Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Julie's World Tuesday Edition

Just got back from going over to my mother in law's house for her physical therapy with the new person. The new person is a young girl who is much more patient. Much better! MIL was all for it today. Like 360 from last week when she was like eh not doing it.

After leaving there I went by the post office (dropped mail in the boxes, love that you don't have to get out of the car) and then dropped off masks to a couple houses. Went through the drive thru at Jack In The Box and then ate most of my burger in about 1/2 the time it took to do that. Man that line took forever.

While I was driving through town I kept thinking of all of the businesses that are probably going to go under  because they are closed. All the poor people that have put everything into their business and what are they using for money? Hopefully they had some savings. I feel so sad for them.

The weather is so weird here today. A couple days ago it was 90 something and we had the AC on and today it's cold enough for a sweatshirt, windy and overcast.

My new neighbor is outside (I'm assuming she's outside) in her back yard singing loudly in her shouty voice. Apparently she's on a lot of medications but she just seems like a crack head. Every time she is outside she's yelling to her dogs. I'm like maybe just leave your dogs in the house or fence in your front yard? IDK she drives me crazy. I'm hoping they decide they hate it here and move soon. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Ok back to work. The work computer finally got all the stuff loaded so it will function properly. I think I'll just take some leave for my hours missed today, I don't feel like working later.Pin It

Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Again!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice mothers day. Didn't really do anything here but Scott waited on me and made me breakfast and dinner. I'll finish up the dishes in a bit ;)

Jess came by and brought me some snacky snacks! You can see I opened one and not pictured the Almond Joy I ate.

Trevor &Scott got me cards and Melissa sent me a text since she was off visiting her boyfriends sister in Nevada.

I've been really busy between teleworking, running to town for my mother in laws physical therapy/nurse appointments and making masks. My mother in law has decided that the physical therapist is torturing her so I called today to ask for a different person. Pure torture moving your feet and legs up and down but whatever lol. She's got to have something to bitch about.

I've been having quite a few Etsy sales still and I finally figured out it is from their new advertising. It was free for a bit but now if something sells with their new ads they take money out for it. So far I've increased all my items by $1.00 but I think I'm going to bump them up one more. It's nice to sell stuff but not if I'm only going to end up with $1 profit in the end (not totally the case, but some stuff could be if the price is low enough)

Last night I made my 327th mask. Crazy. I've only worn mine a couple time and I hate it lol. Mine is the very first one I made though and I think the elastic is smaller. I need to put longer elastic in it.  I have a huge order for my friend Carol (again) who works at a dialysis clinic and then 2 small orders and that is every one on my list. I'm kind of hoping that it stops there and I can just make up what I have cut out and put them on Etsy. Probably won't happen and I know I can "just say no" but eh what else am I going to do. Although I really need to work on my yard..

Last Monday I went with Jess and Daniel to see the baby's gender.

It was so fun to see him moving around! Hard to believe we'll have a little baby here for all the winter holidays! Everything is more fun when you have a little one around.

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