Friday, December 18, 2020

Living Room Progress

Guys! We have some progress!

Here's Tina modeling how comfy this box is even with stuff in it.

Scott got one window trim done!

and door trim! We probably should have made this match the window trim a bit more but this room has 3 doors in it and we didn't want to redo ALL the trim.

I did a little bit of work in the entry way. Tubby is showing her skills of jumping from the table to the top of the cabinet. (It was in the entry way and I pushed it out to paint)

I filled in the area that didn't have texture before. I used to have a border in here. Remember when that was the style? I had borders everywhere.

Might be time to update that light too.

I painted the trim since everything else needed to dry. Going to paint this the same as the living room. It's so nice how clean everything looks after a bit of paint. 

That's my plan for today I think. Hopefully everything will get done this weekend and we'll get the Christmas tree up and maybe some furniture. Wishful thinking probably lol.

I got a bunch of stuff ordered for Christmas yesterday so I mostly just need some stocking stuffers. Hopefully everything gets here for Christmas, If not they'll get a picture wrapped up ;)

Anyone taking bets on the budget getting passed by midnight? The only thing I can find is that they might have to work on it over the weekend. If they don't get it passed by Monday I guess I'll have more time to work on stuff around the house!

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Nelson's said...

Your window trim looks so nice! It's so fun to fix up the house and see progress. It's never ending for us!

Julie H said...

@Lorraine, thanks! We spent so much time working on our house before we were on burn out for quite a few years.

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