Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Make it Blue

Oh my gosh is this morning stressful or what? I don't ever remember the election going on to the next day. 2020 in it's craziness continues.

Yesterday I had to drive to work to go mail one thing certified mail. How ridiculous is that? I'm the only one able to print postage in the office so "yeah". Blah. 

They knocked down a big orchard on my route. I always feel a little sad for the old trees. They're like thanks for your nuts, now you die lol. They tear them out after they get older and stop producing a lot. Then they will go in and replant with baby trees. These are almond trees by the way, most of what is grown in this area now.

This was my situation this morning, not pictured is Buster who was up by my head lol. Snookie has some mad gas today so that was some motivation to get out of bed. So gross.

Ok back to watching the election updates and doing some work! Let's all pray that we have a less embarrassing leader soon.


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