Monday, November 30, 2020

Long weekend a bit longer

 Good morning! Happy Monday! I had 5 days off and of course now my linc pass card to log into the computer system is now expired. But it's ok! I have a temporary log on/password to use. But wait, it won't work! So yeah I've been "working" since 7:30 am but can't actually work because none of the IT people will call me back. Awesome!

So I was off Wednesday (Turkey day prep), Thursday (Turkey day). Friday I spent half the day cleaning up all the turkey prep stuff and making turkey broth. 

I  also matched up all the plastic containers with the lids and this is what was orphaned.

Then I spent the rest of the day napping and went to bed at 8:00pm lol

Saturday I made 3 masks for an order

Then pulled out all my Christmas fabric scraps so far and made up some mug rugs (sold a few right away, yeah!)

Sunday I took my pink scraps I had stored away for keychains and made strips for those 

and then sewed the rest together to make some more quilt squares.

Oh and yesterday Jess walked over with the baby so we had some cuddle time :)

This morning Scott washed almost all the dishes that accumulated while we were lazy all weekend making turkey plates. Yeah that was nice! 

I'm about sick of turkey already so I need to make a couple recipes up to remake it into something else. Thinking we'll start with some turkey soup and then maybe some turkey enchiladas. Going to have to Instacart!

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Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Ahhh I'm so glad I took today off from work. Sitting here in my nightgown drinking some coffee with the heater on.  It does feel kind of weird not doing my craft shows this weekend like I usually do. Hopefully next year!

Thanksgiving was so nice, everyone was so mellow and just had fun hanging out. I made two turkeys but one would have been enough since we had a ham too. 

I only cooked one turkey and did the salami rolls and then did lil smokies wrapped in bacon on Thanksgiving and everything else was done the day before. Jess came over and made deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese (her boyfriends family tradition) and peanut butter pie.

                Turkey time! Tubby is so funny. 

Melissa  & Baby Daniel of course

My mom got him this cute outfit

Melissa's pretty dress

Daniel's sister Sarah

oink oink

The 5 minutes no one was holding him lol

Food anyone?

Getting burped lol

The girls were so cute with him just plopped in the middle. Danie's sister Sarah, step sister Sienna and Sister Lissa

Talks with Grandpa


I did my hair and it still looks that bad lol

My babies

Baby is starting to be more alert now

Lissa, Daniels Dad and GF, Sarah, his Grandma and Daniel

and brother Matt

This will forever be the year my mom told me she was staying home and I found out she was actually going to my brother's house. Caught her! I don't really care I just think it is funny that she was trying to keep it a secret or something. 

I can't believe Christmas is around the corner. I was hoping to have new furniture. Might just have to go buy some before we get the living room done. They have some cute couches and chairs at Big Lots. Maybe I'll drag Scott over there this weekend to look at them.

I think we have decided to have steak for dinner on Christmas. Maybe a baked potato bar would be fun to go with it. The kids seem happy that we don't have to go anywhere on Christmas other than my house. I see this pandemic ending all o

Now what should I have for breakfast? Pumpkin pie? 
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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Turkey Eve!

Today's plan is to do some cooking but first I need to clean. There is animal hair everywhere. So gross. Weird how I'm the only one that lives here that can see it. Already got the washing machine going, go me! Funny how I always clean on my days off but no one else ever does..

I had to take a moment to log on and see if I needed to pay my car insurance since they never took it out of my account. I think they have it set up so you pay it off a month ahead of time so I must have got to that point since it says my payment is due in December. 

Yesterday after work I went for a ride to town to pick us up some KFC. You know, since everything I bought at the store is for Thanksgiving lol. Should have planned a bit better.

On the way back home there was a dead body on the side of the road and people directing traffic & flares. Right next to the little store we live by. There is a turn style so we can go out of our little complex and walk across the street to the store. This man was hit while doing so. I'm not sure if he was hit multiple times but I saw on FB someone said one person stayed and one fled. So sad. I knew he must have been dead since there was no one working on him. I actually thought it was a young girl when I drove by (it was dark), called Jess and then cried the rest of the way home. He has an adult son that lives with him I heard. I was probably home for 5 minutes before I heard any sirens :(

Scott got home from work and said he had a fever. I was like OMG what the hell are we going to do I have 2 turkeys defrosting, supposed to be cooking dinner for everyone. Then he was like maybe I just had my heater on too high on my ride home. He took his temp again and he was fine. Damn man making my eye twitch.

I only have this one cute photo I stole from Jessica to share today. One of his other Grandmas must have bought him the cute shirt

Oh and a little funny, my two friends and I do emails every day. My one friend always starts it off since she is the early bird. This morning she accidentally sent it to 3 extra people. TG she wasn't talking smack about anyone or put anything too personal in there! I'm like I need to make sure and not reply all to that one haha.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cleaning Up

Today is my work Friday woohoo

Yesterday I finished up my mask orders

Then I went through some of the boxes from the shed and put out a free stuff table. I've been cleaning up my sewing room and adding some stuff as I go. Someone already took some snow boots and kids clothes I had put out there.

I came across these cross stitch pictures I made way back in 93. I remember my mom paid me to make these for her friend Vicky and then put them in the frames and gave them to me for Christmas. I was like WTF? lol One of the frames broke somewhere before I got them as a present so they've just been sitting put away all these years. I think I'll put them in some new frames and hang them in my sewing room.

Last night when I was sleeping this spider crawled up my leg, across my back and onto my arm and I smacked and brushed it off. Jesus. That was a big spider scared the crap out of me.

Scott took my car last week and the first day I went to use it this was in it. Pretty sure that's a dirty sock back there too. What is up with my family leaving their socks all over.

All caught up on work emails for the moment.  Today's plan is to continue cleaning up my sewing room, do some laundry etc. Tomorrow we are going to do some cooking!


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Monday, November 23, 2020

Almost time to Gobble!

Here we are again, another Monday!

I made a lot of masks over the weekend. I have the rest of the orders I was working on 3/4 of the way done. 

I took a break for some snuggles on Saturday night

Sunday Jess and I went shopping for Thanksgiving food. I was worried they would be out of the staples but the only thing they were out of was salami. Odd lol. I'll have Scott try to get some when he goes shopping for his mom. We make these little salami/cream cheese/pepper roll up things for an appetizer for all the parties.

We got two carts and split our orders so we could get 2 free turkeys. I hardly ever actually go to the grocery store so I stocked up on animal stuff and some meat. They had TP and paper towels (we went to Costco and they were out there) so we got that for both our houses too. I'm good for a couple months on the TP now lol

I sent Scott into the shed to find the Thanksgiving boxes. He couldn't find them. I was out there "helping" and ended up bringing in a bunch of boxes of misc stuff. Some sewing/craft stuff. Some stuff that I had bought to sell but never did etc. I'm going to start putting some stuff out for free for the neighbors I think and see what is left later lol. I've had a big box to take to the thrift store to donate but keep forgetting when I actually go to town. Some of the plastic boxes have actually disintegrated and I had an afghan that got too much sunlight and it got faded. Sad panda since my Grandma made it. I'm hoping it didn't ruin the yarn too. All because of one dumb window in the shed. Anyhow, we never did find the boxes we were looking for. I haven't decorated for Thanksgiving in years. I know there has to be at least one, there is no way I got rid of everything. I don't think. haha

I just have to today and tomorrow to work then I'll be off for the rest of the week. Nice little vacation! Even though I will be cooking a lot.

This is the first year I'm not doing the Black Friday craft show weekend by the movie theaters. I did it for 3 years in a row. Last year really sucked since it was raining most of the time. I don't imagine it will be too spectacular with the movie theater even showing movies in the time that it is going on. That was most of the foot traffic. I really miss doing craft shows. Maybe some day life will go back to normal.

Oh I almost forgot I found season 1 of Survivor on Prime. I never saw the beginning of it and I of course knew who won but it was fun to watch. In the beginning people really struggled with making alliances thinking it wasn't fair. Which is funny because that is the first thing people do in the later ones. Also most of the girls wore bigger swim suits ;) More tankini's instead of small bikinis. 

I was looking up Richard Hatch since I know he ended up having to go to jail for tax evasion. He went to jail for 4 1/2 YEARS. Isn't that crazy? Way worse than being on an island I'd think.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Fa la la la la Friday

Here's what I did all day yesterday. 

I found Survivor on Netflix so I'm having fun watching old episodes. I watched a whole season yesterday (28). 

I only watched the first few in real time. 

Now I'm watching season 20 which is Villains and Heros which is returning players. I wonder if any of them bulk up a bit before the show so they don't get so skinny? Doesn't seem like any of the girls use that strategy. 

Every time I post the finished masks I get a few more orders

Christmas money for me!

I still have a full tub of fabric. One way to use up what I had stashed!

I'm glad it's Friday! Only thing I have on the radar for the weekend is sewing and go shopping for Thanksgiving food at some point.

Have a good one!


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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Back To It


Hello happy Friday Eve! Yesterday I got my brown strip squares finished up. I didn't join these all together since there aren't that many of them. Into the bag they go with the others lol.

My poor Buster kitty is not doing to well. I think he's on life 9.99. Poor guy. 

I finally gave in and offered up the Christmas fabrics I have for masks last night. I now have about 60 masks to make. These are each "order". I need to cut 2 more out that got added since I cut them last night.

Scott cracks me up. I used to have a whole folder of Scott sleeping in weird positions and places. Last night he had this chair pulled up to the end of the recliner. That's how you know you are tall. Too tall for the recliner. Yes I do have patio furniture in my living room and unpainted walls. Someday we'll finish that project up and buy some furniture.

His back was feeling a bit better last night, of course after I had to call the insurance for him and find out if we have Chiropractic care (we do!) and looked up the doctors for him. Oh thanks but he doesn't need that now...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. I put in for Wednesday and Friday off so I'll only have 2 days of work next week. Woohoo. I need to go to the store and get all the stuff.

Yesterday I got gravel delivered! Trevor and I spread out "2 yards" of rock/dirt. There was a lot of dirt in there. No wonder it was so cheap. So I have a thin layer of rock down now, we'll see how it weathers after it rains a few times and gets driven on. I'm sure we'll need another layer. 

Ok off to do something productive! Have a good day everyone!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Coffee Please!

Good morning! I don't have anything exciting to do today for work so it will be another long day. I thought I was going to die of boredom yesterday and I even took a time out to go get Trevor's truck registered. FINALLY! It is legal and moves. Only took a year. Now we need to go get new tires for it.

Scott was still dying trying to walk around the house this morning. No idea how he makes it through work all day. He took my car today since he's going to Gilroy all week and I don't need to go anywhere.

He cracks me up there are these "stray" cats that aren't really strays since everyone feeds at this shop he's working at. We had some wet food we bought that 3 out of 4 of my cats deemed disgusting so he took some and this morning sent me a picture of "Gordo" enjoying his breakfast.

My friend Traci brought me over this big tub of fabric yesterday and asked me to make a few masks for her too (and still wants to pay me for the masks!) Very nice of her! 

I noticed the other day that huge amount of berries/seeds growing on my trees this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many.

We'll probably end up with a bunch of little trees coming up in the smoothed out field. I'll have to pull them out though, no trees growing over my expensive septic system thank you very much.

That reminds me that I still didn't get any gravel for my drive way and it rained last night. I really wanted to get that done. I should call today. It is going to be a muddy mess. I hate mud. 

I was trying to insert a You Tube video like the old days and it wasn't working but just found the button that says "You Tube" in the editing bar. Well there you go! I don't like mending but this is a neat idea.

Every day I'm struggling to not fall sleep after work. It's so dark! Yesterday I gave in and took a nap. I made myself get up later and do the dishes. Trevor and I decided we weren't hungry enough to make dinner so I just worked on some sewing. I think I'm going to have an afternoon coffee today to see if that helps lol.

My body is getting all screwed up with this napping/staying up late/waking up early.
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