respond). 

I unlocked the door for him and was like oh you finally found us and he didn't even say anything. Had him sign in and escorted him to the copier and left him to his business. I went to check on him at one point and he was sitting at a desk writing up his enormous quote. He didn't even do any work on the copier.

So is sent that up to get approved and have to call him to come back and fix it now. Joy. He's such a lovely ray of sunshine. Although he was a lot nicer when he left than when he got there.

At 5:30 yesterday we did a "Facebook Room" my sister in law had set up so we could sing my niece Ava happy birthday.  I don't know how people (teachers/students) can do zoom stuff all day. It was fun for about 30 seconds and then it started giving me anxiety. Each square had a kid in it that was screaming in the background and people playing with the filters. 

I really just wanted to see my niece but she was like 20 miles away lol. She's super shy too so I think she was nervous about the whole thing. I ended up clicking off after we sang since I needed to drive home from work anyways. After work I just went and laid on my bed since my stomach was bothering me (no more Teriyaki King I think, even though they do have delicious egg rolls).

Well off to do this work thing, need to do some spreadsheet updating today. Fun fun. Have a great day everyone!

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Grouchy Pants

Good morning! It's only 8:30 and I'm already grouchy. Must have Aunt Flo hiding behind the corner or something.  

This morning I was looking at my bank account and noticed that my husband is getting gas like twice a day? Like what the fuck. His boss has him working in another city which is really far away and apparently uses a lot more gas. He's driving his truck which also isn't helping the situation. Pretty dumb since my car is just chilling in the driveway here most of the time. We need to get a commuter car for him if he's going to keep driving there. Nothing like spending 1/3 of your paycheck on gas to get to work.

Yesterday I watched this cutie pie for about an hour while Jessica finally got all her official paper work for the club done.

Of course this is what he did the whole time I was watching him.

After his mom got back he was like PARTY!! Such a cutie pie.

My mom and dad were at the cabin (Jess is going to rent the cabin from them) moving some stuff. My dad was super grouchy and didn't look all that great. I don't think his body is doing very well. I was like are you always this grouchy? He said yes lol. 

In the evening I made this little bag up for my niece Ava's 9th birthday. Going to put some cash in there and send it over with my mom to drop off later. They are going to do a Facebook room thing so we can sing Happy Birthday to her.

And I'm going to have to go into work today so the copier guy can fix the copier. Blah.

PS are we ever going to know who our new president is?


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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Make it Blue

Oh my gosh is this morning stressful or what? I don't ever remember the election going on to the next day. 2020 in it's craziness continues.

Yesterday I had to drive to work to go mail one thing certified mail. How ridiculous is that? I'm the only one able to print postage in the office so "yeah". Blah. 

They knocked down a big orchard on my route. I always feel a little sad for the old trees. They're like thanks for your nuts, now you die lol. They tear them out after they get older and stop producing a lot. Then they will go in and replant with baby trees. These are almond trees by the way, most of what is grown in this area now.

This was my situation this morning, not pictured is Buster who was up by my head lol. Snookie has some mad gas today so that was some motivation to get out of bed. So gross.

Ok back to watching the election updates and doing some work! Let's all pray that we have a less embarrassing leader soon.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day!

 I have no pictures to share from yesterday because I did NOTHING after work but be lazy. The cats didn't even do anything picture worthy haha.

Anyone else feeling a bit nervous about the election? I voted quite awhile ago by mail (and tracked it, it made it!) so I actually feel like my vote might matter this time. Usually, being in California they are already saying who won before they could have possibly have counted any of our votes.  

Either way I think it's going to be crazy after who ever wins. Someone is going to protest I'm sure. I think this is the first election that I'm truly worried about. I mean the last one was bad but this one is a bit cray cray. 

Anyhow, hope you all voted and stay safe! I'm sure we'll all have a lot to talk about tomorrow ;)
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Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween & Pink Scrap Quilt

Good morning! Last week I found this bag of pink strips I had made awhile back. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them. I spent all weekend working on this pink scrappy quilt except for when we had the kids over for Halloween.

Lucy helping with the layout

and here they are all sewn together. I will put a border on it eventually. 

The kids came over on Halloween for dinner. Here is the guest of honor.

Scott's girlfriend wondering who is in her spot lol

The girls and I made mummy dogs and we had nachos too. I may be eating nachos at 9am (hey it is really like 10 right?)

Buster having some snacks too

Jess brought her pumpkins to carve and one for Trevor too. Melissa helped clean out the baby's.

All my kids

and this little pumpkin ;)

Had to change the sheets in the cat basket so the baby could use it lol. He is just so adorable!

I had candy for the kids so I left the porch light on and actually got one trick or treater! That was all I got last year too. I was like how much candy do you want? How old are you, you can have that much lol.

I can't believe it is the holiday season already. I'm like bah hum bug like I always am until right before. I just hate all the pressure everyone feels to spend money they don't have on gifts no one needs. I don't need anything. 

Well here is to a productive week. I have a bunch of payments to do for work and brought home 133 letters to stuff into envelopes and mail out.


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