Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Exciting Life

 Anyone else go lay down on their bed for a few minutes and get up 13 hours later. Just me? Of course I wasn't sleeping the whole time, especially from 4-6am while Scott was facing me snoring. I should have just got up but I fell back to sleep when he got up and slept like a log. So weird how our bodies do that.

Yesterday I worked on selling some lace I had bought/collected to resell (mostly). Got a bit of it sold and it is definitely in a nice organized fashion now. Need to work on shipping that out today. I had Scott buy me some stamps so I could just slap some stamps on a couple small orders. No need to spend over $3 for a Paypal label when it isn't valued at more than a couple dollars.

Some bank keeps calling my work number for someone not paying their bill. Of course you can't pick it up and find out who they are calling for. If an extension doesn't get pushed for any of our 4 agencies phone numbers it ends up at my phone. Talk about annoying. I called but of course they have no idea who it is for since none of the numbers come up. What a stupid system. I'm like I KNOW it's not for me lmao.

Oh good Rusty got distracted and forgot he wanted me to take him out to go potty. Hopefully that lasts for awhile. I think he's mostly bored so wants me to take him out so he can smell the grass to see who came by. Some day I'll have a fence but he'll probably be gone by that point with how quickly we do things.

Just kidding he's back.

Well that's about all I have today. Hope you all have a good one!

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