Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

A little late, but I hope you all had a nice one!

We went to Scott's parents on Christmas Eve. It was nice seeing them since I had not seen his mom in months. She was super sick in June? I think it was and then I was sick all summer so I didn't want  to go over there and make them sick. We went over there for Scott's dad's birthday (pictures to come) but she wasn't feeling well and was sleeping the whole time. Sadly I didn't take any pictures on Christmas Eve but it was a nice visit.

Christmas morning we got up and did Christmas with Melissa and Trevor. Jessica works at Target so it's hard for her to take time off to come home for the Holidays. Maybe next year!

The dogs are so funny opening their presents!

 Snookie made short work of the stuffed bone!

Trevor's turn! Funny story, the kids started saying they got "Amazon" when they unwrapped their gifts. Amazon is my new favorite Christmas store. I've requested Amazon wish lists from my nephew and Trevor for next year, it makes it so much easier to shop!

Trevor got a laptop so he'll stop hogging my computer and stop moving around the broken one we have. He dragged the monitor we have for it all around the house, rather annoying! 

Melissa got a messenger bag she wanted along with some other things off her Amazon wish list. She got a laptop last year ;)

Scott and I didn't buy each other gifts this year. We decided it would be more fun to just plan a night away. We are still deciding when and where though!

After we all got moving we went to my Mom's. 

Look how big the twins are now, they looked so cute

My mom's tree

Stockings for everyone

Santa's helpers

We open presents youngest to oldest so everyone gets to see what everyone got. Lucky Vincent is the youngest!


Tinkerbell was being cute hanging out with the kids. She will not come to me or sit with me. Little stinker.

Ava's turn, she wouldn't smile..

Adrian with her lose front teeth coming in and out




Melissa's fan club

Joe & Maegen

Michele and Louie

Me with no picture on my phone but my mom took one lol


Mom and Stinkerbell

Uncle Bobby


and Finally Charly! He fell asleep waiting for his turn (just kidding this is before we even got started but I forgot to take his picture when we were doing presents haha)

Tinkerbell looking cute

We do a white elephant gift exchange with my brothers and their girls

I got a Veggetti Pro! I have the little one but it kind of sucks, we'll see how this one works

The guys played pool all day. I took a nap on the couch and watched movies.

My brother Joe always comes up with some kind of game to play lol

My mom took some pictures of us all at the table for dinner but I didn't get any. We had prime rib, lasagna that I made in the morning, sausage and meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy and something green to round it out, although it had cheese on it so I don't think it counts as being healthy haha.

Maegen washed all the dishes and I dried them and then we hung out until there was a space for dessert. All day didn't seem like so long this year, everyone was enjoying themselves. 
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