Friday, November 6, 2020

Fun Times

 I can't believe we still don't know who our new president is, although I think it is fantastic that so many people went out and voted. Just goes to show the US if effed up and everyone wants change. Well except those racist assholes.

Anyhow, I went to work yesterday so I'd be there a bit early for the copier guy. This guy was not very friendly. Probably because we started off our relationship with him sending me an email that he'd been leaving me voicemails and to call him back. I replied that I wasn't sure who he was leaving voice mails with since I hadn't received any from him and I didn't have his phone number to call him back. I put my phone number in the email and then he called me. 

So he was going to come at 11 and at 11 he calls to tell me he's in the middle of another job so he'll be late. I'm like ok. When he gets done he calls and says he's on his way from Lodi which is like an hour away. He finally arrived at almost 2. I had asked him to text my cell when he got there since I'm sitting in this back room and can't see the front door and everything is all locked up. He texted me that he was in the parking lot and I swear it took him like 1/2 an hour to actually get to the door. I had even sent him a text back asking if he found the building (he didn't respond). 

I unlocked the door for him and was like oh you finally found us and he didn't even say anything. Had him sign in and escorted him to the copier and left him to his business. I went to check on him at one point and he was sitting at a desk writing up his enormous quote. He didn't even do any work on the copier.

So is sent that up to get approved and have to call him to come back and fix it now. Joy. He's such a lovely ray of sunshine. Although he was a lot nicer when he left than when he got there.

At 5:30 yesterday we did a "Facebook Room" my sister in law had set up so we could sing my niece Ava happy birthday.  I don't know how people (teachers/students) can do zoom stuff all day. It was fun for about 30 seconds and then it started giving me anxiety. Each square had a kid in it that was screaming in the background and people playing with the filters. 

I really just wanted to see my niece but she was like 20 miles away lol. She's super shy too so I think she was nervous about the whole thing. I ended up clicking off after we sang since I needed to drive home from work anyways. After work I just went and laid on my bed since my stomach was bothering me (no more Teriyaki King I think, even though they do have delicious egg rolls).

Well off to do this work thing, need to do some spreadsheet updating today. Fun fun. Have a great day everyone!

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