Thursday, December 31, 2020

Big New Years Eve Plans!

 Guy! I'm so excited for tonight!


Yes my life has come down to being excited for a big hunk of red meat haha. 

I need to do an Instacart order for some stuff but that is my exciting New Years Eve. No plans. Trevor is going to go over to Melissa's house and spend the night I think. I predict Scott snoring in the recliner by 9 and me in my sewing room unless I get a sleepy wave and go to bed lol.

We haven't stayed home for NYE in at least a decade, probably longer.

Someone posted some memories of last years and I'm like ugh that was when I started feeling sick. A few days later I got REALLY sick and I always wonder if that was the Rona and we just didn't know it yet. I got super sick the end of February too.

In other news I made some fabric out of red, white and heart fabric scraps. It doesn't need to be square since I'm going to go cut some hearts out of it to applique on some mug rugs (I think, that is my idea so far). I thought that might be fun. I am going to make them a little bit bigger too I think. I've been using one that wasn't good enough to sell and it seems a little bit too small. We'll see how it goes. 

Two of my friends gave me gift cards to Joann's for Christmas. They are so sweet. I was going to order some valentine's fabrics online but it makes you order 2 yards and I usually only buy 1/2 yard or less for the stuff I like to make. MORE VARIETY. Maybe I'll go one day next week or something. I have a bit of Valentine's & hearts here so not like I really need to go shopping ;)

That's about all the excitement going on here! I've been plugging away at this really boring task for work. I'm almost done with the biggest section of it. I'll be glad when I get it done but no idea what I'll work on after that. I might have to go into the office for a printing and scanning day or something.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Exciting Life

 Anyone else go lay down on their bed for a few minutes and get up 13 hours later. Just me? Of course I wasn't sleeping the whole time, especially from 4-6am while Scott was facing me snoring. I should have just got up but I fell back to sleep when he got up and slept like a log. So weird how our bodies do that.

Yesterday I worked on selling some lace I had bought/collected to resell (mostly). Got a bit of it sold and it is definitely in a nice organized fashion now. Need to work on shipping that out today. I had Scott buy me some stamps so I could just slap some stamps on a couple small orders. No need to spend over $3 for a Paypal label when it isn't valued at more than a couple dollars.

Some bank keeps calling my work number for someone not paying their bill. Of course you can't pick it up and find out who they are calling for. If an extension doesn't get pushed for any of our 4 agencies phone numbers it ends up at my phone. Talk about annoying. I called but of course they have no idea who it is for since none of the numbers come up. What a stupid system. I'm like I KNOW it's not for me lmao.

Oh good Rusty got distracted and forgot he wanted me to take him out to go potty. Hopefully that lasts for awhile. I think he's mostly bored so wants me to take him out so he can smell the grass to see who came by. Some day I'll have a fence but he'll probably be gone by that point with how quickly we do things.

Just kidding he's back.

Well that's about all I have today. Hope you all have a good one!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Relaxing Sewing Saturday and Sunday

 I was trying to find something to watch yesterday while I was working (for a bit of background noise) and was like oh Susan Sarandon, that should be good. uh no, don't watch Blackbird on Prime. Talk about depressing.

The day after Christmas I was like I am not going to do ANYTHING. Eventually I ended up at the sewing machine and turned a bag of small pink scraps into some more crumb blocks. I was looking at my pictures trying to remember what I did with the other ones I made and they are combined with some purple blocks so I could add to that at some point to make that bigger.

Then I pulled these out trying to decide what I wanted to do with them. I was thinking some kind of bag would be fun.

I found this pattern in my stash and decided on trying the small bag since I had large enough pieces for that and the right sized zipper.

Then I took a baby break while the kids went to get a refrigerator :) Don't mind my covid look. Make up? What's that? Hair style? What's that? I keep thinking I should just get my hair cut real short and layered since it is curly when it is shorter and would look like a hair style but knowing myself I'd still pull it up with bobby pins lol

After he left I went back to my little bag. I haven't made anything with a big name pattern in awhile and I kept looking at this trying to decide if I was just really stupid or they cut out a few steps. Like how did we get from one shape to the other?

I gave up on the directions and did a "good enough' finish on my own. It is kind of cute, a bit too small I think. If I made any more I'd look for a simpler pattern to use.

But it was nice to turn my scrap fabric into something else.

Now to figure out what to work on next!

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Monday, December 28, 2020


Well here we are again, back to Monday! Some people take this whole week off but there isn't really any reason for me to do that. Heck there isn't even a New Years Eve party to get ready for! I should probably plan something for dinner that night and get some snacks.

On Christmas Eve the kids wanted to go see their Grandma so we went over there. Usually we'd take pizza or something but they didn't want to stay that long. So we just did a quick trip, we were there 2 hours tops. She finally got to meet her newest great grandbaby.

Here is the 4 generations picture. She actually looks a lot better than she did back when I was going over there all the time. She is 90 1/2 years old now.

and all my kids with her

After the kids wanted to eat but no one wanted fast food so we ran into the grocery store and got stuff to make some burgers and fries at home. That was kind of nice :)

Stole this picture from Jess since OMG he's so cute lol

Christmas morning! They are almost posing lol Rusty was just chilling there so I got Snookie to go be near him.

All the stockings full of candy and a gift card for Dairy Queen or Taco Bell. Christmas Eve morning I put names on the ones for the 2 boyfriends and the baby. 

Then it was time to cook some meat! I was just going to do sausage but Melissa wanted bacon too.

Trevor made us crepes! We need to get a crepe pan but he did pretty good considering.

Tradition is that we open presents youngest to oldest and we always get a picture with our pile before we start. Jess had a good idea to just take all the pictures before we got started this year.

Baby Daniel


Melissa & Eric



Scott, Me and the furries

I got the baby this Nemo jumper that Jess has wanted since she was pregnant lol. He played in it for awhile but wanted nothing to do with it yesterday when he came over for a bit.

My mom kept texting me that she wanted pics of the kids under the tree. Here is my smartass Melissa & her boyfriend lmao. I sent that to her before the real one and she was like that will work.. lol

After presents Jess & her crew went over to Daniel's dad's and I made appetizers. Salami rolls, deviled eggs, veggie platter and lil smokies wrapped in bacon.

My friend Cassi came over while I was making all that and ended up staying for dinner. I also made the peanut butter pie and put the lasagna together.

I forgot to take a picture of everyone at the table. Sad panda. Scott bbq'd some steaks too and I made some baby potatoes and a Caesar salad (from a bag) and some garlic bread. We were all sufficiently stuffed lol.

Saturday we just ate leftovers all day. Sunday I had to cook something for dinner though since you can only eat so many cookies.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!


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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! Long gone are the days of running all over to go to everyone's houses on Christmas Eve. Last year we went to the movies and we can't even do that this year. 

This morning Scott made breakfast and I washed the dishes and then went into my sewing room to find something to do. I forgot I still needed to sew the baby's name on the stocking I got him so I did that. I bought the stocking on eBay before the prices sky rocketed

Yesterday I got all the presents wrapped. Well except one that is supposed to get here by "10pm". We shall see. All the ones on the left are for my nieces and nephews. My mom came by and picked them up and dropped off gifts for my kids.

After I got done with that I cleaned up the construction stuff and the extra Christmas box stuff and Trevor helped me get that all out to the shed and the garage. I had just started to clean the floor when the furniture delivery people called. It was 3 and they were going to come in 45 minutes instead of the previous between 5 and 7.  So I had to speed clean the floor.

Here is the new love seat and couch, I had already covered up the seat parts in case the dogs jumped up on there (not letting them do that but already had to kick Rusty off twice).  The pillows came with it but there are too many. I think I'll make some overs for a couple of them since they are a bit too mod fabric for my tastes.

Still need to clean off the game crap there. I need to get new fans, new entertainment table and some coffee tables. I wanted built in book cases but I'm going to have to hire someone to do that I think. I'm so sick of construction stuff it is good for now.

Here is a pic of the love seat uncovered. The couch is huge compared to what it seemed like in the store

Last night my friend and I drove around the neighborhood looking at the lights so I could give my 3 favorites over to the committee head. We have a little competition going on (I did not do lights I don't have that much energy or storage)

This was one of my favorites even though it is simple. IDK why but I liked it.

and the back of this house is on the lake so it is reflecting. So pretty!

The other one I don't have a good picture of  but it was the basic blow ups and lights.

We are going to go over to Scott's mom's house with the kids at 3. Just a quick visit so the kids can see her. I haven't been over there in a bit so hopefully she is doing ok.  We'll find out! 

I feel like I should be doing stuff for tomorrow but if I do it all today what will I do tomorrow? lol. Maybe when we get back I will make deviled eggs and the peanut butter pie. Tomorrow we are going to have steak and lasagna for dinner. If I'm bored maybe I'll put the lasagna together. I cleaned the house last weekend so just need to run the vacuum and do a little dusting.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

It's Done!

 All the shopping is done! Now I just need to get it all wrapped and put under the tree. I got the food for Christmas bought too so I shouldn't have to go out again. 

annnddd I even bought a couch and a loveseat. They are getting delivered this evening. So today I will clean up the living room of all the construction left overs and Christmas boxes and get ready for it.

I saw some pretty rugs at Big Lots so I will probably go get one of those after Christmas. I need some tables too. I was looking on Marketplace for something less expensive than in the store. Man shit is expensive now.  Tables are fine for second hand since they aren't fabric lol.

We will still need to get a new recliner for Scott but I think he should be the one shopping for that since he needs to fit in it. I sat in a couple really cool recliners/rockers but you have to be able to plug them in. I don't think I want cords running across the floor. Who knew that chairs would come in electric mode now.

I think my mom is going to come by on Christmas Eve to drop off some presents so I'll give her the ones for my brother's families when she does. I ended up buying the younger kids some presents. Once the kids get to preteen/teen they are so hard to buy for. Gift cards it is!

Just having some coffee before I get cracking. The stores weren't too busy except for Wal Mart and that was mostly like a normal Wal Mart day not Holiday shopping time so that was good. 

Look at this cute fountain they had at Ace. Melissa likes dragons so I sent her a picture. 

Ok off to read a couple blogs! 
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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Lets Get This Party Started

Ok today is the day! Yesterday I decided to take today off too since the agency decided to give us Christmas Eve as a holiday (weird but I'll take it). So I'm off work until next Monday. TODAY I am going out into the world and getting all the shit done.

And maybe get new tires on my car since now it has a donut on it. Scott got a flat on the way home yesterday.

So trying to decide what stores and order I'm going with. Big Lots to see if they have any actual nice couches they can deliver to my house and I can maybe get some toys for the little kids while I'm there and some stocking stuffers.

If I go to the tire place (Kind of thinking I'll just drive slow instead) I can walk to a couple stores but eh.

Wal Mart maybe and then last I will do the grocery store. 

If Big Lots doesn't have any furniture maybe I'll try another furniture place. Way to wait til the last minute Julie! 

In other news yesterday was my parents anniversary! 41 years. My mom said she made her own party and then sends me pictures at my brother's house. Ok hope you had fun with the only part of your family that you don't think has germs. 

They do look cute though 

I got all the gifts I had wrapped but one big one. I am sure I have more wrapping paper some where but who knows where. Jess picked me some up from the dollar store while she was there so I can finish them off.

Tina fits in ALL the boxes ;)

After wrapping I was a total sloth and laid on my bed until 9 this morning. Scott brought home some soggy Taco Bell (he got the flat after he went through the drive thru) for an exciting dinner.

Ok off to read a couple more blogs than find some "real shoes" since it is all cold and not sandal weather lol. I need to get some cute winter shoes. It has been foggy here all week. Probably why I just wanted to lay down and check out last night. Plus I was exhausted from the weekend of painting and cookie making.

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Cookie Time

Is anyone as tired as I am? Spent all weekend painting! We are done painting except for the bathroom and we need to repaint the kitchen cabinets but that's not happening until after Christmas.

Yesterday the kids were coming over to make cookies. I had stayed up super late Saturday night trying to get all the painting done so we we could just clean up the living room before they got there. I was trying to clean up and then my husband was sawing in the living room again. I was like seriously WTF. He was making a shelf to go over the TV. IDK why he can't saw outside. And everything he did required a 10 minute or more break after each step.

This is me giving up lol.

Funny as soon as the kids got there he was like where did you want to put the Christmas Tree again? The live tree had been sitting on the porch since Friday night waiting for us to get done. So he got the corner where I wanted to put the tree all cleaned up real quick.

OMG the baby is  just scrumptious. Snookie LOVES the baby. She got half way into the bouncer smelling him lol. Then she sat right here and when Rusty came by she told him to get back. So funny. 

We made lots of cookies! Less than usual but still a lot. We had spritz, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, what we call "Mrs. Fields", some swirl cookies, peanut butter and raindeers.

Melissa and Trevor decorated the tree. I was bad and didn't take any pictures of that. I did take a picture of the boys at the table and then when I went to look at it this morning it is just my finger. I've turned into my mother.


The binge before the 1st of the year lol

Jess made these reindeer.

I need to finish cleaning up the living room then I can take some better pictures. Still need to get that new furniture I said I'd get by Christmas. Not sure if that will actually happen or not. Also wanted to get new ceiling fans since the ones I have are dated but haven't got around to that yet. We did look once but nothing jumped out at me.

I have today and tomorrow to work then I'm off until next week. Going to have to go to the store and get Christmas food, stocking stuffers and maybe a few more presents. 

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Living Room Progress

Guys! We have some progress!

Here's Tina modeling how comfy this box is even with stuff in it.

Scott got one window trim done!

and door trim! We probably should have made this match the window trim a bit more but this room has 3 doors in it and we didn't want to redo ALL the trim.

I did a little bit of work in the entry way. Tubby is showing her skills of jumping from the table to the top of the cabinet. (It was in the entry way and I pushed it out to paint)

I filled in the area that didn't have texture before. I used to have a border in here. Remember when that was the style? I had borders everywhere.

Might be time to update that light too.

I painted the trim since everything else needed to dry. Going to paint this the same as the living room. It's so nice how clean everything looks after a bit of paint. 

That's my plan for today I think. Hopefully everything will get done this weekend and we'll get the Christmas tree up and maybe some furniture. Wishful thinking probably lol.

I got a bunch of stuff ordered for Christmas yesterday so I mostly just need some stocking stuffers. Hopefully everything gets here for Christmas, If not they'll get a picture wrapped up ;)

Anyone taking bets on the budget getting passed by midnight? The only thing I can find is that they might have to work on it over the weekend. If they don't get it passed by Monday I guess I'll have more time to work on stuff around the house!

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