Thursday, September 24, 2020

Power Less

Here is the fancy breakfast Trevor made us yesterday. It was very good! No fancy breakfast today because they are supposed to turn off the power in 1 minute. We'll see if it will actually go out or not.

I'm hoping not since I said I'd go into work if the power went out since I can't do any work without the internet. Not that I have any work to do with the internet at home right now.

Yesterday I finished off these masks. I sold all the camo but one of the gray ones I think plus have to make up the rest of the green ones that people have now ordered.

The rest of the evening I worked on my pink scraps. I looked through my box and I have a bag of brown, green, small bag of dark blue and a bag of white left.

Rusty was really clingy for a couple mornings, TG this morning he isn't acting up. He's acting like there is a thunder storm or something. But there is nothing. Kind of hard to work with this big beast in the way lol.

I called the septic guy and he said they will do it on Friday. We'll see if it actually happens. He said it will take a couple days so I'm assuming that is taking it into next week since it will have to be checked by the county for the permit sign off. SOME DAY it will be done.

Ok getting off here in case the power goes off mid type. Have a good day!


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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

More Waiting

What's happening today? NOTHING! Which is nice! Still waiting to hear from the septic guy about what day they are going to show up. Tomorrow PG&E is supposed to turn off our power from 9-2. I was going to just go into work once the power goes off but I will not go if they are going to be doing the septic. Hopefully the guy responds soon. What is it with contractors and their lack of communication?

Here is my fancy egg scramble Trevor made us for breakfast yesterday. It was a tad bit salty but A for effort ;)  He's making us breakfast right now too. My little chef. Tomorrow evening we are going to do a Zoom meeting with the trade school he wants to go to in WYOMING. The boy has never even been to the snow. I keep telling him it is horrible but he doesn't seem to think it will be haha. Part of me is just like ooo if he moves out I can put my STUFF in one room and sew/work in the other.  I think I'd put a twin bed up though for a guest room. Maybe. Might not want to encourage that too much haha. Life will be so weird without any kids here. Is it even possible? 

Finished up my blue scrap pieces, just putting them in a bag to add to later. I know I have a pink, green and white bag to go! 

After I finished those up I started some more masks. I'm almost completely out of masks on hand. It is dumb to stop making them since they make me money but I am tired of making them so I just do some and then do something else and then come back to them. I got some camo fabric so I'm sure those will sell fast. I made up 4 of both colors. Just have to add the elastic. All the guy masks just fly out the door.

Well that's all I have for today! Nothing really to do for work so guess I'll just wait for some emails and finish those up ;)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

More Days In Waiting

 Wohhoo it's a new day. Yawwnnnn

Trevor made me walk 5 miles with him last night so my body is still a bit tired lol. 

I guess the septic guy isn't coming today but some day "this week". It will probably be Thursday when PG&E cuts off our power all day to do something. We won't even have any water if they cut the whole club since we are on a well. I was maybe going to just go into work but if they are working on the septic I'll stay home..

Yesterday afternoon Jess went for another ultra sound (she gets extra visits since she has Factor V Leiden like her dad). Look at how squishy the baby is lol I can't wait to actually see his eyes open

While she was there his heart rate kept going from 165-185 so they told her to go to labor and delivery at the hospital. Once she go there it was fine so they think it was just something she ate/anxiety or dehydration or all.  Guess he gets to bake for awhile longer :)

I decided to make some crumb blocks with the rest of the blue scraps I have. I just now remembered I think I have another bag of darker blue scraps. I should pull those out to mix together.

I think I'm going to wait to finish off the black one I was working on until I make some more squares so that it will be bigger.  

Scott accidentally Facetimed me while he was in the grocery store. That is me up in the corner laughing my ass off because he is wearing my pink heart mask that was in the car.

I have 0 things to do for work at home today so far. It is the weird time period when the fiscal year is ALMOST over (9/30). Then we get to start all over with a lot of letters. 

Trevor made something that smells fantastic for breakfast! I hope you all have a great day :)
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Monday, September 21, 2020

Big Desserts

Sunday I was just going to clean up the rest of the party stuff and kick it but my friend Cassi said she was getting released from the hospital so I did party clean up AND went and picked her up woohoo

She seemed to be almost back to normal just a tad bit off but she had almost died so that's ok. I'm like omg I'm glad you didn't die. The whole time she was out I was so missing sending her funny stuff to look at and chatting with her.

While she was in the hospital the last day she said she kept seeing all the local food commercials and really wanted to go to this place called Pop Churros lmoa. First thing she wants to do when she gets out! So we found it and check this out

Didn't quite finish it all lol

I got all the stuff cleaned up from the party, anyone want a cupcake? I had two for breakfast. Not getting thinner anytime soon I think.

Someone ordered some masks so I got those almost done along with a few more Halloween to offer up. I was going to work on stuff for a craft show on Sunday but I just asked to cancel my spot since it is supposed to be 100 degrees again. I just can't handle the heat outside like that. Luckily she over booked so I was able to cancel without repercussion.

Just need to add some elastic to these and they are done.

This cat cracks me up, look how she wedged herself into the space between the window and the desk. She fell asleep right after I took this and was there for awhile. 

I am caught up with the work I missed from taking two days off last week. That didn't take long. I THINK tomorrow they are going to start working on my septic. I messaged the guy but so far he hasn't answered. They came out and measured off my 1/2 lot this morning so that all got approved! I have a nice big lot now. Too bad I can't put some sheds in that area. I CAN put a fence there so we need to figure that out for next (along with finishing up the living room).
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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Jessica's Baby Shower

 Well our drive by baby shower ended up not having so many people actually drivingggg byyy.  

Here are a couple pics, me and my buddies Dee and Carolyn. The "Mom's". All our oldest are the same age and I met them when they were 5 in Daisy Girl Scouts :)

I like this candid shot, the grandbaby is getting big! One more month!

Me, my girl and my mom

There are more pictures that people took but I don't have a lot. I'll have to steal them from everyone.

Oh and now I can show you my secret project!

Here is the baby gift I made. Jess loved one of these Pooh fabrics and used it for her baby announcement. She would keep saying I just love this fabric but I don't know what I would do with it.  I like to watch this gal on You Tube, mostly because she says the F word a lot when she sews. She cracks me up and reminds me of a gal I used to work with who was also from Maine. Do all women from Maine talk like sailors? Anyhow, she made this Disappearing Nine Patch quilt and I was like oh that looks so easy! 

So I pulled out all the Winnie The Pooh fabrics I had and then the center blues and made up the top in a day. 

My neighbor has a friend with a long arm quilting machine so I had her quilt it on there. 

and then I spent HOURS putting on the binding. That's the hardest part of the whole thing.

But I really love it and I think it turned out cute and she loved it too :)

Also quick update for my friend Cassi! I ran to Costco this morning to get some pizzas and she sent me a text while I was there. I was like OMG you're alive!! She called me a bit later. She thought they were going to send her home today at that point but this evening she said maybe tomorrow. They think she might have a small infection. I was a bit worried they were going to send her home so quickly after being sedated for 2 days. I'm glad she is there for one more night. Hopefully she'll be all clear tomorrow and I take her mom and we can pick her up.
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Cat Diary Chronicles 12/17/93

Cat Diary Chronicles

What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. 


Will I ever see you again? Its been a month since you last purchased food but it seems like an eternity. I guess I have my answer to whether you're interested. NOT. but still I fantasize about you-I have so many questions that will never be asked.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Shower Eve

 Oh my gosh I'm so exhausted.

Last news on my friend Cassi from last night is that she still has the tube, still sedated and in stable condition. Stable. That's a good word.

I'm going to have to try and put that in the back pocket of my brain today. Tomorrow is Jessica's "drive by" baby shower and I need to keep my shit together.

Also today is Aunt Flo kill you day yeahhhh thank's nature.

So while I drink my coffee and watch my cat knock some more shit over I'm going to put my mental list for today down here.

First of all, if there is some kind of natural disaster requiring rain let me just plan some kind of outdoor event. It was fucking raining on the Altamont this morning (hills just west of us). That mo-fo shit better just keep on moving so we have a nice day tomorrow. 

Although do you see this? It's the mother effing sky and the SUN!! We haven't seen that in forever.

Also if you look at the base of those trees you can see all the brush my neighbor has dumped. haha

ok plans for today

  1. shower
  2. wash dishes that everyone else made
  3. go outside and clean up the tools and piles of brush and tree trimmings (might drag over to field tree, JUST KIDDING, I have my own tree in the back haha
  4. either go get more ink for my printer or have a child go get it
  5. at some point Melissa and Daniel's sisters are going to come over to make cupcakes and put favors together.
  6. start drinking (I really don't drink that much, I've had like 3 drinks in September, mostly Smirnoff Ice which is like fancy punch)
  7. have nachos for dinner
  8. clean more shit
  9. Pass out from exhaustion
Listening to Trevor's online schooling. It's auto shop at the moment. Mostly it's the teacher telling kids that he's more tired than them and they need to get their shit together. I'm always amazed at what some of these teachers say. I know it's high school but why do you have to belittle kids in front of their peers. Save that for a side conversation after class.

Ok off to procrastinate a bit more and read a couple blogs. Hoping Chris over at Diet Coke Rocks got a decent dinner in her quarantine hotel. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Simple Surgery Gone Bad

 Guys I'm so upset I just want to throw up. 

I took my friend this morning for her outpatient surgery on her shoulder in Fremont, which is like 1 1/2 hours away without traffic. We left at 5:15 this morning and got there around 6:30.  She went in at 7 and then I went to go find something to eat for breakfast. I got a call just a bit later to get the equipment she'd need for afterwards (ice therapy thing). I got all that loaded in the car and then just hung close by for when she was done.  Around 9 she sent me a message that they had just got the IV in so it would probably be around noon before she was ready to go home. Ok fine I had been venturing out a bit in the area and stuff was finally opening. I hit a few thrift stores and then called around noon to find out how much longer. They said she had just got out of surgery and was in recovery and it would be an hour or two before she was ready to go home. Ok cool I have a time so I can venture out a bit farther puttering around.

About an hour later I got a call from the doctor and he says she was having some breathing issues, maybe related to her asthma. They had to intubate her and were sending her in an ambulance to the hospital so they could take the tube out there and watch her. They said call the hospital in an hour to see if she'd be able to go home or if they were going to keep her over night. Then a little bit later they called and said they forgot to send her personal items with her so I should come pick those up. 

So I go pick up her stuff and by that time it's an hour later so I call the hospital. I finally get to a nurse and she's like oh no she's not going home tonight it might be a couple days. I'm like oh well I have her stuff can I get it to her. For sure she'd want her phone in the hospital. She says I can take it to ER entrance and ask for her and someone will come get her so she can come out and get it. I go there and she never comes out and some guy is checking in at the door that he has Covid sympthoms. Great, standing 6' now 7 away from him. A nurse had come out with a patient to load in a car and on her way back in I asked if she knew the nurse and could take the bag to her and she said yes and did. I hope the bag actually made it to her since it had her phone and wallet. Hind sight, probably should have just held on to them.

So then I'm thinking fuck I've got to tell her mom and her kids and I have none of their numbers. her mom just lives down the street from me (she lives with her mom) so of course I can go over to the house but it's going to take me 2 hours to get home. I went through her FB friends and sent all 3 of her girls friend requests. One of them accepted after about 1/2 an hour so I messaged her to call me ASAP. She did so I could tell her what was going on. She gave it over to the oldest who then took over. The oldest lives in San Diego like 8 hours away and the other 2 live in Oregon. 

Got home and went straight over to her mom's who was coming out with her purse and keys. I was like you might as well just stay here they are not going to let you in the hospital. Poor thing. I left the giant ice unit thing there with her too.

The oldest girl said that they said she had flash pulmonary edema. Which is where her lungs filled with liquid. So they had to put a tube down her throat so she can breathe. All her vitals were high and they put her on medication to drain the fluid but she has to stay sedated or she won['t be able to breathe. They transferred her to the ICU.

Then later they were trying to get up;dates and they wanted them to give some code to prove they were family. Uh no one was handing out any codes sheesh. I guess they finally got the code. I just got an update that she  still has the tube in, and is on medicine to make the liquid in her lungs go away. But she is stable,  and they will get another update in the morning. 

So now just wait for the next update. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Front Yard Clean Up and Black Quilt Squares

Well that didn't take long, Tina checking out the new cat bed

After work yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought some gloves, clippers, some rock, a couple flowers and Trevor got a huge hack saw looking thing to trim the dead branches off the tree. It worked surprisingly well. I'm so glad I bought some good work gloves. I was able to trim up the rose bush and they worked great for pulling bermuda grass. I still need to clean up the stuff I pulled out and cut because it got too dark to finish last night. I'll be going back out there after work.

I don't even like beer but this sure was good after working in the yard.

Last night I tried laying out the red squares I made with the black but I didn't have enough for it to make a good pattern and I didn't really like it. I decided I like the all black better. Lucy agrees.

Here they are all sewn together. I am thinking of maybe using the reds as a border but maybe cut into strips or something. Something to play with.

I woke up over an hour after I was supposed to start work today. I'm not sure how that happened since I have a set alarm time on my phone and usually hit snooze 12 times before I get up. It must have went off and I somehow turned it off in my sleep? So weird. At least I didn't have to go into the office. Tomorrow I am going in and then I'm taking Thursday and Friday off. Thursday I'm taking my friend for her outpatient surgery in the bay area and then working on shower stuff Friday.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Almost Cocktail Time

Well it took me until 2:30 to get caught up on work today. Woohoo

So this weekend was mildly productive.  We are having Jessica's drive by baby shower next Saturday and she's like someone might want to use the bathroom.. and I'm like uh ok...

So we are going to just be in clean up mode for the living room remodel for now. Still need to texture. Scott spent like 5 hours fixing the cords for the TV. I'm pretty sure we got in a fight about it at one point but I'm not quite sure what we fought about exactly haha.

I took off the rest of the wallpaper border on the long wall in the kitchen. Just one short wall and a couple spots between the cabinets to go. Then I went to the Livermore Outlets with my friend to return some shoes. That was a nice break. I went into the Carter's store and bought a bunch of baby clothes for super cheap. So much fun. We got Coldstone on the way home. I don't really care for that place all that much and I remember why now. It was so sweet and then I was like in a sugar coma for the rest of the evening. Totally worthless just laying around. 

Sunday I worked on the yard a bit. Finally got most of the grass out of the bricks and Scott got the one part leveled back out again so people won't kill themselves on it. I need to go back out and attack the bit of bermuda grass that is left in them that is sticking up. I hate using Round Up but I think I might hit it with some after the party. Daniel was supposed to come over and work on the yard today but I haven't seen him yet. I'm going to go to Home Depot after work and get a few things. I need some clippers since mine disappear every year and some gloves so I can trim my little rose bush back. Everything has that damn grass wrapped around it. I need to spend at least an hour a day out there. I miss working in the yard too, I don't know why I stopped before. Just got busy I guess. 

This morning the Septic Guy came over and decided I need even MORE of the lot next to me. The guy from the building committee was here and he said he'll just put in for it at the board meeting on Saturday for me and I won't have to do anything. They are going to start it next week. Anyone want to give me EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS?  At this point I'd just hand over my left boob to get done with this. 

Late last night I decided to do some anti stress sewing since I have like 5000 other things I should be doing. I made up the red and yellow scraps I had into crumb blocks to put in with the black ones. I haven't tried laying them out together yet, we'll see if I like them or not. I didn't have much for yellow scraps since I had used them all for zip bags awhile back. Kind of forgot about that. My tote full of scraps is getting quite empty now, I can probably swap it out into a smaller box.

Oh I forgot last Friday I cleaned out our closet and took SEVEN bags of clothes (well one was blankets) to Goodwill. They make you dump them out into the bin when you drive up. That was super awkward.  But there is so much more room in our closet now. I cleaned out two drawers in my dresser too so that helped. I need to finish doing laundry and get everything hung up.

I had washed this teddy bear and threw it on the bed and look what I found when I came back. So stinking cute!

and then a few minutes later she was like this

Buster thinks all my drinking glasses are his now. He's worse than a toddler. I was giving him his own little glass but then he started batting it and knocking it over. What a shit head.

My mom just brought over the bassinet from when I was a baby. She used to pull it out for all the grandkids. WTH am I supposed to do with it? The cats will just sleep in it. I have like 0 storage room. Can't even donate things like that since I'm sure it has long since been recalled. Of course she'll probably look for it if she comes over too. Sigh. 

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Cat Diary Chronicles 12/15/93

Cat Diary Chronicles 

What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed. We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. 


Well here it is-10 days 'til Christmas and broke as usual. Still haven't figured a way to pull it off this year.Pin It

Friday, September 11, 2020

FriYeah! Black Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I finished up all the black squares 

I had 10 more already made from the last time I worked on them so I have 40 in all. That's quite a few! I think I'm going to do some red/yellow combo ones next to add in with them.

After that I made up 3 Minnie Mouse masks for my friend

and a few more to "have on hand" for when people are looking for some. I still have another smile pile to finish up.  I still have quite a few Halloween to make up, not sure if I will make them ALL up or not. 

I made a little meatloaf. I decided to cook it in my skillet, turned out just fine. Kind of fun having it in a circle so it could be cut like a cake.

These two were ALMOST snuggling last night. She heard me move though and sat up lol. (Tubby and Buster)

Just about caught up on work stuff already and it's 9:30 am. I have a shit ton of laundry to put away. Might just pull out my stuff and let the boys do their own ;)

Plan for today is to finish up the rest of those masks I started and then possibly pull out the red and yellow scraps. I need to work on scraping the grass out of my brick walk way some more but the air quality is HORRIBLE. My chest hurts a bit. I had to use my inhaler a couple times yesterday. It's so weird that the fires are farther away now but the air quality is worse. Darn wind blowing it all into the valley bowl here.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Black Crumb Blocks and Kitties

Yesterday I turned this pile of scraps into some blocks

I'm almost done, I just have the pieces that weren't quite a square to sew together. Thinking I might mix them with some yellow blocks. Or maybe combine some yellow and red? The yellow is really popping out.

I've been babying Buster because he is so skinny now. So now he thinks he has to inspect everything I have to eat or drink. Trevor and I have been on a fruit smoothie kick again. This one I used frozen mixed berries which I now remember I don't like because of all the seeds.

Tubby thinks she has to be the bathroom helper. She runs in the bathroom and sits just far enough away that I can't reach her. Sits there all cute taunting me.

I started off today with a bunch of work to do in my email but I did it all as far as I can until someone else does something.

Last night I was watching some comedy on You Tube. Sarah McMillican is hilarious but oh so dirty!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dentist Time

Yesterday I went to the dentist. My appointment was for 10:30 and they finally took me back at 11:35. That is super annoying. I have a constant ache on the right side of my teeth. So they take me back and do an x ray and then the dr comes in and say she can't really see anything wrong just one small cavity on my top back tooth but that shouldn't be causing the pain. Uh ok. Apparently I brush too hard and I'm wearing my gums out. I'm going to call bullshit on that one. Probably more like genetics.

So I got a filling and then half of my mouth got deep cleaned but not the other because they say insurance only will let them do half at a time now? WTH sounds stupid to me. I go back on the 30th to get the other side done. Trevor has an appointment that day too so it will be a 2 for 1.

I got home and tried to go back to work but I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. I ended up taking a two hour nap.

Last night I started working on my bag of black fabric scraps. I've pulled out the larger pieces to wind on my little boards and ironed everything.

Now to go through and cut them into 1 1/2" strips for keychains if they will work for that and see what else is left. I'm thinking I might go through my bag of white scraps and pull out anything all white or white with black to mix in.

Jess came over last night and then we went to get an ice cream. She is 34 weeks now. I'm getting excited for the baby to be here :)  Our drive through shower is in two weeks. I'm hoping the state stops being on fire by then. The air quality today is horrible.

Here is Tina taking her turn in the new box. They crack me up.

I have almost no real work to do today so we'll see what the day brings.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Productive Weekend

I put this towel on my desk to iron something and Buster has claimed it as his napping spot now. 

I decided to add a 2nd border to the crumb quilt. I think it looks a bit more finished with a mostly solid color. I have the same purple for the backing ready to go to the quilter.

Melissa made this quilt top awhile back and asked me to put on a border and get it quilted for her. I don't have enough of the blue dot for the backing so I'll have to buy something similar unless I find something in my stash.

The rest of the weekend I made masks and sewed up the rest of my purple scraps. Probably will use these finished pieces to make bags of some sort. 

and I got a new sewing machine! When the pandemic first started my friend who doesn't sew much bought a new machine. I told her when she's done with it I'd buy it from her. So here it is haha.  My old machine is 30 years old and I've actually worn it out. So far this one is working great!

Scott made great progress this weekend! I have walls!! Now to texture, trim, and paint.

And here is my not so little Tubby sleeping in a box lol. She mostly just loves Scott now but came in to take a nap with me.

I have a dentist appointment in two hours. Wish me luck!

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