Monday, December 7, 2020

Weekend Round Up

 Good morning! Happy Monday! We made it another week. 

Yesterday evening was spent with this cutie pie! He so wants to hold his head up and look around. He will do good for a bit then it falls and he gets mad lol. 

We had dinner with the kids for Daniel and his sister's birthday. Her birthday is today and his was yesterday.

Love this picture of their little family, so cute!

The rest of the weekend was spent sewing. I finished connecting my pink scraps. I cut the blocks I had made on the diagonal and then added the pink fabric and sewed them back together. I put a picture of it on Facebook and my neighbor asked if I was selling it. That was sweet, must not look too bad lol. It still needs a border and to be quilted. I think I might attempt to quilt these scrappy quilts at home. I have seen some people just quilt through the blocks on the diagonal and I like that it doesn't take away from the quilt design. Also not as smushed down as the fancy machine quilting (and cheaper).

Here is my sewin supervisor. on top of the box is a car seat base and then the baby quilt my grandma made me that I just pulled out of the shed and washed. It needs to be repaired (it's not technically a quilt but she made it). I had set it there and Tina has now claimed it as her spot lol. 

I got this tiny iron I ordered off Amazon. I LOVE IT. My regular iron is so heavy and the cats are always knocking it on the floor so it is all broken. This is much lighter and works just as well if not better. 

I did 2 big mask orders. All these Christmas ones for my best customer

and these for my 2nd best customer my friend Dee. She gave me a muumuu her grandma had made (the orange and black fabric) to make masks out of in her school colors. She works in the office. There was enough for her and her office gals so she was happy. And a few more Christmas masks too.

I have now made 1525 masks. Who would have thought! Each holiday brings more masks to make lol. I don't have a lot of Valentine's fabric but maybe I should get some in preparation. They aren't going away anytime soon.

I think my next project is to make a few things out of the orange fabric to surprise my friend with for a Christmas present. I think I will make some keychains and maybe some mug rugs.

Scott finally textured one of the walls in the living room. It's nice that it is all one color now! I think he ran out of the mud. The fumes from the mud were really strong all weekend. Being home so much I see now how all the different smells and things that come into the house affect me. I took a Zyrtec D and felt better. Damn being so sensitive to everything sucks. I wore make up yesterday and now my eye is all swollen lol.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Sacramento to pick up my new Gov ID card that I use for the computer. Hopefully it will actually be open when I get there. I got a reminder in my email today. So that will be most of the day tomorrow driving there and back. It is an hour and fifteen minutes one way. Technically I should go to work and get a work vehicle to drive there but I'm not doing that. I'm a little excited to go somewhere. The only time I've left my neighborhood in the last month was to go to the grocery store for Thanksgiving food and Friday I went to the drive through at Dairy Queen (don't eat their chicken strips, so gross).  

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Busy girl. Man that iron is tiny. Your hands don't get hot from the steam being so small?
I swear each photo of that baby boy he looks like he's grown so much more!

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