Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Brother, the big THREE O

Today is my little brother's 30th birthday.

I was an only child until he came along. My mom and dad separated when I was still an infant (like 5 months old) so I had my mom to myself until I was five and she married my step dad. That was a big year since my dad also got married.

When I was seven my little brother was born. I'd insert a cute picture of us right after he was born here but I don't seem to have any at my house. I'll have to
snag some from my mom's and scan them. It was hard adjusting to having a new baby brother. I wasn't the center of attention anymore. We lived in a two bedroom house so I also had to share my room. My mom had worked before he was born but became a stay at home mom. She started doing daycare to make some extra money.

When my little brother was born he was the first grandchild on my step dad's side of the family. His family is all Italian and they all sent presents, many from New York. I've blogged a bit about spending time over at my step grandma's and Aunt Anna's house before.

Anyhow, so having a brother was all new, but I loved him. Even though I vividly remember biting him once. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with sibling rivalry..

When he was almost two my baby brother came along and now they've always been "the boys". They used to have great fun trying to kill each other. I mostly just tried to stay out of the way.

After I moved out my little brother came over a lot and spent a lot of time with me (and Scott not too long after). The boys were both in my wedding.  When little brother was about 16 he came and spent the summer with us. He originally came to have Scott help him work on his bug he had bought but it took Scott FOREVER to get it done. In exchange he helped paint our house and watched  Jessica a bit while I worked.

I think over that summer we really bonded. When he was about 19 he got married and ended up buying a house right down the street from me. Not too long after my nephew was born and then Trevor. We spent A LOT of time together. I used to just wander over and we'd sit on the porch and have a drink and talk. After he got divorced and moved back to my mom's neighborhood it was really sad not to have him right down the street! We do still spend a lot of time over at his house and my baby brother's hanging out though!

Tomorrow night is his party, the big 30! I can't believe he's 30 now, but it's nice to have him in the same "decade" as me for awhile ;)

(picture is baby brother, mom, little brother, step dad and me, taken at little brother's wedding last October)Pin It

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take Your Son to Work & Play Day

The night before last at around 8:30 both of my girls were gone. I had told Melissa that she could spend the night at her friend's house, and Jessica had been gone all day. Eventually I kind of realized that she might be spending the night at her friend's house also. Which she was. Which left me with no one to stay home with Trevor.

I knew I had to go to Sacramento to get a Government ID card for work so I decided I'd just take him to work with me for the morning than drive my own car to pick up the card and then spend the rest of the day in Sac playing around. A nice mom and son date day.

So I took him to work with me and he helped by running to the printer for me and putting number stickers on some folders and best of all, making a paper clip chain. Eventually it was time to go and we headed off to Sac where I got my ID  pretty easily. I had decided I'd take him to the train museum in Old Sac but first we needed some lunch. We ended up at Joe's Crab Shack since it was so hot out and I knew it would be nice in there.

We opted to sit inside and they put us right up next to the window.

Here's my adorable son, who is spoiled obviously since he's pouting that I won't buy him crab. (cheapest one was almost $30, a little too expensive for lunch)

That's the Tower Bridge behind him. While we were sitting there we got to see the middle of it raise up to let a (really tall) sailboat go through. Not too long after this picture he snapped out of his pouty-ness. Just in time to eat his kid's meal which contained a fish and chips, popcorn shrimp and a fried mozzarella stick. He actually had to get a little box. SUCCESS! The boy is FULL! I had the lunch sized fish and chips and it was quite a bit. I can't imagine a full size. We got out of there for $20 plus tip so not bad!

Since we had watched the bridge he wanted to go walk across the bridge. We did that and he wanted to keep on walking on the other side of the river but I talked him out of that.

After that we walked back through Old Sac to the Railroad Museum. When we got in there there was a man trying to get in with his two little girls. Apparently they didn't like his ticket or the story that went with him because he was talking to the manager by the time we were going in.

It was $9 for me and $4 for Trevor to get in. Which is a little spendy if your whole family went but not bad for the two of us.

When we first went in he was kind of rushing through everything. After he had seen it all we went back through it a second time and he let me take pictures of him. He was in a pretty good mood at that point and did a bunch of posing.

When we first entered we saw there was a movie playing at 2:00 so when it was time we found our way to the theater doors. It was on a whole floor I never even saw the last time I was there. The movie was really lame and not well made. I had trouble following some of it so I can imagine how it was for an 8 year old brain. He didn't complain too much though. The best part of the whole thing was when it was over the screen lifted up and under it was windows and doors that went out to the museum floor. We both thought that was pretty cool.

We went into the gift shop before we left. I was looking around and noticed they had a display of books about Orphan Trains. I had never heard about those before and flipped through one. I made a mental note to check the library when we got back and they have all the same books (for free, score!) I need to see if they have the movie too.

Trevor settled on a lighted key chain for $3.99 for his souvenir which was great for my wallet. The lady before us in line spent $80 in there. I can't imagine spending that much money in a touristy gift shop.

After that we headed towards home. He fell asleep almost immediately. I'd say it was a pretty nice date day :)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Death via Ice Cube

I was just working my way through my Google Reader when I got to Mama Kat's post Top 10 Life Stories.

When I started reading these I was instantly reminded of a story my youngest brother brings up ALL THE TIME. My brother Joe is about 9 years younger than me. I think I was about 15 or 16 when this happened so he would have been about 6 or 7.

The fridge/freezer we had at the time had come with these mini ice cube trays. While they are nice for drinks, they were just about the right size to choke on. Which is just what happened one day.

My mom was out hanging clothes on the clothes line (we were poor remember?) and I was sitting out on the lawn swing. My brother was out on the patio with me and all of a sudden he started choking on a piece of ice. I remember feeling panicked and yelling for my mom. She grabbed him and swung him around and out flew the ice cube. After it was all over we were sitting there letting the adrenaline wear off and looking at each other when we started laughing. Yes it was wrong, but that happens some times when everything is ok.

My brothers version:

He was dying, choking to death on an ice cube and I sat there laughing at him the whole time! He almost died!! AND I LAUGHED!

Of course, I know I'M right since obviously he was younger and didn't remember it correctly but he brings it up all the time.

I'm pretty sure he's joking...Pin It

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorry you can't bring your kid in here...

So today has been exciting.

Dinner from McD's drive thru.
Blog reading.

You're jealous I know!

So someone just posted a link to this on Facebook.

The No Kids Allowed Movement Is Spreading

Go read it.
Now what's your reaction?

I think it's kind of messed up that kids are getting banned.


on the other hand, it's kind of nice to go somewhere on a date night and not have to sit next to a screaming child that is not your own.

Or to have to cringe that the people behind you brought their 7 year old to see Bridesmaids.

But really? Kids are a part of life. How are they going to learn how to behave if you don't take them places. I've heard people in my neighborhood complain about kids playing in the street. We have no sidewalks, live in a country environment and you can hear a car coming for a mile. Everyone knows everyone and most of us don't have a problem telling the kids to stop being an idiot if that's what they are doing.

Let's make them play inside so they don't bother you. Don't take them to the grocery store. The movies. Out to dinner. Then when they magically hit the age of "not being a kid" they should know how to act instinctively right?Pin It

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Sunday! Pull up your chair and get your coffee!

First off I want to say how incredibly sad this is. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel as to kill children. It's just too bad someone didn't shoot him. He doesn't deserve to live. My heart goes out to all those parents.

So yesterday I worked on the invites I'm making for my sister in law's baby shower. I finally got one completed, what do you think? The theme is going to be Pearls and Lace, and I tried to coordinate the colors with her nursery set.

I worked on them until I slowly ran out of everything! 

I ended up running to Wal-Mart to get the Xyron refill I needed. I've so become a hater of Wal-Mart but there are some things that you can get there that are so much cheaper than anywhere else (like half the price for this refill) that it's worth the trip. The Wal-Mart closes to my house was remodeled to be a mini Super Wal-Mart. That's because the city wouldn't pass for them to build an actual Super. So they basically took all the craft items and took them out and only have ONE AISLE of sewing things and half an aisle of scrapbooking/craft supplies. Pretty sad and one more reason why NOT to shop there. Luckily for us they brought in a Joann's one exit down at about the same time they did that. Which is where I had to go to get the rest of my items. So now I'm all stocked up and can finish my project (I hope). 

When I went to the stores Jessica had my car (hers has something wrong with it) and so I ended up taking my husband's little beater commuter truck. 

That has no air conditioning.

Which pretty much wiped me out. I don't sweat like a regular person. I just turn red and overheat. It really sucks! I need to figure out how to drive a stick so I can at least drive our other truck that has AC when things like this end up happening.  Plus I feel all ghetto driving that thing. And it's bright yellow so it's not like anyone is NOT going to be looking at me driving it. I don't know how my husband can drive it for such a long commute every day. I told him I'd rather pay more for gas than drive that!

Well, onto today! Let's see what today holds shall we?
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Recipes!

Well since the last time we've talked I put away that huge pile of laundry, washed dishes about twelve times, made breakfast, watered the garden and pulled a few weeds. And yet, I'm still wearing my nightgown. I just added shorts and a bra, and wahhlaaaa it's a neighbor friendly outfit. (Lucky for me no one was out while I was out there!)

So you all know how much I love the Kraft Foods website. Although they really need to come up with some more new stuff. I think I've made most of the "easy", "budget" and "healthy" (but not gross looking) recipes on there.

This week I tried a few newer ones.

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken

This recipe turned out really good. I used extra tomatoes to use up some from my garden and my neighbor's garden. I did however learn a good lesson. If you cook bacon and then are going to add chicken to it? You should turn the heat down. Otherwise it pops all over and my arm now looks like this.

That's two burns and a cat scratch on my wrist (stupid cat). Nice and classy looking.

Beef & Vegetable Noodle Bowl

What I neglected to notice about this recipe is that is says TWO servings. Why do they even make recipes for TWO servings? Luckily for me I had enough to multiply that by four so we'd actually have enough for everyone to eat.

I couldn't find the "light Asian toasted sesame dressing" so I used an Asian salad dressing I already had. Everything was going good until it came time to add the "hoisin sauce". I didn't add as much as it said because I didn't like the way it smelled. I ended up not liking the recipe because all I could taste was that stuff. My husband and son both liked it though so go figure.

Weeknight Lasagna Toss

This was really good. It says to break the lasagna into 4 pieces. I think if I made it again I'd break it into like 10. That was the only thing I didn't like about it (the lasagna pieces being too big).

Have you tried any new recipes lately?Pin It

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whoohooo it's Friday!! So what's our plans??

I have no plans this weekend. Except for dropping my kid off at a birthday party tomorrow. And maybe going to a party for a gal I know. Still trying to decide if I'm going to go to that. I might just go for a bit. Hopefully I won't have to take my cat to the vet. I've been nursing a wound for him (stupid cat getting into fights dammit) trying not to have to take him back in since I still owe $300 from the last time. It's went from looking good to not so good today. 

Oh and I guess I should work on this. 

The clean laundry snake. At least it's clean right? I love looking at beautiful pictures, of beautiful rooms, but THIS is my reality.

And why is it that I'm starving the minute I sit down at the computer? 

In other news I finished another audio book yesterday. It's kind of nice when I'm doing a really boring project at work that I can do while I also concentrate on an audio book. It's win win!

At a New England boarding school, a sex scandal is about to break. Even more shocking than the sexual acts themselves is the fact that they were caught on videotape. A Pandora's box of revelations, the tape triggers a chorus of voices--those of the men, women, teenagers, and parents involved in the scandal--that details the ways in which lives can be derailed or destroyed in one foolish moment. 

The story goes from one person to another (in the audio book each person is actually read by a different person which seems to be rare on audio books) telling their story of the events that lead up to, during, and after the "sex scandal".

I personally thought that it was a pretty good book. It kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

Now I'm loading another book onto my iPhone so I can listen to it while I put that laundry snake away and make dinner. Which will lead to doing the dishes too. Yeahhh funnnnPin It

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's like WINNING!

photo source
I took Melissa to the dentist today. She hasn't been in a few years. Not since the great discovery of cavity mouth. Yes, 2 out of 3 of my children had horrible baby teeth full of cavities. I'm a horrible mother I'm sure.

Luckily today she only had two and they weren't even bad enough to need Novocaine and I got out of there for under $150! I'm so glad! This having some dental insurance really rocks. AND the icing on the cake? Her teeth are so straight they didn't even say anything about needing an ortho consult. That's like money in the bank, right? (I need it for the other two!)

I made an appointment for Jessica for two weeks. She went to the dentist last year and had her first cavity (hey at least one of my kids had good teeth!). This will be her first time at this new place. The old places was kind of sketchy and they didn't want to do anything there, referring you out for everything.  This places does braces and everything else.  I should have got her braces years ago but I never did, which makes me feel like a bad mom. Is senior year too late to get braces? She has two of her four wisdom teeth broken through too. Hopefully that means they will be cheaper to get them removed.Pin It

Lemonade Stand

Lately there seems to be a lot of lemonade stand stuff popping up around me. I think the first time I noticed it was at Applebee's where they had an actual stand when you first walk in. It was to help raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand which is a childhood cancer fundraiser.

Anyways, seeing all this lemonade stuff just sparked a childhood memory for me. My friend and I decided to do a lemonade stand. I'm not sure exactly how old were were but I'm thinking I was either 2nd or 3rd grade since we moved from that neighborhood the summer after 3rd. I'm not sure where we got the lemonade from, I think my mom might have had it (it was the powered kind). I remember riding my bike around and putting up signs when some guy yelled at me that it was illegal for me to put up a sign on the power pole.

Seriously? Yelling at a little kid for that? Someone was having a bad day.

Eventually we got our stand all set up and I remember a nice couple driving by and they stopped, got out and bought 2 cups. They visited with us a bit and then drove off. I'm pretty sure they were our only customers. I remember feeling disappointed and we ended up drinking all the lemonade we had made ourselves.

I've seen kids with lemonade stands and I've never stopped. How about you?

ETA: check out this DIY Lemonade Stand!Pin It

Better Homes and Gardens Inspiration May and July Issues

Here's a few favorites out of the Better Homes and Gardens Magazines I just finished looking at.
(May and July 2011)

What a cute thing to put with a gift!

I've been collecting any recipes using squash since I have some in my garden. 

Love this kitchen table/storage bench idea

and this window seat bookcase, very cute!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stolen Garbage Can, History Lesson and Bible Reading at Work

Yesterday I learned a lesson. I went to take the trash out and ? where's the trash can? My son told me that a man took it. I called the garbage company and apparently I haven't paid my bill the last few times. I did pay something last week, but apparently that wasn't enough to keep them from taking my can! Slightly embarrassing! So I got that straightened out and my new smaller can (which I'm sure will smell a lot better) and a large recycling can is supposed to be delivered in the next couple days. I had been wanting to change that anyways so I guess that was quite a shove in the right direction.

I finished this months book club book (on an audio book) today. This month's book is Unbroken:A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hilldebrand. I think they should add a few more words in there because that title is just not long enough. Don't get me wrong though, this is a very interesting book. The book follows through Louis Zamperini's life from boyhood prankster and hell raiser to track star, and mostly, his time as a POW in Japan.

Now, I know I've probably said this before, but I'm pretty sure I slept through US history in high school. Back then it was so incredibly boring. Now that I'm an adult I find it fascinating. While I would not have picked this book to read on my own, I'm totally drawn into Louie's story. It seems like in most history of WWII you mostly hear about the Hitler/Germany side. But here's the whole Japan side that I really don't know much about other than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. What these men went through as POW's is beyond horrible. And then when they get home? It's all still going on in their heads. It brings new recognition to why so many Vets become homeless, living and begging on the streets drinking themselves to death. So that's all kind of deep but it's really a good book, you should check it out!

Then this afternoon we had a staff meeting at work. The board member that comes into the office most often in a German Baptist (I think). He actually pulled out his bible in our meeting to quote scripture. I'm not sure what it was that he quoted because I couldn't understand him when he was reading. (it was basically something about if you have a problem with someone how you should go about discussing it). Plus I was so surprised that someone would actually pull out a bible and read from at a WORK meeting. I just spent about an hour just looking up if that was legal. Mostly for curiosity sake. I'm pretty sure it's NOT illegal. Although I did find that it is illegal for someone to make you go to church for work  and about 500 other things. Interesting.

What do you think? Do you think people should be able to read out of the bible at a work meeting? What if he wasn't a Christian and was reading out of some other book, say the Book of Mormon or the Torah?Pin It

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Secret To Being Thin and other ramblings

So this morning I had my first "iced" coffee. Yes, apparently I live under a rock. I got an Iced Carmel Macciato. Can you say "delicious"? Plus it was a little less awkward getting my sausage breakfast sandwich since I also ordered a drink. Usually they are all "what? you don't want a drink? You're at Starbucks?" and I'm all, it's ok I have my cup of coffee my husband made me this morning. BUT we are out of sugar. And coffee with no sugar is just no bueno.

My poor kids are at home today with minimum groceries in the house. There IS cereal and milk though so they won't starve. I guess I should probably go to the grocery store on the way home from work today.

Jessica has a job interview today too! It's for a job at CVS. Her ex-boyfriend's mom is a manager there. She said she spent more time hanging out with his mom than she did with him so hopefully it will go well and she will actually have a job! That would be awesome. I might not have to hand out quite so many $20 bills in the future! Let's all say a little prayer that she gets it. Plus if she has a job she won't be so BORED. Which means I won't have to hear her complain as much. It could be good people!Pin It

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning Scott and I had to get up bright and early (for a Saturday) and get ready to go to my cousin's wedding.  The wedding was to start at 10:30 am, which seems like such a strange time to have a wedding. It was outdoors though and usually it's over 100 this time of year so that part made sense.

I wore a cute dress I got at Ross for $15 (LOVE ROSS), heels I bought for my brother's wedding and this AWESOME necklace I bought at Target. I love it so much I think I could wear it every day :)

The wedding was at the River Mill. I had never been there before. The gardens are GORGEOUS! As is the building itself.  When we got there the bride's side of the seats were all sitting in the direct sun, while the grooms side was in the deep shade. I thought about swapping sides more than once while we were sitting there.

After getting a sunburn on my boob we went inside. They had salad, dinner, and of course cake (with some chocolate dipped strawberries, YUM!)

There was this uninvited guest. He was well behaved though.

 How's this for a cake topper?


My mom's sister, my mom, and me.

My cousin

Scott and I right before we left. My new favorite picture of us.

After the wedding we went home to no kids. We decided to go out to dinner and then to the movies. We went and saw the new Pirates movie. I spent most of the movie trying not to fall asleep. Scott actually had to whack me once when I snored. So embarrassing!Pin It

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Job With The Neighbors

As I was ironing my shirt this morning I started remembering how when I was a kid the neighbor lady paid me to iron her husband's work shirts. To start off she had me iron one and see how long it took me. Then I think we agreed on something ten cents a shirt. Makes it sound like the dark ages, not 1980 something. But at the time it was worth it for me. I'm not sure how old I was. Maybe 6th grade or early junior high school.

What's weird to me now, is that she had a daughter that was only a year or two younger than me. SHE wanted to earn some money ironing shirts too but her mom told her now, this was for me to do.

It makes me wonder if she thought we were REALLY poor or if she was just being nice. I kind of think she thought we were really poor because I also remember one time when we went to see someone and drove up to this big elaborate house with tennis courts that she told me that those people had all been poor and all worked together, even the kids in order to get where they were today.

It's not that we were really poor. We were house poor when I was a kid. My mom chose to stay home and do day care instead of leaving us all with babysitters while she went to work. My parents bought a house in a nice subdivision after my youngest brother was born and I think at the time it was a bit too much. So we hung our clothes on the clothes line, washed dishes by hand instead of using the dish washer, bought groceries out of the yellow and black generic aisle at the grocery store (remember when "generic" first came out?). We had crap cars that were always breaking down.

But we always had food to eat and clothes to wear. I might not have had Guess jeans like a lot of my friends but it was ok. I survived.

The neighbor? The mom was always going to school to try a new profession. A few I remember were being a manicurist, baggies of labeled leaves all over the living room to learn to be a landscaper, and I'm sure there were more. The dad was WAY uptight. I remember him yelling at us for not washing the car right and taking over. (Seriously? It's just going to get dirty again)

I wonder what that neighbor's kids do today. They moved away to  Hawaii when the dad got transferred for his job and I never saw them again. I've looked on Facebook for the girls but couldn't find them on there.Pin It

Monday, July 11, 2011

Panties and Bras

I buy my teenager's bras at Victoria Secret. I buy my own bras on clearance at Ross and Target. Hmmm something is wrong with this picture don't you think? I personally HATE going into VS. Everything is so overpriced, and let's face it, if you're fluffy that stuff ain't gonna look like it does on the mannequins.

Unfortunately for me and my daughter, she was blessed with my mom's enormous boobs. So it's about impossible to find a bra that fits her correctly at Target. And she refused to look at Ross. Her last bra's wire broke on Saturday so Sunday she whined enough to make me want to shut her up and we went to the mall in search of overpriced under wires.

We lucked out and they were having a sale so she got TWO bras for the price of one. Lucky  lucky. While we were there she was whining about wanting some new under ware. I'm sorry, but I refuse to buy my 17 year old under ware from VS. I actually won't even buy myself under ware from there. Their sale was 5 for $20. That's almost 30 pairs of panties from Target!

Yes, I buy my panties in packages of 6. And they cover my ass(ets) just fine thank you very much. Besides, I don't want anyone looking at her fancy panties. Cotton is JUST fine!Pin It

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Country Living Inspiration

I just got done looking at the July-August Issue of Country Living. While I don't like the new extra wide new format of their magazine (what's wrong with the old size?) (why do I care?) there are so many neat things in this issue.

Starting from the beginning, this retro swimsuit

Sadly I don't see it on their website with the others

I love these bunk beds. I think Scott should build them for the kid's rooms

 Some day I want to have a booth in my kitchen instead of a table.


Did you see this chicken coop?

We can't have chickens here but it's pretty cool. 
(although I don't know about the $1600 they spent to build it)

And to end it all, this Peach Almond Galette looks yummy!

Scott loves peaches. I think I'll have to make it for him.

What's your favorite magazine?

(no one paid me to advertise for them, I just love this magazine :))

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Calaveras Big Trees

Tuesday we got all our stuff packed up and finally hit the road for our camping trip to Calaveras Big Trees. We had made our reservations a month or so back on Reserve America.

Our drive was a little longer than it could have been since we first had to go pick up my nephew at his house and then backtrack a ways to get on the right road. On the way to pick up my nephew we stopped and got gas (we took the truck and the car) in both vehicles and then looked for a Bank of America.

When we pulled up in front of my brother's house Scott said that the truck was acting funny. NOT the way to start off a trip. It had me worried the whole drive there and back but on the way home the check engine light actually went off and it started running right. Weird eh?

After we picked up my nephew we still had to find a bank (one more exit farther north) than everyone was already hungry for lunch so we hit a drive thru and THEN we were finally on the road!

We got there without any more problems and just one potty stop.

When we got to the park we were told to go park and then go back to the window to check in. The way their reservations work is that you just reserve an area and then they pick a spot for you. They told me I had signed up for an RV site, which I KNOW I did not since I paid particular attention to what kind of area I was picking (we just have tents). And then they charged us an extra $8 per night for the 2nd vehicle (which on the reserve america site it says is covered). Oh and that had to be cash or check. Thank God we had stopped at the bank on the way there and got cash.

Hmm look what someone took while we were checking in. I didn't even know this was on there until I downloaded the card lol. Oh and these too, I guess they were entertaining themselves while we checked in.

Once we got checked in we went to find our campsite. Four more miles inside the park, to the Oak Grove area. We ended up with campsite 94, which was an RV site, which was fine since we could fit both our vehicles in the spot. After spending the weekend there I think that we had one of the best tent spots in that area. I should have taken a picture of the site but I forgot! 

We set up three tents, one for the girls, one for the boys, and one for Scott and I. That was our first time having a tent to ourselves since 1992. It was kind of weird! I thought for sure the boys would end up with us, but no, they are getting big and made it all night by themselves. Well, not entirely by ourselves. Rusty slept IN my sleeping bag with me. Crazy dog lol. He's such a mama's boy!

Right after we got there I rode around the camp area with the boys so I could show them where to go (and not to go when we went to far). OMG our site? At the TOP of the hill. Fun going down, not so fun going back up. I seriously almost threw up on the way up. Scott heard me. 

Must get into shape STAT!

He went around ONE TIME also and said that he wasn't doing it again so I wasn't just being a wimp! The boys on the other hand went around and around and around. Trevor only went through about ten band aids and only had someone walk his bike back once. Poor kid, takes after me, always hurting himself.

There was a creek across the way and between the bikes and the creek the boys were busy almost the whole time we were there. My nephew LOVED the creek. I'm not sure if that contributed to his 1000 mosquito bites, including one on his lip and right next to his eye. We went through an ENTIRE bottle of bug spray and had to go buy more on Thursday night. (FYI don't buy Sportsman bug spray, that stuff sucks)

The kids made smores every night. I'm pretty much convinced my son is going to be a pyro and must hide all fire making methods ASAP. Scott spent half the night telling him to get out of the fire. Every night.

We never actually went on any of the trails to see the "Big Trees" because you can't take dogs on them. I guess we'll have to go back for a day trip sometime and do that. You also can't take the dog down by the river. Which makes no sense to me.

Which maybe explains why my dog was down by the river. We took a path that didn't have the anti dog sign. What? It didn't say you couldn't have dogs OVER HERE.

And he only pooped at the top, where dogs are allowed. So there. (and I did pick it up and bag it)

The river was CRAZY fast. CRAZY. I told the kids don't go in past your knees.

Of course. always one to listen..

She said surely she'd get stuck on the trees down river before it swept her away. Melissa found some nice big boulders to sit on to contemplate the world.

 I really can't believe how big and grown up she is now. It makes me really sad  to see her not be my baby anymore. Which is silly. But :sniff: it does.

My nephew was more than happy to smile for me over and over...

At least Rusty can smile :)

The kids and Scott attempted to fish a bit. Of course everything kept getting snagged on the trees and grass and eventually this smile turned into crying when he lost his dad's lure and got yelled at for "not listening". That was one of the only tear times so I guess he'll get over it with minimal therapy.

The trip to the river and two trips to town for some supplies was the only time we actually left the campsite. The boys did spend a little bit of time playing with Trevor's DS the last full day we were there but it wasn't for long. It was a really unplugged few days. Jessica was about in tears when we went to town and there still wasn't any service. She survived and so did I!

 We spent most of our time playing cards when we Scott wasn't cooking. I think all we did was eat for most of the time we were there. Oh look, it's time for lunch...

Jess taught me how to play a new game called Egyptian war. Confusing at first but a ton of fun and she only cried once when I smashed her finger. 

Good times, good times.

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