Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Cookie Time

Is anyone as tired as I am? Spent all weekend painting! We are done painting except for the bathroom and we need to repaint the kitchen cabinets but that's not happening until after Christmas.

Yesterday the kids were coming over to make cookies. I had stayed up super late Saturday night trying to get all the painting done so we we could just clean up the living room before they got there. I was trying to clean up and then my husband was sawing in the living room again. I was like seriously WTF. He was making a shelf to go over the TV. IDK why he can't saw outside. And everything he did required a 10 minute or more break after each step.

This is me giving up lol.

Funny as soon as the kids got there he was like where did you want to put the Christmas Tree again? The live tree had been sitting on the porch since Friday night waiting for us to get done. So he got the corner where I wanted to put the tree all cleaned up real quick.

OMG the baby is  just scrumptious. Snookie LOVES the baby. She got half way into the bouncer smelling him lol. Then she sat right here and when Rusty came by she told him to get back. So funny. 

We made lots of cookies! Less than usual but still a lot. We had spritz, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, what we call "Mrs. Fields", some swirl cookies, peanut butter and raindeers.

Melissa and Trevor decorated the tree. I was bad and didn't take any pictures of that. I did take a picture of the boys at the table and then when I went to look at it this morning it is just my finger. I've turned into my mother.


The binge before the 1st of the year lol

Jess made these reindeer.

I need to finish cleaning up the living room then I can take some better pictures. Still need to get that new furniture I said I'd get by Christmas. Not sure if that will actually happen or not. Also wanted to get new ceiling fans since the ones I have are dated but haven't got around to that yet. We did look once but nothing jumped out at me.

I have today and tomorrow to work then I'm off until next week. Going to have to go to the store and get Christmas food, stocking stuffers and maybe a few more presents. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I went shopping this weekend and had to go to 3 stores to find things. Everything seems to be low on everything. I couldn't find rice in 3 stores! Just plain ole brown rice - even instant would have been fine. 4th store I found brown minute rice - better than nothing. I was making stuffed peppers and wanted the rice. Crazy - but I found toilet paper. HA HA

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