Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Cookies!

The weekend before Christmas it was time to make cookies!

Of course Scott decided to make the morning more exciting by having heart palpitations. We made a trip to the hospital but of course as soon as they hooked him up to the EKG machine it stopped. Everything came out ok so they sent us home! So if you ever want to get to the back in the ER real quick just tell them you are having heart palpitations and they take you right back.

When we got home I put on Facebook that it was cookie time! Next thing I knew my friend Traci came over with my Christmas present so I could have it while we made cookies. She hung out and had a glass of Holiday Mint Eggnog that I picked up at Cost Plus, love that store at Christmas time. Snookie decided her lap worked just fine.

Melissa and her cupcake apron

My present from Traci! She makes great aprons! I look like shit because it was a fun day (see the first picture) already lol.

Trevor later tried on the "reverse" side of my apron, how cool is that?

Later I found this on the gift bag, I had missed it earlier, made from a wine cork, so cute!

We made Mrs. Field's cookies, Peanut Butter- need to double next year hardly made any, Regular Chocolate Chip, Spritz, and Sugar cookies. Later in the week I made Snicker-doodles, Oatmeal and craisins, and flour less Peanut Butter for my gluten free friend.

I've pretty much ate cookies every day. Getting them out of my system before the 1st rolls around haha.

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