Monday, December 28, 2020


Well here we are again, back to Monday! Some people take this whole week off but there isn't really any reason for me to do that. Heck there isn't even a New Years Eve party to get ready for! I should probably plan something for dinner that night and get some snacks.

On Christmas Eve the kids wanted to go see their Grandma so we went over there. Usually we'd take pizza or something but they didn't want to stay that long. So we just did a quick trip, we were there 2 hours tops. She finally got to meet her newest great grandbaby.

Here is the 4 generations picture. She actually looks a lot better than she did back when I was going over there all the time. She is 90 1/2 years old now.

and all my kids with her

After the kids wanted to eat but no one wanted fast food so we ran into the grocery store and got stuff to make some burgers and fries at home. That was kind of nice :)

Stole this picture from Jess since OMG he's so cute lol

Christmas morning! They are almost posing lol Rusty was just chilling there so I got Snookie to go be near him.

All the stockings full of candy and a gift card for Dairy Queen or Taco Bell. Christmas Eve morning I put names on the ones for the 2 boyfriends and the baby. 

Then it was time to cook some meat! I was just going to do sausage but Melissa wanted bacon too.

Trevor made us crepes! We need to get a crepe pan but he did pretty good considering.

Tradition is that we open presents youngest to oldest and we always get a picture with our pile before we start. Jess had a good idea to just take all the pictures before we got started this year.

Baby Daniel


Melissa & Eric



Scott, Me and the furries

I got the baby this Nemo jumper that Jess has wanted since she was pregnant lol. He played in it for awhile but wanted nothing to do with it yesterday when he came over for a bit.

My mom kept texting me that she wanted pics of the kids under the tree. Here is my smartass Melissa & her boyfriend lmao. I sent that to her before the real one and she was like that will work.. lol

After presents Jess & her crew went over to Daniel's dad's and I made appetizers. Salami rolls, deviled eggs, veggie platter and lil smokies wrapped in bacon.

My friend Cassi came over while I was making all that and ended up staying for dinner. I also made the peanut butter pie and put the lasagna together.

I forgot to take a picture of everyone at the table. Sad panda. Scott bbq'd some steaks too and I made some baby potatoes and a Caesar salad (from a bag) and some garlic bread. We were all sufficiently stuffed lol.

Saturday we just ate leftovers all day. Sunday I had to cook something for dinner though since you can only eat so many cookies.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I loved the pic under the tree. Clever! If that was sent to me I'd pee my pants laughing.
That baby Julie is so yummy.

Glad you had such a lovely day.

Hey will uncle frank get better then. I'm at the beginning when they take the drive to the funeral and he finds his partner is following him. (I'd kill the partner for being so disrespectful) I'm hoping it picks up after this.

Julie H said...

@Peg, it's a bit of a downer movie but I thought it had a few layers to make it good

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