Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's like WINNING!

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I took Melissa to the dentist today. She hasn't been in a few years. Not since the great discovery of cavity mouth. Yes, 2 out of 3 of my children had horrible baby teeth full of cavities. I'm a horrible mother I'm sure.

Luckily today she only had two and they weren't even bad enough to need Novocaine and I got out of there for under $150! I'm so glad! This having some dental insurance really rocks. AND the icing on the cake? Her teeth are so straight they didn't even say anything about needing an ortho consult. That's like money in the bank, right? (I need it for the other two!)

I made an appointment for Jessica for two weeks. She went to the dentist last year and had her first cavity (hey at least one of my kids had good teeth!). This will be her first time at this new place. The old places was kind of sketchy and they didn't want to do anything there, referring you out for everything.  This places does braces and everything else.  I should have got her braces years ago but I never did, which makes me feel like a bad mom. Is senior year too late to get braces? She has two of her four wisdom teeth broken through too. Hopefully that means they will be cheaper to get them removed.Pin It


Anonymous said...

it's not too late. Sometimes it's harder though if she has a small mouth b/c they can't do the expander thing after 15 (or they shouldn't...). Get her wisdom teeth pulled first though, it's easier w/o braces. $5600 is what we paid (are paying..) for Kyle's. ugh. Ashley will need them too. No ortho insurance here!

Julie H said...

We have a $500 insurance cap PER YEAR per person.

Stacy said...

Dental insurance...ooooh, can I be jealous? We could pay extra for it on our insurance but all it covers is cleanings and x-rays. What would be the point. I covet vision care insurance, too.

Chris H said...

It's never too late for orthodontic work.. I've seen women in their 50's in braces here!
In New Zealand kids get free dental care until they are 18.. EXCEPT for orthodontic work.

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