Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Cookies!

The weekend before Christmas it was time to make cookies!

Of course Scott decided to make the morning more exciting by having heart palpitations. We made a trip to the hospital but of course as soon as they hooked him up to the EKG machine it stopped. Everything came out ok so they sent us home! So if you ever want to get to the back in the ER real quick just tell them you are having heart palpitations and they take you right back.

When we got home I put on Facebook that it was cookie time! Next thing I knew my friend Traci came over with my Christmas present so I could have it while we made cookies. She hung out and had a glass of Holiday Mint Eggnog that I picked up at Cost Plus, love that store at Christmas time. Snookie decided her lap worked just fine.

Melissa and her cupcake apron

My present from Traci! She makes great aprons! I look like shit because it was a fun day (see the first picture) already lol.

Trevor later tried on the "reverse" side of my apron, how cool is that?

Later I found this on the gift bag, I had missed it earlier, made from a wine cork, so cute!

We made Mrs. Field's cookies, Peanut Butter- need to double next year hardly made any, Regular Chocolate Chip, Spritz, and Sugar cookies. Later in the week I made Snicker-doodles, Oatmeal and craisins, and flour less Peanut Butter for my gluten free friend.

I've pretty much ate cookies every day. Getting them out of my system before the 1st rolls around haha.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We (or I should say "I" since my family wouldn't go with me) went caroling two Saturdays in a row! We met at the clubhouse parking lot and then went out around the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun, both times, although it could have used a tiny bit more organization. But of course, that is how things get MORE organized for next year (and I need to keep my mouth shut so I don't end up being in charge haha)

Next year I need some lights! We sat on a picnic table on a trailer. This is Traci and Me

Sheila! Sheila is a HOOT, so much fun! She does a lot of volunteering at a local VFW hall

This is from the 2nd time we went out. 

Mike (who just had a heart attack about a month before but is doing really well), Carol M, Me, Paula and Annie who is Mike's wife.

Tom, Me, Traci and Annie


We stopped at the church after caroling and got treated to cookies, hot chocolate and cider!

We MAY have walked back to the bar after caroling (both times haha)

Good times!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bev's Party

My neighbor friend Bev has a really nice party every year for the neighborhood women. You bring a nice gift for the white elephant exchange and she does the rest!


Carol T.

Sheryl, Ginny, Me and Bev


Barbara, Trish and Carol K.

Jackie & Connie (and the awesome little bar)

Phyllis & Mary James

Bev & Ginny in deep convo

Sheryl & Traci

Teresa & Heidi

Me with my "holiday weight"

Traci & Me

So funny story, Traci brought Carol T, who was ready to go after awhile. I started to leave too and Bev was like don't go! Come back lol. So we took Carol home and then came back to the party.

This is what happens after a few drinks apparently

Bunch of goof balls!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

December Fur Babies

I'm working on catching up my picture files so I'll be posting here for all the stuff I've missed while I've been being lazy doing life haha.

From the fur babies file for December :)

The dogs are loving my 10,000 steps challenges. I end up going out at night mostly to get in whatever I didn't get for the day. Usually I just take them around the block and then take them home though because they are kind of annoying to walk haha

This is what I get when the food bowl is empty

This is how I watch TV in the recliner

This is how I watch TV on the couch

Scott found the dogs like this when he came home for lunch

And when I went to go to bed last night

Lucy helping me wrap presents

Jessica's dog had puppies!  She had four and then stalled so they had to take her into the vet. She had an emergency c-section. They lost one but the other two made it for six total healthy pups.

The two at the vet

I love getting the daily puppy pics :)


Snookie doesn't like the idea of being a reindeer

So funny how I find them

I had some carrots I was eating and he started to take off with one

Trevor put Snookie up there and they stayed like that

Ahh fur babies, love them :)

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