Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cleaning Up

Today is my work Friday woohoo

Yesterday I finished up my mask orders

Then I went through some of the boxes from the shed and put out a free stuff table. I've been cleaning up my sewing room and adding some stuff as I go. Someone already took some snow boots and kids clothes I had put out there.

I came across these cross stitch pictures I made way back in 93. I remember my mom paid me to make these for her friend Vicky and then put them in the frames and gave them to me for Christmas. I was like WTF? lol One of the frames broke somewhere before I got them as a present so they've just been sitting put away all these years. I think I'll put them in some new frames and hang them in my sewing room.

Last night when I was sleeping this spider crawled up my leg, across my back and onto my arm and I smacked and brushed it off. Jesus. That was a big spider scared the crap out of me.

Scott took my car last week and the first day I went to use it this was in it. Pretty sure that's a dirty sock back there too. What is up with my family leaving their socks all over.

All caught up on work emails for the moment.  Today's plan is to continue cleaning up my sewing room, do some laundry etc. Tomorrow we are going to do some cooking!


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