Sunday, July 10, 2011

Country Living Inspiration

I just got done looking at the July-August Issue of Country Living. While I don't like the new extra wide new format of their magazine (what's wrong with the old size?) (why do I care?) there are so many neat things in this issue.

Starting from the beginning, this retro swimsuit

Sadly I don't see it on their website with the others

I love these bunk beds. I think Scott should build them for the kid's rooms

 Some day I want to have a booth in my kitchen instead of a table.


Did you see this chicken coop?

We can't have chickens here but it's pretty cool. 
(although I don't know about the $1600 they spent to build it)

And to end it all, this Peach Almond Galette looks yummy!

Scott loves peaches. I think I'll have to make it for him.

What's your favorite magazine?

(no one paid me to advertise for them, I just love this magazine :))

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Melissa G. said...

I love "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Real Simple" equally. Do you read either of those magazines? Real Simple is an expensive subscription, so I only order it when I see it through kids' fundraisers or when they break down and give me the best deal!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay I want that swimsuit!

Honestly, I don't read many magazines these days. I'm more a book girl.

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