Wednesday, December 23, 2020

It's Done!

 All the shopping is done! Now I just need to get it all wrapped and put under the tree. I got the food for Christmas bought too so I shouldn't have to go out again. 

annnddd I even bought a couch and a loveseat. They are getting delivered this evening. So today I will clean up the living room of all the construction left overs and Christmas boxes and get ready for it.

I saw some pretty rugs at Big Lots so I will probably go get one of those after Christmas. I need some tables too. I was looking on Marketplace for something less expensive than in the store. Man shit is expensive now.  Tables are fine for second hand since they aren't fabric lol.

We will still need to get a new recliner for Scott but I think he should be the one shopping for that since he needs to fit in it. I sat in a couple really cool recliners/rockers but you have to be able to plug them in. I don't think I want cords running across the floor. Who knew that chairs would come in electric mode now.

I think my mom is going to come by on Christmas Eve to drop off some presents so I'll give her the ones for my brother's families when she does. I ended up buying the younger kids some presents. Once the kids get to preteen/teen they are so hard to buy for. Gift cards it is!

Just having some coffee before I get cracking. The stores weren't too busy except for Wal Mart and that was mostly like a normal Wal Mart day not Holiday shopping time so that was good. 

Look at this cute fountain they had at Ace. Melissa likes dragons so I sent her a picture. 

Ok off to read a couple blogs! 
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