Thursday, December 10, 2015

2 AM

Everything happens at our house at 2 am. The funny thing is that I am the only one that seems to be able to hear all this stuff going on at 2 am.

Today's 2 am fun was Buster. Buster, my big fluffy white cat is an asshole. When Buster decides he wants me to get up he gets onto my dresser and starts causing problems. This morning he was jumping on a partially full water bottle that was laying on its side (with the lid on of course). That of course made this horrible crunching noise. I eventually took the water bottle and set it on the floor. Then he moved onto throwing a couple folded shirts I had on the dresser onto the floor.

I kept trying to ignore him. I knew the reason he's acting up is because his food trough is empty. I also knew that I didn't have anything to fill his food trough with and that he was just going to continue being an asshole because of course he doesn't understand that.

Now he's on the bed. He's purring, but I know he's just doing it to be an asshole. He does this thing where he goes up to my headboard and rubs his tooth on the iron rail. Now that's a pretty sound. Oh I was still doing an okay job of ignoring him so he decided to bite my finger. I hid my finger under the pillow and he gave up.

Back to the dresser. Oh what can Buster throw on the floor now?

Finally I had enough and picked him up and threw him out the bedroom door into the living room and shut the door. I thought for sure he'd be throwing a fit on the other side and trying to break the door down. Surprisingly he didn't. I heard a few soft "I'm sorry" meows around 5 when I had to get up. Yeah, yeah, SURE you're sorry.

I didn't have any tuna so I gave him and Lucy some milk to try to shut him up.  Sweet Lucy who just looks at me with her big yellow eyes, like "how can you make me go hungry", That worked for about 2 minutes.

I'm kind of glad I was leaving. Sheesh can they make you feel guilty or what? Guess I'll be running to the store on the way home from work so I can fill that trough up.Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

YA poor cats! No food!!! lol
I would have thrown the cat out of the bedroom a darn sight faster than you did... FOR SURE!
I'm sooooo not a cat person.

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