Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Turkey Eve!

Today's plan is to do some cooking but first I need to clean. There is animal hair everywhere. So gross. Weird how I'm the only one that lives here that can see it. Already got the washing machine going, go me! Funny how I always clean on my days off but no one else ever does..

I had to take a moment to log on and see if I needed to pay my car insurance since they never took it out of my account. I think they have it set up so you pay it off a month ahead of time so I must have got to that point since it says my payment is due in December. 

Yesterday after work I went for a ride to town to pick us up some KFC. You know, since everything I bought at the store is for Thanksgiving lol. Should have planned a bit better.

On the way back home there was a dead body on the side of the road and people directing traffic & flares. Right next to the little store we live by. There is a turn style so we can go out of our little complex and walk across the street to the store. This man was hit while doing so. I'm not sure if he was hit multiple times but I saw on FB someone said one person stayed and one fled. So sad. I knew he must have been dead since there was no one working on him. I actually thought it was a young girl when I drove by (it was dark), called Jess and then cried the rest of the way home. He has an adult son that lives with him I heard. I was probably home for 5 minutes before I heard any sirens :(

Scott got home from work and said he had a fever. I was like OMG what the hell are we going to do I have 2 turkeys defrosting, supposed to be cooking dinner for everyone. Then he was like maybe I just had my heater on too high on my ride home. He took his temp again and he was fine. Damn man making my eye twitch.

I only have this one cute photo I stole from Jessica to share today. One of his other Grandmas must have bought him the cute shirt

Oh and a little funny, my two friends and I do emails every day. My one friend always starts it off since she is the early bird. This morning she accidentally sent it to 3 extra people. TG she wasn't talking smack about anyone or put anything too personal in there! I'm like I need to make sure and not reply all to that one haha.
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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

been there done that with a work email. EGADS it was bad!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
(I'm the only one who sees the dog hair and mess too Julie - men are friggin' blind to filth)

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