Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Town

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've been on here. I have a lot of catching up to do AGAIN. For now though I'm just going to do a little bit of random, because really that's all my brain has room for right now.

I've been working full time now which makes it difficult to do anything besides go to work, help Trevor with his homework, make dinner, maybe go to the gym and go to bed. Although I do seem to be getting a bit more Netflix in than the gym lately, which probably is a good contributor to the 30 pounds that I've gained. Ugh. Life.  Yesterday Scott got back on the losing weight band wagon and I'm over here going,  "But wait! it's not the 1st of the year yet! There is still cookies and burritos to eat!"

I did good yesterday including a trip to the gym and getting my 10000 steps in on my Fitbit (nearly impossible if you don't do something besides your desk job). Today eh, not so much. Cookies! And now I may be sipping on some orange juice and vodka because I was helping my son with his homework for HOURS. I maybe forgot to put the foil on the casserole thing in the oven and the rice is still a bit crunchy.

Scott is running late coming home (hey that's great for dinner cooking longer!) because he had to wait for someone to get their shit together at work. He's picking up Melissa who stayed after school for Home Ec Club (how awesome is Home Ec Club? Can I join?) an hour and a half late or so because it's in town and I can't get there when I'm working. He's also picking up a cake because today is his Dad's 87th birthday! We are going over there after dinner (he told them 7 so we might be a tad bit late since it's 6 and he's not home and the rice is still crunchy) to celebrate.

I haven't been over to his parents house since I think May. His parents were both sick with various (scary contagious) things and then we were sick all summer and even now someone is still hacking up a lung. Not sure if she's going with us tonight or not. We'll see how she is doing when she gets home. I feel like the most horrible daughter in-law in the world. But in my defense no one has called me either. I guess I shouldn't really expect 80 year old in-laws to call me though. Anyhow, I can finally get over my guilt and visit for a bit tonight.

I'm really hoping that they don't spend a lot of time talking politics. My father in law basically watches CNN and Fox news all day and night. I might need to take some orange juice with me.

Oh yeah, now the boy is practicing his trombone. I don't know why my eye twitches so much.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh I needed this today!! You made me laugh with that eye twitch!

I have been on hold now for 45 minutes. I tried earlier and waited 20. So I thought I'd read blogs as I sit and wait for a human!!

Your picture of the vodka cracked me up. I may steal it.
I need a drip in my arm right now of liquor or drugs at this point. :-)
I too have gained weight. I swear I gain and lose the same damn 20-25lbs.
Dieting and no drinking. Sucks!

Chris H said...

My mother and her partner watch the news channels all night long... and moan and groan about the state of the world like ... what can they do about it? Moan and groan! And if I'm not 'aware' of what's going on 'in the world' I'm ignorant! Pffff. I have better things to do than worry about things I cannnot change.
Weight... comes and goes and always will! I have gained again... and no doubt I will lose again. Too many cookies for sure! lol

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