Saturday, July 2, 2011

Productive Saturday!!

Can I just tell you how nice it is to know that I have alllll the rest of the week off of work? I feel so light and carefree!

I started my morning today by getting up before anyone else because the dog had to go pee. Like right now. No, he can't wait 5 more minutes. NOW NOW NOW.

So I took him out and cleaned up the kitchen counter and made some coffee. Then I continued doing some of what I was doing last night. Playing with Pinterest. You can see all my "pins" there. I went through all my starred items in google reader and put them on there. Now I can actually see all that fun stuff I was saving that I wanted to do or see later. It's really fun and kind of addicting once you start playing with it.

I also got the laundry started. As of right now all the clothes are clean! (except whatever is in Jessica's room, I'm not going in there). I've been working on putting them away a bit here and there. Putting laundry away is pretty boring.

AND today I finally took Rusty in to get his shots. There was a shot clinic at the vet I go to so I took him there. He did way better than I thought he was going to do around the other dogs. He didn't try to eat anyone. At one point I finally got to sit down and he jumped on my lap and everyone laughed. Yes, my med-large dog thinks he's a lap dog.

I then attempted to go and get his license BUT they wouldn't give me one since we live in the county and have to go to the county office. There wasn't enough time for that so I'll have to do that later.

That's about my exciting day so far today. It's over 100 here so not spending too much time outside. Scott started trying to unbury all the camping stuff. He said the boxes are pretty empty. I was kind of afraid of that since we haven't went camping in awhile and things have gotten taken out of them and not put back in.

Happy Saturday Everyone!Pin It

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend lady!

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