Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Coffee Zombie

 I'm pretty much convinced I'm just not supposed to sleep all night anymore. I should just get over that idea. I remember my mother in law used to get up at like 2am and go sit out in the shop with her heater and her journal notebook and we all thought she was nuts. I get you now, yes yes I do.

Yesterday I drank two cups of coffee after work since I was so tired from being awake at 4am (by the way, husband came home feeling fine). Yes I am too old to drink coffee at 4 PM. I was still tired and went to bed at 10 but woke up at 2am and Scott was snoring a whole orchestra of sounds. I finally gave up and put my headphones on and looked at Tik Tock for 2 hours when I finally started dozing off again.  No coffee after work today. Also I really need a couch so I can go sleep in the other room. I wish my sewing room/office was a big bigger so I could get a bed in here.

Last night for dinner I made the Flu Fighter Chicken Soup but with turkey. No one has the flu, I just like the soup lol. Also made cornbread and actually remembered to put all the ingredients in it this time (forgot the flour last time, so weird). I'm going to make one more meal tonight with the left over turkey and then toss whatever is left. There shouldn't be too much waste.

I have 8 pink blocks done now. Still have a bit of the scrap roll left, wonder how many more it will make.

Stole this picture from Jessica, he's just starting to smile so cute!!

I have a staff meeting today. So glad I don't have to turn the camera on for Zoom. I can just keep working or doing whatever and pipe in if need be.

Have a great day everyone!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

always good to pipe in at least once so they know "you're working" :-)
You don't have a sofa? How does that work? Your sleeping is called perimenopause. Welcome to this shit Julie. You should call me. I'm up all hours of the night.

Julie H said...

I was waiting til the room got done to buy a couch. Might have to finish it myself since no one else is interested. The last couch went to the dumps.

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