Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Relaxing Sewing Saturday and Sunday

 I was trying to find something to watch yesterday while I was working (for a bit of background noise) and was like oh Susan Sarandon, that should be good. uh no, don't watch Blackbird on Prime. Talk about depressing.

The day after Christmas I was like I am not going to do ANYTHING. Eventually I ended up at the sewing machine and turned a bag of small pink scraps into some more crumb blocks. I was looking at my pictures trying to remember what I did with the other ones I made and they are combined with some purple blocks so I could add to that at some point to make that bigger.

Then I pulled these out trying to decide what I wanted to do with them. I was thinking some kind of bag would be fun.

I found this pattern in my stash and decided on trying the small bag since I had large enough pieces for that and the right sized zipper.

Then I took a baby break while the kids went to get a refrigerator :) Don't mind my covid look. Make up? What's that? Hair style? What's that? I keep thinking I should just get my hair cut real short and layered since it is curly when it is shorter and would look like a hair style but knowing myself I'd still pull it up with bobby pins lol

After he left I went back to my little bag. I haven't made anything with a big name pattern in awhile and I kept looking at this trying to decide if I was just really stupid or they cut out a few steps. Like how did we get from one shape to the other?

I gave up on the directions and did a "good enough' finish on my own. It is kind of cute, a bit too small I think. If I made any more I'd look for a simpler pattern to use.

But it was nice to turn my scrap fabric into something else.

Now to figure out what to work on next!

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