Monday, November 9, 2020

Weekend full of sewing

 Brrr our weather went from hot to a little chilly over the last week. I am going to go online and order some sweat pants for my work from home outfits haha. During the summer I cut the legs off some of the ones I had to have more shorts lol. 

So nice we finally know who our president is going to be and it is not someone who enjoys acting like an idiot. 

I spent all weekend just playing around in the sewing room. I couldn't decide what I wanted to work on. I was cleaning up and a couple of the bags of colors scraps I have were getting full so I worked on making some stuff with them. 

I made some crumb blocks

I made a few mug rugs, ended up totally wonky somehow so that one I will use lol. Not sure how that happened. 

I ended up pulling out the  1 1/2" strips I have cut for possible keyrings and made some 6" blocks with the pieces not needed for keychains. I should have laid these out on the kitchen table to see how they looked all together.

and I put together some strips for keychains.

    and then I sewed all the left over reds together to make more 6" blocks.

My new goal for the week is to clean out my 1 1/2" strips bags/box. Super exciting isn't it haha.

My mom is always like "what are you going to do with it" when I make stuff. I'm like idk give it away? Sometimes it is just nice to play around with things and keep your brain busy. 

I watched a couple movies while I was sewing. Did you see The Impossible? It's top rated on Netflix right now so I watched it. I cried through most of it. So sad and a true story. Nature is an amazing scary thing sometimes. 

Ok off to get another cup of coffee and to figure out what I'm working on today.
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Annsterw said...

Thank goodness for crafts and artwork Keep my brain focused!!! Craft on!! Also super happy about the new president!!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Miss you—hope all is ok!

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